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  1. Just did a little net searching. It appears any paint or stain should be a fall project, it gives off fumes for months. Bleach isn't much better than mid soap most said. Same goes for houses and nesting shelves but I know I've stained in the spring before. Heck, the last 2-3 years has been terrible for birds at my house and feeder is well weathered. Maybe I get hippie birds that like the fumes?
  2. I have a pretty good sized wooden bird feeder that is getting a little ragged. Should a person take those down and super clean and re stain them every year or so? Should I use bleach to clean it. It's in good shape and I've cleaned feeders for many years but just wondering if I should do it now with bird return season as close as it is and if there really is a recommended way of doing it.
  3. I fall for just about every new gimmick but I didn't fall for Color C Lector and I aint fallin for this overpriced toy.
  4. You can buy their stock counter top pretty cheap, It looks good and has held very well for me.
  5. Anybody notice this in Fleets ad? What is it, chum?
  6. There are way too many emotional 100+ posts out there as to why IG went belly up but when you get a reputable company like Nils with you and still can't make it I'm sure it was more than the inability to get batteries. The 9 1/2 inch drill looks interesting though, did they ever get any to market? There must be a manufacturer out there somewhere with a bunch of them. Anybody know where they came from?
  7. Did you check for passports
  8. Still mind blowing to see Nils team with Ice Gator. I think they already broke ties didn't they? Just checked, it's not on their site anymore.
  9. Yetti, I agree with most of what you said. I wouldn't have a 10 inch unless it was for a few holes to set my house and keep the holes open every day or so. I don't own a 10 inch either. There was rumor about KDrill doing a 9 next year so I called. 8 is the optimum size for today's power heads and gearing systems according to Vexilar people, and Ion will tell you the same thing. But you will be fine doing a few at a time. You use very little downward pressure with an Ion so the torque needed isn't that bad if not used all the time. I hated my 8 (7 3/4) Ion hole at first but now I've gotten used to it. The biggest problem I see with a 10 is the amount of extra snow you'll bring up into the house. I know it's expensive but so is a Yetti house. I'm not a rich kid and go to work every day so sometimes I do over spend. I've regretted a lot of dumb purchases but the Ion was never one of them.
  10. Eyeguy, you're my early warning system being just south of me. When you start seeing things, I start looking.
  11. For that purpose they work perfectly. You'll still have the 8 if you need more holes or want to move a couple times. I'm like you, I keep the charger in my truck if I need it. I still can't figure why so many people want 2 batteries and they still worry but I think after owning one for a while that fear goes away. Hole hoppers shouldn't buy them (but that's getting debatable too), and house guys should ALL have them.
  12. You have to be a part timer to build houses like that! LRG, you did right by waiting, the Hwy 371 from just north of town up to just shy of Nisswa was closed this morning for blowing wind. We only got 1/4-1/2 inch of snow but we had white out road conditions. This is the first time in my whole life I remember that happening. (I do drink more now so I may have forgotten though)
  13. Wish I could get Goldfinches back, they all but disappeared a few years back. Before that I was going broke buying Niger seed.I wonder sometimes if multiple feeders on the same post or in a small area is a bad idea.
  14. I would have been happy to get one good month these last two years. Welcome to the gang Doug.
  15. I'm not sure if I would spend that kind of money and bet on no snow. Skid houses are tough to bank too which no one is talking about. Look at the front and you'll see it's a couple inches of the ice when on skids, that's a lot of banking when snow is scarce. I also think that house is way too low to the ice when on skids, it will not pull through any amount of snow. Skids have to be high or they plow. Sometimes people get defensive when others try to give them advice but to me pride comes before $20,000. I agree it looks nice and easy to take care of but comfort sure seems lacking and the width is too small for me. You would be hard pressed to find anyone that's had an 8 wide that wants to go back to 6 1/2 unless it's to downsize a lot. JMHO