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  1. The 20" & 24" Meatsticks are a great addition to the JM line. The panfish guys are gonna love these.
  2. something is wrong with my fl 20

    Did you check the battery?
  3. Spirit Lake Fishermans Outlet

    Yes, it is still there. Do a google search for ffo tackle for the HSOforum address. Chad
  4. Originally Posted By: mr_jmanThe one thing about the plastic is that the auger is much lighter. I do most of my fishing by walking where I want to get, so lighter is definitely better in my situation! This is a huge benefit if you walk to most of your fishing spots. After a full day of hole hopping you will truely appreciate the weight savings with the Strikemaster.
  5. Breaking down a lake. (Pics)

    Looks like the homework paid off......awesome. Chad-
  6. FL-20 being difficult

    Have you tried siwtching to the 9* cone angle? Another thing is to make sure your transducer is below the bottom of the ice. Lastly, when using the IR button make sure only one of you is trying to get rid of the interference at a time. Chad
  7. kawasaki 360

    Interesting stuff.....thanks Roofer! Chad
  8. kawasaki 360

    Originally Posted By: NewbieHello again! Sounds like it should be a decent little atv,one thing I was wondering about is the belt light is blinking and the seller said it doesn't have that many hours on it. This was his fault because he accidently left the key on for 2 days. Is he a pulling my leg? Or could this really happen? Its a really nice atv. I kind of been wondering if that could happen? It sounds like the drive belt is worn out to me. I'd be a little leary of his explaination as to why the light is coming on. A unit doesn't have to have that many miles on it to show accelerated belt wear....depending on how it was used and the conditions it was driven in are major factors of belt wear. Chad
  9. kawasaki 360

    I'd like to hear some opinions on this atv as well since I recently purchased a 2005 Prairie 360. Chad
  10. Auger Help!

    Glad to hear they took care of you and got you back on the ice in a timely manor! Chad
  11. Auger Help!

    They do it all there. I would take it in and have them give it a once over. Chad
  12. Vexilar FL 12

    I have a FL-12 I use when my kids go with. The new larger flat screen is issues in the sun. I like the fact that I can watch and help my kids understand the flasher when a fish is approaching their jig.....all while sitting in my seat next to them. The built in low power mode is another nice option the FL-8 doesn't have. Chad
  13. Free Oil

    Thanks Oilman! Chad
  14. NW Iowa ice?

    Reports of a few people on the ice in the protected bays. If I was you I'd wait another week. I'll be up the there on the 8th. Chad