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  1. Hope the back thing works out well for you, have not been on much on but have been following.

    1. RebelSS


      Thanks, Bobby. Had the first two appts today, two more tomorrow. Now they tell me very best pain relief expectation would be 50%.....I don't know if going thru all this is worth 50% or less. Also won't be able to drive for a week, no showers or baths, and quite a few follow up appts. Very hard for me to get rides. I'm going to have to look into trying to find help someone with all of this. All this just for the temporary implant. Not sure where to turn at this point. How are things going for you? Did you make it to the clinic yet, or not?


    2. Bobby Bass

      Bobby Bass

      no clinic yet, that has taken a back seat to a new problem for me. I have a growth on my pituitary gland that I have to have surgery on to remove. As I have said before I just seem to be that guy. One in ten chance that I need surgery and I am that One in ten that need it. If I don't get it done I can lose my eyesight as the glad pushes up against my optic nerve. I am getting pretty tired of writing what is happening to me. So I am trying hard just to keep writing about the lake and keeping positive, it is getting tuff to do. I do know how it feels bout the ride thing. been four months since I have driven and counting on other people is hard at best. Hang in there it has got to get better that is what I tell myself !