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  1. A Pic

  2. A Pic

    A sleeping puppy is an easy target when bored in the fish house
  3. A Pic

  4. First Thing That Pops Into Your Head-

  5. Deer heart

    So I ended up putting it in a brine overnight, then seasoned it with a little of this and that. Boiled it for 4 hours with 2 onions and clove of garlic and added cinnamon weird I know but turned out fantastic.
  6. Deer heart

    Wondering if anyone has a recipe for deer heart. I usually brine for a night then boil with a whole onion and some garlic and few other spices. Any other ideas?
  7. Affordable Dog Vet

    Haugo Vet in Litchfield MN. Can't say enough good things about them
  8. Jeep Wrangler ?

    I have a 99xj with the 4.0, she's got 243k, still going strong. Great hunting/winter rig
  9. Your Three Best Photos

    hard to choose 3, out of so many..
  10. Minnkota Talon Is it worth it?

    +1 on that. I have one and use it all the time. For more than just fishing. Makes loading and unloading the boat by yourself easier as well. And I can retie line or unhook a fish with out blowing into what I want to fish next...
  11. Bass Photos

    Biggest the other day. Fat 19½. Tons of fun on an ice rod.
  12. 2016 pheasant season

    Shot one today and one on Thursday. Kind of a bummer of a season for me. Spent all of October and most of November in the boat chasing smallmouths, and basically worked all of December. I didn't make it to SD this year either. When I did make it out tho, I did see birds. Dog is 7yo, and hunted hard for me! Now it's a long wait till next year.
  13. Bourbon and Whiskey

    I like the Knob Creek line. And this is my favorite whiskey
  14. Bass Photos

    A smallie a day keeps the doctor away!