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  1. FLx 28 or Marcum Lx6 or 7

    They can explain that over and over and I’m not buying it. I changed my ducer to the 12 like my 18.
  2. FLx 28 or Marcum Lx6 or 7

    I like my Vex 28, super quiet and bright. I will say my 18 was foolproof and easier to use to do the same thing. They are expensive though.
  3. Wheel House build

    I'm a 100% Lindell guy. Super smooth and you're supporting a good local company.
  4. Extended run generator setup

    Don't worry. They work just as if it wasn't even on there. What's a Genset? Honda's work on suction, not pressure. Just have as few connections as possible as air leaks are your enemy. Just a gas line, use gas line not clear tube, from external tank to generator to avoid problems. Clear tubing gets very hard and loses it's flexibility. Your Honda fuel pump will fill your generator but I usually start out close to full on the Honda. People overthink these, it's super simple.
  5. Hd Direct tv in a Fishhouse

    I have the coordinates from my old dish. Thank you again. Any digital antenna guys out there?
  6. Bird Feeding Newcomer

    Since I used a 6 ft high 3 inch PVC pipe to hold up my feeders I've only had 2 squirrels in my feeder in as long as I can remember, at least 4 or 5 years and they met the same fate as Eyeguy's so they couldn't tell their buddies how they got up it! They can't get up it because their claws don't grab onto anything. I have a ton of ground feeding squirrels but none up in the feeders. Eyeguy, I can't get Nutty Butter touched, it actually goes bad in the summer so I use the regulars with some seed in them. I have to screw my suet feeders shut too or the raccoons eat the whole thing every night.
  7. Wheel House build

    I've never been a fan of holes in the roof for any reason, they always seems like a potential leak spot to me. Once a house gets any kind of roof leak they seem to deteriorate fast. Here's another slick gadget for drying gloves and stuff.
  8. Hd Direct tv in a Fishhouse

    Thanks Doug, that's kind of what I figured. Elevation is always the same so it's just a matter of east west right? I have a friend that claims even an inch of snow will mess you up if it's not PERFECT but he told me the same thing back when I first started with sat dishes. I still can't figure out why some people are so confused about using a dish on a fish house though. The HD dishes seem a lot heavier than the old analog ones but if I take it off each time it should be fine. Did you use the two extra support rods or just go without? You must remove it for travel too, don't you? I do have a hard mounted mounting plate so I should be OK. Still curious if anyone has the new good quality digital off air antennas as it would be nice not to have the DTV bill each month. I only care about the networks for football and news.
  9. Hd Direct tv in a Fishhouse

    Mods, why would you turn fish house into HSO List?
  10. Ignore this/was duplicate

    Thank you, my submit button wouldn't work and when it did I had duplicates.?.
  11. Ignore this/was duplicate

    How do you delete a duplicate?
  12. I've had analog DTV for years but now DTV will no longer activate or support my analog receiver so I have to go HD or an antenna of some sort. DTV has no tailgator type piece of equipment that gets HD so that's out. Spending $350 -$450 seems crazy for an analog signal to me and used ones seem tough to find. I have a couple questions of you guys using slimline HD DTV dishes on a HSOList. I'm good at pointing and have a meter so my first question is how touchy they are to aim. My analog was super simple, drop the house, turn the dish to the side till the meter went up and watched tv in just a couple minutes. I've heard nightmare stories of HD dishes but I have to believe many are just old wives tails as I was always amazed at people that couldn't even figure out analog. Those of you that have them, are they really that touchy to aim? My other question is digital antenna. Around the Brainerd area they do fairly well. Does anybody get much or anything for channels up at Red Lake? That's really the only area I travel to but go enough so it's important.
  13. Fold out bench

    foam factory online, get the good stuff.
  14. I'm a 100% Lindell guy, smoothest ones out there.
  15. Wheel House build

    When it's all said and done a bathroom doesn't take that much room and provides a lot of storage. That black space you see is where the tv mounts at a good view able height and being enclosed in the wall it never gets bumped. You'll never regret it if you you stay overnight at a busy lake. #1 is easy, #2 is a little tougher especially for women.