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  1. MJ1657

    Banquet Feb. 24 2018

    We're expecting a sell out. Get your tickets early.
  2. MJ1657

    Winnie gtg Dec 8-10 Dixon Lake Resort

    Yes it did. The pic of the big fish on the other site. I'll post a couple more over there.
  3. I can only take credit with a partial. Someone with a 20 gauge was shooting pretty good.......... This was that real big guy. I bet he's old.
  4. Hard to beat a December water hunt. There were hundreds of birds on our pond. We got to our duck dock without kicking them up. Waited a bit and broke ice to set decoys they still stayed put. Had to break ice later on because decoys we're freezing in then they all got up at once.
  5. Hey guys come on up to the GTG and see if you can go home with the Nord Lord. We will have our usual pizza party in the lodge Friday night. Potluck on the ice at noon on Saturday. We will be spearing the Third River Flowage on Winnie. Last report I heard was they have 5 inches of ice.
  6. MJ1657


    I've been asleep at the switch I'll get a thread going.
  7. MJ1657

    Will it sink?

    I'd be ok on 8" if there were no significant warm ups in the forecast.
  8. Managed to knock down a couple this morning. The big numbers that were around yesterday afternoon didn't show up this morning.
  9. Had around 4-500 honkers at the farm yesterday in east central MN. Sometimes they show up in the morning other days not until mid afternoon. Going to go see if they show up this morning.
  10. I walked on ice this morning that was open water yesterday by my duck dock.
  11. MJ1657

    Spear ID?

    Hey PGF. I'm not sure who built that. I sent the pics off to a couple guys and see if they have an idea. I'll see if we can get your old handle back.
  12. MJ1657

    Who's ready?

    Sounds like someone's talking to much! Lol
  13. MJ1657

    Who's ready?

    Your buddy must be a real dummy! We got a couple this morning. Breakfast in the blind isn't quite as good when it's 76°.
  14. MJ1657

    Swap meet

    We have a couple decoy carvers that are going to have tables.