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  1. Lake Cenaiko Thread

    Anyone care to post results from today? I did not make it out, but hoping the cold kept a few people away so that I can still catch a trout later this week.
  2. iphone navionics app use in BWCA

    right on! I see what you mean with yellow vs brown. Thanks again!
  3. iphone navionics app use in BWCA

    thanks! I've done some unit tests by disabling both cellular and wifi, and it seems to work. Only concern would be the maps. Are they stored locally on the phone, or pulled in from the cloud? Again, they worked for me during my test, but I'm wondering if the maps are stored in flash right now because I had just used it. Thanks again!
  4. Have the navionics app loaded on my iphone, which has contour maps of lakes and uses GPS positional data to tell what depth you are at on the lake. Will I be able to use this in the Boundary Waters where there no cell towers? Not sure if the phone's use of GPS requires cell data.
  5. walleye rods

    I just received the St Croix Eyecon for Father's Day, and gave it a thorough workout in Devils Lake over the weekend. Great rod is an understatement. Same boat with another guy using same length snell, hook, and bait (leech). I caught over 20 walleyes to his 0. Very light bite, I was able to detect the initial tap, and release line to feed them before the walleye felt me. Difference between catching fish and being the net man was the Eyecon on that day.
  6. Just got back yesterday and did fairly well. Been staying in Minnewaukan last 8 years, but changed up to stay on north shore near Creel Bay area. Struggled to find walleyes in that area with a NW wind, just LOTS of northerns. Drove west to Minnewaukan landing at Round Lake and did well. Also went south to New Mill Bay area at the end of the towers and did well. Also heard people were doing well on north end of 6 mile bay under the towers. Leeches or crawlers with spinners, or leeches on plain red hook snell. Pay attention to water temps. North shore was still in the 50's while Round Lake or New Mill area was in the mid 60's. They want the warmer water. Did not appear as though the fresh water shrimp was plentiful yet. Think the water needs to warm for them to hatch, then slip bobbers in the timber will pick up. We did not have luck slip bobbering.
  7. Ixtapa Mexico fishing charter recommendation

    forgot to pass on the results. Went out with Captain Juan Lopez twice. First time with the family inshore fishing where we caught bonita, albacore, and yellow tail. While out the first time, he got reports that people were catching sailfish 20 miles out. Whole family wasn't interested in that, so just my oldest boy and I went the next morning for sailfish. Worked a deal for $180 on a panga full day. My son caught a very nice 11 foot sailfish, and I missed a striped marlin that shook the hook at the set. Great memories for a lifetime.
  8. Ixtapa Mexico fishing charter recommendation

    will be leaving in 3.5 weeks
  9. Going to be in Ixtapa end of March with 2 teenage boys (13 and 14) and my wife. Any recommendations for a charter outfit that will do something like a 1/2 day deep sea fishing for Marlin/Sailfish and another 1/2 day off shore fishing where you're more likely to catch fish like blackfin tuna to keep everyone interested. Good English, and good interaction with the customer is desirable.
  10. charcoal sales?

    Memorial Weekend typically has the best sales on charcoal for the year, and I try to stock up. Not seeing much this year. Anyone know of some good sales on charcoal going on now?
  11. First Thing That Pops Into Your Head-

    Dead or Alive
  12. Just picked on up off of the list by craig last week. Just a note, they go fast. What we found was have your cash ready, and be ready to go view/test ride anything you see as something you'd consider within hours of when you found the add. If possible, negotiate price with owner before going to check it out.
  13. Thanks for the information guys. Trying to think of anything similar in the house where the installation of something is meant to never be able to be removed. I'm coming up empty. Heck, I can disconnect my gas line with a couple wrenches, seems a lot more dangerous than a HCVB. Strange to make something like a sill cock attachement unremovable.