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  1. 3,000 BTUs, Excellent condition. $30 call or text 218-760-0687
  2. This single swivel seat is adjustable to fit all Otter sled sizes. In excellent condition, very comfortable. $50 Call or text 218-760-0687
  3. HT one man shelter with built in seat. No rips or tears. Sets p in seconds. 27lbs. This shelter is no loner offered for sale. $75 call or text 218-760-0687
  4. Unfortunately I have had similar experiences. Barry and Carol are no longer taking care of their customers and I have done many trips there. Last spring, I finally decided it was my last one and not worth traveling that distance for mediocre fishing and service at a premium price. We don't get any exchange for our US dollars which is not true of some other Canadian resorts. I have found much closer and better fishing.
  5. Snowmobile helmets Would be hard to beat the price of the above Modular helmet with amber sunshield at $70 sale price for the yellow one. I recently paid $92 for same helmet and I like it, comes with a nice bag and travel case and has a quick release chin strap. An electric shield can be added.
  6. wood deck on snowmobile trailer?

    I cover mine when not in use with a plastic tarp and leave it tilted up so water will drain off. Also put on one of those air supports to keep it tilted while loading.
  7. Greasing jackshaft bearings

    Not sure about the newer Yamahas but on the older ones there apparently is no maintenance. A friend with a '92 Phazer decided it was time to replace the jack shaft bearings, so he went to the dealer to buy tem. The dealer asked him if he was having problems and he said no. The dealer td him to leave well enough alone because Yamaha uses sealed bearings and they generally don't have problems with them and are not a regular aintenance item. Bad advice? Just relating what y friend told e.
  8. I have winter fished at both Muskie Bay Resort and Lucas's remote cabin on Dogfly and recommend either, Lucas and Paul will provide what you are looking for. Muskie Bay is more of a resort type experience with a lodge for dining, cabins, or motel rooms, and you can strike out on your own for trout or go to nearby LOW for Walleyes or crappies. Gateway I believe is similar although I have only used their outpost cabin on Dogfly which is a nice, well equipped cabin. But I will offer a third option, Camp Manitou on Lake Manitou run by Matt Korbetz, where I have had my best lake trout fishing in terms of size and quantity. In the winter Camp Manitou which is on an island, is pretty much an outpost experience, and Matt will set you up and tell you where the fish are, but you are on your own, and seldom run into other parties. The cabins are nice and heat with wood that Matt has stock piled and you do your own cooking with pots and pans supplied. About the same thing as Dogfly. There is a small lake accessible from Manitou or Dogfly via portage. I have also used the outpost cabins on Clearwater West north of Atikokan at Barry Brown's resort, but that is quite a haul, but might be worth it for a big trout. A record trout was caught on nearby White Otter lake last winter. Barry has rooms at the resort with meals, or 2 outpost cabins in the winter. H
  9. 1996 Vmax

    Got rigid of the 96 Vmax I had because it was a gas hog that I spent over $300 trying to get better mileage without success. Start looking for a gas station after your 13 gallon is nearly empty! If you do some research on the net, you will find similar complaints.
  10. trail maps for gps

    Try Red Pine Mapping. Their snow mobile trail maps will cover the atv trails. You just have to verify that you are using a snowmobile only trail.
  11. Trail Maps

    We did not ride on the river based upon advice from the bartender in Buyck that it would be rough with slush spots, but the groomed trail was great.I also run an XOG and have wired a Vexlar battery up on one of my sleds without a battery, and on the other with a battery I found a circuit that goes to the battery to tap into. I was skeptical of the XOG in cold temperatures, but I have used it in -20 temps without any problems. I love the unit, and using the touch screen rather than trying to punch little buttons. The con of course is the poor battery life but I have gotten used to that and simply count on using an external power source which is usually longer term anyway than batteries or recharging.
  12. Trail Maps

    If you have a GPS which accepts a chip for fishing maps, etc., I would recommend you check out Red Pine Mapping on the net which has all the trails for Minn. and other states. They will either send you the chip or you can download it for about $40.00. Did a 450 miles trip last week on the Lake Vermillion trails and it was spot on.
  13. Good boots needed

    Steve has nailed it on the head. Last year my 88 year old ice fishing buddy. Carl gave me a new pair. He has been using them for many years. They feel like you are walking around in your bedroom slippers and are just as warm. I carry along some rubber overshoes (Tingley, I think) in case I get into slush. The natives has been wearing Mukluks for many years before Steiger was even born, and that has got to tell you something. There are alot of boots out there and my ice fishing buddies have tried most of them, but I am sold on Mukluks.
  14. Straight River help

    Get the latest issue of the MN Conservation Volunteer magazine, there is a good informative article on the Straight River although this weekend is too early for Hex hatch.
  15. Gas mileage

    Thanks everyone for your imput and the thoughtful responses. I also checked with my local service center and your suggestions were right in line with what they said. So here is what I have done. I did put a new belt on after finding my old belt was a bit narrower then what I thought. I siliconed the clutches. I put in new iridium plugs, sprayed some carb cleaner thru the carbs. Checked the track tension which appeared to be correct. Will give it a run tomorrow to see if there is any improvement. If not, will then tackle the carb and jet settings. Beyond that, I suppose it means a session at the service center. If I could achieve 8 mpg, I can live with that, which would give me an 80 mile range. Maybe I am just spoiled by my '86 Exciter which gets me further down the trail. I suppose the only real solution is to get a 4 cycle sled which I can't afford.