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  1. Spawn bass fishing my video

    yea the scenery here is amazing
  2. Spawn bass fishing my video

    here are some videos i threw together real quick i converted off my camera to the computer. Its from a couple days last year during the spawn on diamond valley and dixon with a couple other fish thrown in.
  3. here click this link to watch and the release
  4. Huge bass from may 20 to present

    is the I35 the one that takes you downtown
  5. Nice Looking BASS(pics)

    yea i use 4lb test becuase of how clear the water is and how pressured the lake is
  6. Nice Looking BASS(pics)

  7. Nice Looking BASS(pics)

    the kid i was fishing with is from st paul and went to rooseville highschool
  8. Nice Looking BASS(pics)

    brushhogs in watermelon
  9. Nice Looking BASS(pics)

    All the fish were sitting in deep deep water during the past front over the weekend and if u were fishing shallow i would try useing topwater. What worked for me was anykind of green brushhogs texas rigged on 4lb floro in 35 to 45 feet of water. I personally didnt try using topwater but people that i talked to said its working good in the morning and evenings. I fished mostly points that extended into the main lake and fished on the opposite side the sun was facing and fished slowwwww. Also my friends first time fishing and he caught a pretty solid fish in the brushhog while we were eating lunch and the lure was just sitting in the water. Its what told me to slow down the presentation and let it sit in the strike zone longer.
  10. MONSter bass aug 3 to present (pics)

    i appreciate the compliments
  11. MONSter bass aug 3 to present (pics)

  12. MONSter bass aug 3 to present (pics)

    No the bigger fish i didnt have a scale with me but thats the same peir where mac weakley, mike long, and jed dickerson all took their picture with bass weighing over 20 pounds, i blurred the background so people on my local forum dont know which lake it is.. im guessing the fish was about 8 or 9 pounds but i could be wrong. this lake has really cooled down to pressure latley and theirs monsters all over it.
  13. MONSter bass aug 3 to present (pics)

    thanks for the compliments guys i really appreciate it, and Matt the creator of mattlures is a great guy. theres alot of interesting people out here u get to talk to. and the colors of the bass out here depend of how deep you catch them. shallow fish are dark like they have a bad tan and the deeper you catch the fish the lighter it gets. i catch some with no patterns at all
  14. these bass where caught either using robo worms 4lb test or mattlures bluegill 8lb test. Im going to be back in crown point in late sept if anyones interested in doing some fishing
  15. Huge bass from may 20 to present

    haha yea their are some beautiful fish here man. I moved out here from indiana and used to musky fish every weekend. I use my musky gear and lures for bass everyday.