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  1. Don't anyone tell him we're all lookin' for the fireflies...... THE RABBITS.
  2. Starting seeing the fireflies first week in June, which is the avg start time for them here. Lots of them since then, most I've seen since I did a study and report on them for a couple summers a few years back. Haven't seen a hare around here in loooong time. Can't blame wolves down here....maybe expansion of cities, and lack of prairie/border woods?
  3. I've had a lot of Robins around the last few days....
  4. Are they upright?
  5. Well, there's his answer...they're all at yer place!!
  6. It shouldn't, but who knows. It's main ingredient, MPCA, has shown low-to-moderate any toxic affect to avians. I've very rarely used that stuff, and only on a front boulevard. I've noticed a big drop in birds here, too. I think in the Summer there's so many areas with water/shelter/food etc, they tend to move around a lot more. Loss of habitat, trees, fields, etc certainly make a hug difference. This town is hell-bent on turning the place into a shiny concrete and steel glitter dome, thanks to Mayo, and lots of fields and meadows out near me have disappeared. Too many new housing developments springing up can't be good for birds. I've also had two Cooper's hawks move in and raise a brood...that drove a lot of birds out, and they killed a lot of songbirds, since that is their main diet. Environmental Health Effects Although insoluble in water, MCPA can have a high mobility in soil. MCPA can negatively affect the growth of some crops, including onion, cabbage, lettuce, and turnip (#EPA). In mammals, MCPA generally has a low toxicity, and is rapidly excreted. The oral LD50 in rats is 765 mg/kg. The dermal LD50 exceeds 2000 mg/kg, and the inhalation LC50 exceeds 6.3 mg/L (#EPA). MCPA has a moderate to low toxicity to birds. The oral LC50 is 377 mg/kg in bobwhite quail (#EPA). It is practically non-toxic to honey bees with an LD50 of 104 ug/bee. MCPA is slightly toxic to freshwater fish, and mostly non-toxic to other aquatic organisms. The LC50 of rainbow trout ranges from 117 mg/L to 232 mg/L (#EXTOXNET). Regulation MCPA is a General Use Pesticide, although all product labels are required to carry the signal word "danger" because it is a severe eye irritant (#EXTOXNET).
  7. Cheetah, you did know this about Doxy I assume....? A common after-effect in some folk. also, your mention of the nausea starting now, may be a sign you are more sensitive to it.... Doxycyclinemay cause your skin to be more sensitive to sunlight than it is normally. Exposure to sunlight, even for brief periods of time, may cause a large skin rash, itching, redness or other discoloration of the skin, or a severe sunburn. Hope that's all it is...good luck!
  8. That's the best thing ya can do with craftsman chainsaws....sell 'em!!!
  9. Grandma or Grampa die?? Estate sale?
  10. Del, you wasted again?!
  11. Wow!! Now THAT's a deal!!!!!!! Why can't I find stuff like that?!
  12. The blue will have to do, unless ya got some stripey ones...
  13. Ha! Lookit those little wings! He was obviously waiting for you to give him a nice, fat worm!