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  1. tire question

    I would buy 4. I was always told that age of rubber is a factor, I'm also talking from my past experiences. I tried only buying 1 tire on my boat trailer once because like you it looked fine but didn't last very long after the first one blew and was replaced.
  2. Anybody have this Bluetooth speaker?
  3. Seasonal camping on a lake

    Thanks Dave. Were looking for something on a lake with full hook up's
  4. Seasonal camping on a lake

    Were looking for a seasonal spot for our camper. Ideal spot would be on a good fishing lake with either a nice clean beach or have pool. Don't want to travel more than 2.5 hours from the southern scott county. Any body have any resorts to share?
  5. I used to have a John Deere tractor with a 48" deck and it used to take me 4-5 hours to cut my lawn. I went to a hustler 52" zero turn and now it takes me 2 hours flat. The 2 advantages with a zero turn is the turning radius and the speed you can mow, I mow full speed and the lawn looks great. The disadvantage is they get stuck pretty easy, they leaves tracks/ mud rings around your trees, they are noisy (I wear ear muffs with the radio...) and they slow down on hills. I have 4 or 5 steep banks along the driveway and the walkout area of my house, when doing these banks by side hilling you really slow down because you have to feather the sticks so you can go straight, if you go straight up and down the hill there is no problem. Mine is not tippy at all.
  6. Driveway Options

    I used to use class 5 which I would have 2 loads brought out every 2 or 3 years. Last year I had 2 loads of mixed crushed concrete / crushed blacktop, best thing I ever did. This stuff packed tight. Class 5 just doesn't seem to pack tight and gets washed away or pushed to the sides.
  7. water heater won't stay lit

    Mine did the same thing, I took sand paper and lightly sanded the thermocouple (maybe the glow rod too??) and its worked good for 2 years now.
  8. Winterizing RV?

    All I do is blow out with air. I use my small air compressor and set the pressure to 25lbs. Just make sure you open every faucet until no water comes out. Dont forget the outside shower if you have one. Then add 2 cups antifreeze to each drain and the toilet. Never had any problems and you dont get the smell in water the next year...
  9. My mom always called them egg-in-the-holes.
  10. Pulling to the right

    Move it to the left. In my head thats the direction I would move it...
  11. Buying Beef Shares

    I think it was around 300-330 pounds. I thought when I figured it out I paid $3 - $3.50 a pound total with processing. That included hamb., steaks, roasts, etc.
  12. Buying Beef Shares

    We buy all of our beef this way, never heard the term "share" though. We buy from a friend of mine. He takes care of the transporting to meat market then we usually call the butcher and he asks us questions such as how many roasts, how many steaks per package, etc. We pay the meat market for processing and then according to hanging weight I pay my friend directly off the weight on the reciept from the meat market. We usually buy a 1/2 and it runs just over a $1000 with processing. Which works out to about $3 a pound of actual meat you recieve, that includes hamb, steaks, roasts, and ribs. Its expensive initially but I think cheap overall when you think what you pay for good hamb., but I've also heard of horror stories of bad meat so its probably best to get recommendations.
  13. Camping projector questions

    I usually just project it onto the back of our camper. We have the normal aluminum siding that has the small ripples in it. Works pretty good but if you had fiberglass siding it would work alot better. I've also used a 4' x 6' sheet of white melamine, that worked great but its kind of cumbersome to take along.
  14. Grill issues

    I dont think you need a new regulator. Try this: - Un-hook the hose from the tank - Turn all burners on - Leave sit for a minute or so - Turn burners off and hook hose back up to tank - Turn tank valve on real slow - Relight and see if that fixed it I've had 2 issues this winter with this same type of problem, theres something in the regulator that gets stuck and reduces the gas flow, by following these steps you reset the regulator. Worth a try, worked for me.
  15. Baked fish recipes

    Here's my favorite way to bake walleyes. Take 2 or 3 sleeves of Ritz crackers and put in a zip lock bag, crush the crackers. Take the walleyes and coat with flour, dip in egg wash, coat with the Ritz crackers.(The coating with flour really helps to get the crackers to stick to the fish) In a 9 x 13 tin-foil lined pan, lighty spray with cooking spray. Place battered fish in pan. Sprinkle with lemmon-pepper seasoning and drizzle some melted butter on top. Place in pre-heated oven at 350. Cook for about 20-30 minutes, fish will flake very easily with a fork when they are done.