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  1. Hey, they want free advice, that's what they get. That's what I've fixed in numerousJohnson /evinrude small outboards with the same issue, as long as I've been working on outboards. Not your issue, tough noogies. Wonderful. Take it to a mechanic and quit complainin'. I could care less.
  2. I've got $100 that says it's the diaphragm, like I first said. Put yer hand under the carb input are where your line and diaphragm are. Pump that bulb hard. if you get a drop or two of gas leaking out there, you DO have a hole or tiny tear. Pumping it up makes it run better at high speed and /or brings up idle is the telltale sign.
  3. "Because he lives in a high tension area" ... "high capacity".... This one sounds like trouble just waiting to happen.
  4. Pinhole or small tear in diaphragm.
  5. Birder at the nature center identified the bird call for me this morning. It was not any of the guesses.
  6. Ya, and that from the guy who's middle name is Wearever! Attaboy! Whack 'em and stack 'em! I'll put you in charge. I've gotta go do fun things. Plus, every time ya post, it takes forever to work. Site issues aren't worth it.
  7. Ya, and what of it?? Ya gonna ZZZT me?
  8. Did that too, Roony....and whip-poor-wills---you name it. I'm stumped. I still think it's some type of swallow or flycatcher; can't tell ya why I feel that. Gonna talk to a chick I know at the nature center here in a couple days and see what she thinks.I've only heard it when it's warm at night...thought at first it was a frog or peeper, but then it called as it flitted by. I even thought about flying squirrels ans some type of bats...heard all their calls, too...I'm stumped. Warm, humid at night....skeetos were out, and bugs last night...that might bring out a certain bug eating bird......hmmmm....I'm working on it!!
  9. Del's in with the good ol' boyz, no doubt...they didn't delete HIS wood post. Maybe I should.
  10. *ZZZZT* Del said wood.
  11. Yers always are, roony! I'll be outside again off and on, and when I hear it again, I'm gonna light it up with my tactical light. THAT'LL show me what it is!!! Besides, we know a group that'll take this one to town, don't we?
  12. LOL Right there on the buddy heard it plain as day....
  13. Nope. None of those. You guys must all be deaf...the peeps are distinct! Just quiet background, then one peep or squeak....then another, very soft... First one at 1:27, then one at 1:30, 1:32....a "peep" or :whistle", then a few more..turn up yer hearing aids! Or get a computer with decent sound technology! Looks like the experts on here can't do it, either.
  14. OH OH!!! That's the words I said and got deleted!!!! TAKE COVER, here they come!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  15. Oh oh...didn't yer Modem Mind Bender go off on that one?? *ZZZZT*