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  1. Nusquam aliquis credere. Stultorum, stultos.
  2. Doesn't matter on here, anything is worth rippin'. How about why this site is so fudged up lately with not accepting typing or not working right with many other things? Got four guys agreeing on that one already. That should give ya a good start.
  3. I wasn't. I don't think anyone knows what the hell they're talking about on here.
  5. Del, that's because that was in reference to the Sunday liquor bill. Acknowledged I'd made a mistake. This was copied and pasted Just a hell of a lot of stirring up poop on every thread possible. Oughtta call it the pooppot page. And "poop" is not the word I used.
  6. Nope, and I can guarantee you it IS NOT my new system. This took three tries to take. Not doin' this anymo ^%$#&$#%$#$
  7. I don't know, but I'm sick of retyping dump over because it suddenly stops, Screw that. I'm outta here
  8. By the time the wedder morjits are done hyping it down here, it'll be the storm of the century, with thousands stranded and the National Guard dropping supplies from C-130's., pulled down the runway by herds of reindeer.
  9. It's now been upped to 14-16". Let's just say 20" and get this bullshirt over. The wedder morjits are blowing their wads onscreen over this. They're hotter than a 17 yo June bride. WTH is wrong with this site? Issues with it accepting type. I give up. FIX IT!!!!!!!!
  10. I would bet it DOES need a carb kit after sitting that long, especially if there was no gas in it or you didn't use non-oxy. The gaskets and seals dry out like you wouldn't believe. Mine sat that long after two surgeries, and I had to put a complete gasket kit and seats in it. It was also a 30 HP. Not a big job on that 30 HP. Diaphragm may be dried out too, or have developed a pinhole or two in it.
  11. I could post a certain song by Aerosmith, but I won't...... And yer dang right I'm gonna!
  12. Dat's a wedder morjit!!! Fluff and hype, hype and fluff! And you can just stay "up there", fella ! No religion allowed in weather thread; that's been relegated to sillytown!
  13. And the predics just keep growing.... Haveta keep the wedder hype morjits happy, ya know.
  14. Is that a fact? Ha! Thanks for the very special insight.
  15. Trump stopped that legislation to make it endangered...WTH?! Use the bumble guide, Del...