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  1. Alright, alright, quit the yammering. Problem solved.
  2. And yup, the BLM certainly was there....the fruitcakes, and the rest of mainstream America, even the voting llama's...
  3. Say!!! Now THERE'S the best idea I've heard since free beer!!!
  4. Can we use them as a spittoon, too? *PTOOEY*
  5. Well, there went my bfast...thanks a lot!! Maybe I should use my "Delete" button...hmmm... And I always used to think highly of Duffman.
  6. I'm suggesting they install foot-washing basins with tinted water in them in CAWchester.. Under the water's a bear trap.
  7. Someone should bury Gaylor's whiney azz. I'd be happy to do it. F*** whiners.
  8. Guess I'd say off, since if they buy it they're going to put their line on it anyway....usually.
  9. Common sense dictates any generator or machine producing an exhaust be located far away from the fresh air intake for your furnace/house.....that goes for ICE HOUSES, too.
  10. I gave up trying to watch it. I think the guys dog filmed it with a Go-pro strapped to his head.
  11. Still best smoked, as they are an oily fish, too.
  12. "We?!!" Got a turd in yer pocket?! Ah, go hug a mushroom.