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  1. At my age Eyeguy I'm just trying not to lose too many.
  2. Eyeguy, they must have flown right past us!
  3. Hate me if you want but lets keep Sillytown back on MNO.
  4. Here too Todd, first one last night. Any hummingbirds out your way yet? None here.
  5. I see them quite a bit during the day also.
  6. Thanks for the heads up.
  7. None on my feeders in Brainerd yet
  8. Look great but the page is horrible, anybody figure out the price? The one in the video looks like a buzz bait, do they come in different tails or all the tails come with? Anybody speak Japanese?
  9. That's strange Eyeguy, I put the Nutty Butter out and it hardly gets touched. When I use the whiter ones the disappear in a day or two during the summer, but only gone thru a couple this year so far.
  10. I have them in Btown too.
  11. Especially their poop!
  12. Frog fishing is my favorite way to fish for bass. I think both are 100% better than scum frogs and the other cheapies, both are durable, both have proper weighting for long casts, and both have the same hook design. If you think that small amount of shape difference or eyes popping out on top are that much better then you are a tackle companies dream, they just caught a whopper. Either way you go you have a good product.
  13. Why do it like that, don't you want to know depth when you're running? Rock piles hurt! I must be missing something.?.
  14. Terminators are just Live Target knockoffs IMHO. Also one of the few 3/4 oz frogs out there, great for long casts.
  15. I have 80#'s on both ends of my 1775 and it works just fine. Battery space can be a decision maker too and didn't have room for a third TM battery, most smaller boats don't.