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  1. How to grow big onions??

    Google dixondale farms for everything you need to know about onions. We have been ordering from them and planting as instructed for several years. Very nice onions that keep well.
  2. Ion Electric Ice Auger

    You don't think I want to dull my blades do you? It cut fine once you get both switches activated but would slide on the ice starting not where I wanted. I prefer a center point. Maybe if we had some snow it would be better. I guess that is why we have Ford, Chev, Dodge etc.
  3. Ion Electric Ice Auger

    Bought one at FF. Drilled 10 holes with it and took it back. Trying to hold the safety switch down in addition to the go switch is cumbersome to say the least. In addition with little snow on the ice I found it nearly impossible to hold the auger in place to drill holes without a point on the bottom. It turns so fast and skids across the ice. Not good in a wheelhouse lowered part way down. My hole liners don't line up well. Back to my StrikeLite with Robin. FWIW!!!
  4. Question for the senior members

    For flooring take a look at DuraCeramic. It is is great stuff!!!
  5. How about Corner Sports? They have always had Ice Castles on their lot.
  6. badger

    I believe that we have a badger or badgers living about 20 ft from our home. The builder dumped some broken up concrete and partially buried it near the house. I saw what looked to be a badger(white on face) yesterday and found hole with tunneling. We ran a water hose for a good half hour or more and never saw any water come out or any critters. Any ideas?
  7. Bumps

  8. best tomatoes

    You can order seed online from Burpee or Gurneys I know.
  9. tiller carb

    I was just curious. I got charged for two hours, $144.00 labor. They were suppose to call me with an estimate and did not. I thought two hours was a lot.
  10. tiller carb

    Can anyone tell me how long it should take a small engine mechanic to put a carb kit in a 5hp Briggs & Stratton? Troy Bilt tiller if it matters. Thanks
  11. Garage Storage

    I used Gorilla shelving from Menards and about 30 Rubber Maid totes. Worked good in the shop since we have a patio home with no basement.
  12. Onion sets popping out of ground

    We do have crawlers. Every time it rains they are all over the driveway but I guess that I haven't noticed any evidence of them in the garden. Although I can't say that I have really been looking for them.
  13. Onion sets popping out of ground

    We had the same problem with our Texas onions when first planted. My wife thought that birds were after the brown skin like membrane. We planted about 300 and each morning would find a few pulled up. This also happened last year. Now a month later they have likely rooted and the brown skins are gone and it is no longer happening.
  14. For the past 6 years or so, at 2 different houses, I have used 6' steel t posts with 4' chicken wire or 4' welded wire fencing. I then have put 2 strands of plain string,one above the other,above that. I have not had any problems with deer and there are plenty of them around. Works for me! Chicken wire keeps rabbits etc out also but welded wire is easier to work with.
  15. garage floor drain

    I am not sure if there is a p-trap but there might be. I can not get the drain cover off easily, it seems to be concreted in. The garage is heated to 59 deg with in floor hot water radiant heat. Yes it is going to daylight at this time. It was sodded over the first winter we lived here but I dug it out thinking it would drain easier but then the freezing problem started. The ground slopes away from the outlet.