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  1. Yup, tried them. Dave at Maynard's says demand for ants is very low so most places don't have them. I ordered from him online and the order was shipped the same day. Anybody looking should give him a call, he has great prices on tungsten jigs too.
  2. Now for the 18 million people that have had great luck with their Honda's.
  3. My thoughts exactly about 12 volt, no need at all, just a mess of weird wiring and potential problems. I left it out of my last build too and never missed it.Small LED battery lights will last a whole season on the batteries and do everything a 12 volt will do. A wall mounted furnace becomes more important though so you don't need to run the fan if a generator problem should happen or you run out of gas in the middle of the night.
  4. Just found some at Maynard's Tackle.
  5. These have been impossible to find the last few years. Anybody know a manufacturer? I want the same hook in approx size 6. This is an old picture I found on the internet. Plenty of dry flies but none like this.
  6. Jim, I have an Ion and love it but given the choice today I can understand your hesitation in the decision. I'm not sure I wouldn't lean toward the Fuel and KDrill. Reverse is a must so Strikemaster would be out for sure. Reverse isn't the end all for cleaning slush, I still use a slush copter, but it does allow you to clear the slush on the drill and not have to bring it all up into the house. Either way you'll have a great combination. The Fuel drill is a nice thing to have around, it's a drop dead brute, unlike anything else out there!
  7. I would definitely go for the warranty, both brands have a very high failure rate. Both are good about replacements but both fail a lot. It's mostly a moisture/waterproof camera issue.
  8. I agree Yetti, I did the HD36-HQ also and even that is a little firm but it's a better alternative than the cheap soft stuff many like Ice Castle use. What you did was the best of both worlds. Is the super soft a Foam Factory product like the HD36 or just soft less expensive Ice Castle type stuff? That was a smart idea, I think that sounds like a summer project.
  9. Foamfactory is a good one too. Custom sizes can be spendy, it's easy to cut with an electric knife.
  10. That's a first that I've ever heard of breaking blades.
  11. You might try POR 15 right from the start on it to keep it nice before it corrodes and pits. It's very tough stuff. His looks pretty flat and looks like the guy stayed within the studs, mine was a real mess. It does look a little thin in a spot . Mine was probably a mess because I made the guy redo it, it was very thin in some places. You only get 1 chance at it.
  12. Be sure you have power steering and check the warranty on the steering and axles. Tracked 4 wheelers can go thru them, and it's expensive. At least on a Can Am they are.
  13. You're foam guy did a good job! You don't have a ton of clean up it doesn't look like.
  14. My son in Lino Lakes had large insurance claims two years in a row, it was covered, he had holes all over the place. He now owns a high powered pellet gun too.
  15. It's way more than paint, when you see the two side by side you'll see it's a whole different finish.