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  1. Spring Is Upon Us

    had some morning doves today
  2. Mower needed

    I got a hustler raptor SD last year with a 54" deck. I cut about 2 acres also and my mowing time has be cut down by half. I chose to go with a 54 instead of a 60 beside cause of uneven ground and road ditch. zero turns don't side hill very well so if you have hilly ground I would try one out. I used two of my neighbors one was a john deere witch I like a lot and a country clipper I didn't like that one. It had a joy stick that controlled the drive I thought it was very touchy mowed my yard twice with it
  3. Redpolls

    I wish I could send you the ones I have here. It looks like they are mean to the other finch's. I get home from work around 3pm and there is 10 to 15 of them until dark. They will be heading north as it warms up.
  4. Nyjer seed

    I bought These at runnings but mills has them also. I looked at amazon but they are very expensive on there. I don't know why but running s and mills are the cheapest I could find.
  5. Nyjer seed

    That is what my feeders look like also. I have switched to the sock now and the waist is way down. you can tell spring is coming because the gold finch yellow neck is coming in.
  6. Jigs or Lindy rigs

    I mostly lindy rig I have the last few years I have been trying to more jigging. Later in the spring I have started to use nightcrawler with a slow death hook with great results.
  7. The Ranch

    I thought Godless was great. What out for Big mouth if you have young kids.
  8. No Yahoo Fantasy

    It doesn't look like espn has it ether.
  9. Nyjer seed

    we had a lot of red polls about four or five years ago (that real cold winter) My grandpa said that he cold tell how cold the winter was going to be if the red polls came this far south.
  10. Nyjer seed

    black oils do you mean black oil sunflower seeds? I have black oil sunflower seeds out all the time and dont see gold finches on that feeder. I filled the feeders yesterday at this time and the tube feeder is almost empty. there had to be 10 to 12 gold finch out there. At least they are willing to eat off the deck.
  11. Nyjer seed

    What type of feeders do you guys use for nyjer seed? I'm using tube style now and the birds seem to spill a lot of seed on the ground some are hulls. I have tried the sock kind but I thought the string was a pain. What kind of feeder do you like using?
  12. Upper Michigan snowmobiling suggestions?

    You should try a site called john dee He is a weather man in Michigan and runs a site just for snowmobiling. just looked at the site it has gotten a lot bigger since the last time i was there.
  13. Teddy's Back!!

    I think Teddy is a better QB. Case is making the most of Shurmur's system. I hate to see what the vikings offense looks like when they both are gone.
  14. Teddy's Back!!

    oopps I'll take Teddy next year and ride Case into the play offs. If Case is smart he will follow Shurmur were ever he goes but not to Cleveland. I don't he wil be that stupid again.
  15. Now is the time to buy a used Sled!

    Tell me about it I have one on the list for sale..