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  1. Vikes working on Chili extension!

    That game was the biggest fluke, the Vikings beat themselves... By the way not to sound like Dan Barreirro but why are we rushing to resign Childress? Hes good through next year so wait till the end of the year, I dont think many teams will be rushing in trying to steal Chilli from us... Why would you pass twice from the half yard line? Without play action, im sorry but run AP 4 times and get 6. Gotta get Favre his stats though...
  2. Long Weekend Trip To Walker...What Lakes To Hit?

    Boy... including the river, good luck
  3. 61" Muskie caught on Mille Lacs?

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  4. Induron vs 7000 vs Saltist Review

    I went with a shimano trinidad and it was unbelieveable compared to my old toro, I fished 9 hours today and feel great compared to how I used to feel after 4 or 5 hours with my toro. The fact of the matter is if you want use the big blades and pounders you have to have the equipment to do it, or else its going to take a giant duece on you... Ive learned it... 5 reels later
  5. 61" Muskie caught on Mille Lacs?

    [Note from admin: Please read forum policy before posting again. Thank you.]
  6. George Wahl Tournament

    I dont remember exactly but heres the jist of it 1st 40, 44 white bear 2nd 53.5 Tonka 3rd 48? Tonka 4th 48? Tonka? 5th 45.5 Waconia My day was awful moved the same fish twice, missed topwaters both times... It was a great event... Hard day fishing, but it went to a good cause
  7. last day "fri" to sign up for George Wahl tourney!!!

    Saw a couple more sign up at Thorne today...
  8. Revo Toros

    Thanks for the offer, Thorne Bros are gonna let me go over the counter and get a new reel...
  9. Revo Toros

    Well if thats the case I Might as well go up there... Whats the reccomendation if they take it back and let me upgrade? Should I go with the trinidad?
  10. Revo Toros

    I got the reciept... might as well give it a shot...
  11. REVO Toro Wiley sunglasses offer

    I understand that the TORO isnt bulletproof, (Even though thats pretty much what the rep said... I just liked the deal) its just when you pay nearly 300 for a reel you expect to get at least one season out of it.
  12. Revo Toros

    I wonder if they would let me upgrade to a different reel....
  13. REVO Toro Wiley sunglasses offer

    Wow so you got a working revo and the techna and the sunglasses? I really suck at life...
  14. REVO Toro Wiley sunglasses offer

    Thats cold redig, I sent mine in right after the expo and I still havent got the dam shades yet... My reel stinks and I dont get my friggin sunglasses... what [PoorWordUsage]
  15. Revo Toros

    So I got a bad reel... all Ive thrown with it is smaller bucktails, double 8's at most... I still have the warantybut I need it for the weekend and I cant afford not to have it... (my c4 sucks too) Does Thorne do over the counter returns/replacements with a reciept?