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  1. Best hook for live minnows?

    I'm a kahle guy for ice fishing.
  2. See ya chippie

    We have LOTS of turkey vultures at our camp by Emily.
  3. Orioles Are Leaving

    Mpls paper said orioles start leaving the first few days of September with most gone by mid month. Up until last week I was going thru a quart of grape jelly every other day and now hardly any the last few days. I had lots and lots of orioles, the most I've ever seen, this year. Goldfinches and grosbeaks were few and I never saw a single hummingbird all summer. Strange as I used to have lots of all of them up till the last couple years.
  4. Is this a cowbird?

    I do live by a river and have lots of RWBB, maybe it will yellow up. That's a very distinct rusty brown ring on it's back though, I didn't see that in any of the YHBB pictures.
  5. Is this a cowbird?

    Just looked up the yellow. Definitely not, no white on wings and way too yellow. And all the pictures of a cowbird on Google don't show a cowbird with the rusty colored ring on it's back.
  6. Is this a cowbird?

    It looks yellow in the bad picture but it's a very rusty medium brown. Definatly in the blackbird family though I think. I need a decent camera. Eye guy, you told me about a not too expensive digital camera with a good zoom lens didn't you? I don't think that's it. The ring on its back is the same rust color.
  7. Is this a cowbird?

    It looks way to light brown to be a cowbird but I see nothing else in my bird book it could be??? I know this is a bad picture but it's the best I can do. The thing is so tame I can almost walk right up to it and it never goes away for long.
  8. Weed b Gon?

    I'm still wondering why I don't have lots of birds like I used to. Could weed b gon, or products like it, be the problem. I've used it forever but now I'm starting to look at everything I can. The internet isn't real helpful. Do you guys have any opinions?
  9. Let see your di and si captures

    Good post and discussion. I'm convinced not more than 10%, and that might be stretching it and I include myself in the 90%, know how to use their equipment. Every fishing site is loaded with similar posts.
  10. Cheap traction

    I looked everywhere for the screws in the first post and nobody knew what I was talking about till I went to Ace, where I should have gone first. They are actually considered a sheetrock screw! I can't see any use for them with sheetrock but I was told it was because of the coating on them. I have a beat up old trailer house at hunting camp and they are perfect for putting warped metal siding back together and super sharp like a self piercing screw. Sometimes they are called gutter screws too. The hex ones do work great for boots and four wheeler tires.
  11. Loon's

    I was in a tournament this weekend and had a loon that made it impossible to fish a sucker below a bobber for northerns. I actually poked him 3 or 4 times with the rod tip following the sucker in but he still stayed till I gave up. Fun to watch but bad when you need a big northern for a mixed bag division.
  12. Catbird

    Loves the grape jelly and worm things too!
  13. Night Bird ID...

    At my age Eyeguy I'm just trying not to lose too many.
  14. Hummingbirds

    Eyeguy, they must have flown right past us!
  15. Night Bird ID...

    Hate me if you want but lets keep Sillytown back on MNO.