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  1. How's it going?   Pretty cold around here.   ;)

  2. Sous Vide Turkey

    Nope, I got it. Santeria is big in places down fact, I believe Martin Sheen was in a movie about that "religion".
  3. Yellowlegs?

    I bought myself my Christmas present couple days know about it...the two books by Helen Hoover.
  4. Just Food and Drink

    I could see ME using one....
  5. Yellowlegs?

    Story of my life.......we're in the same boat, Mikey.
  6. Yellowlegs?

    Eyeguy's buyin' presents!! OBOY!!
  7. Just Food and Drink decided anything on the smoker issue yet? Just can't see you with an electric.....nothing wrong with them, though. Kinda like I just can't see Glenn driving a Ferrari......
  8. Yellowlegs?

    Have you checked to see if it's alive??
  9. Yellowlegs?

    Oh.....ya had to know THAT was coming! EG will know, he's got a hidden 20 acre Aviary in his backyard....
  10. Yellowlegs?

  11. Just Food and Drink

    Hey! That's my line!!!
  12. Just Food and Drink

    Well, maybe.....
  13. Just Food and Drink

    HAHAHAHAHAHAHAAHAHAAAA!!!!!! That's the funniest thing I've heard all month!!!
  14. Just Food and Drink

    Please keep yer "cooking in my grundoons" stories under wraps.