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  1. Another Lowrance H2oc problem...

    A reminder for myself and others that have an h2oc to save your waypoints on a chip time and time again. Those of us that are still lucky to have our units still fully functioning may not be lucky for long.
  2. Slaw for fish tacos

    Red cabbage shredded Balsamic vinegar Olive oil Can of black beans Cilantro finely chopped Cayenne or whatever you like for heat Freshly squeezed lemon juice Sea salt to taste Thanks for the other ideas! I am going to try them. MJ
  3. Share your Favorite Ice fishing Photos

    My how time changes things. This is my son about 8 years ago. He is now soon to be 16 and is 6'2 almost 200 lbs. This is one of my all-time favorites. Perch Fishing Morning- Ottertail Lake MJ
  4. Left handed line counter reel?

    I have a left-handed Okuma and it's been good to me. I don't remember if I ordered it or bought it at an outdoor store. Priced well, I know. MJ
  5. It just makes me want to............

    When the Chevy engineers designed the interiors of the Uplander van... broken trim on the pull handles, both front doors...glove box door... cup holders... lock and remote entry is sliding doors are too slow. We bought it because it was a Chevy... Don't know if I'll do that again. I have talked with other Uplander owners and they have had very similar experiences. I guess we know why they don't make that van anymore. Thanks for starting this post and thanks for allowing me to vent. Feel better now. MJ
  6. Big Green Egg

    I received a BGE XL for Father's Day and have used it already for the following: Jalapeno Poppers whole chickens chicken parts bacon sausage burgers steak brisket ribs and a few others that aren't coming to me right now. AWESOME! Easy to use! MJ
  7. Rubber Repair

    I don't know if there is much of a difference. I just "goop" it on fill the crack or hole best I can. Create a "liquid" patch with the goop and let it dry. Sorry I can't put any more detail into it. Did a quick search and found that it's actually called Sport & Outdoor goop. Do a search for 'amazing goop' for more information. MJ
  8. Rubber Repair

    Shoe Goo makes another product called Sportman's Goo that I've repaired waders and rubber boots with and had good success. MJ
  9. 2011 NWTF MN State Convention

    I'll be there as a comittee member of the local Ottertail Lakes Chapter! Should be a good time! MJ
  10. What do you guys use to lube poles on your Clam?

    White lithium grease, comes in an aerosol can. Works for me! MJ
  11. On highway 10, somewhere east of Detroit Lakes, I picked up two parts of a specific brand and type of tent. Identify the specifics by replying with your details. Thanks and good luck, MJ
  12. Father/Son Trip 2010

    Thanks for the write up and posting the pics, Scoot. It certainly was a great time and I always anticipate next year's trip! We had a blast and the fishing and weather were both exceptional. MJ
  13. What knot should a person use for Fireline to Leadcore?

    I've used the Willis Knot and have had success. If you do an internet search for it, you'll find some nice tutorials on it. It's a little easier with mono, but possible with fireline. Good luck! MJ
  14. What am I seeing on my HDS7?

    Was there a mayfly or other fishfly hatch going on? MJ
  15. Mike Biffel out of bigdawg1 dot com right out of Marathon. He enjoys fishing on his days off from guiding. Tells you how passionate he is. Fun guy you will have a great time with! MJ