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  1. Looking for a new puppy

    were did this come from
  2. Vikes Preseason

    hour in to it I'm about done. You can tell it's the first game.
  3. Seeing any broods

    I have been seeing some. also seeing a lot of roosters along the road.
  4. 96 mercury 75hp rpm problems

    warning alarm has not gone off for to weeks now. did some testing on the temp sender. decided to replace the warning module. but it has not helped the tac I can live with the tac being off.
  5. Gm 3.8 V6 Engines

    very good motors but they do have intake problems. They also have a big recall on the valve covers.
  6. Affordable Dog Vet

    We bring our dogs there also. They have been recently sold It is now called litchfield veterinary. Same vets but John retired.
  7. 1980 Honda 3 Wheeler

    check for crack in the boot between the motor and the carb. get it started squirt some carb cleaner on the boot if the rpm goes up there is a leak.
  8. 96 mercury 75hp rpm problems

    well my alarm started going off Saturday morning. I stopped and unplugged the low oil alarm didn't help. but after sitting for two hours it didn't alarm. It didn't come back on until sunday afternoon when we were going to leave sitting in shallow water 3 feet it started to beep then after 1/4 mile the alarms tone started to change then went away. I had other things going on also. deep finder quit working, timer for the aerator started to buzz. after work started looking at wiring. I found the ground strip and wires all corroded and the fuss holder was green. I cant see that the corrosion has any thing to do with the alarm. I think they are a separate system.
  9. 96 mercury 75hp rpm problems

    The boat is a 97 lund pro sport. could not see any wiring issues. that vintage of a mercury motor 96 is known to have the float get saturated with oil and sink setting the alarm off. I think i'm good to go for the weekend
  10. 96 mercury 75hp rpm problems

    Have you had oil alarm problems?
  11. 96 mercury 75hp rpm problems

    I was thinking it is in the wiring also. When I shut it off the tac has all ways stayed at 1000 when I turn the key on it beeps and the tac goes to 0.
  12. 96 mercury 75hp rpm problems

    I took out my boat for test run today and found a new problem. The tac was running about 1000 rpm high. At idle it's 1200 and full throttle it will max the tac 6000 normal max is 5300. The motor seems to run fine but last time out I had problems with the oil level sensor. the last time out it was very rough I was thinking that was the cause of the float to sink causing the alarm to sound. It has not came on again. Who thinks these are related?
  13. 40HP merc steering issue

    my neighbors merc had the same issue. I took out the grease zerks put some BP blaster in the holes and on the end. Let it penetrate. after working the motor back and forth it started losing up. after it moves freely pump the grease in it.
  14. Twins 2017

    say good by to Gibson he was sent to AAA
  15. Yard Tme

    what are you spraying on it?