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  1. Old boats

    I am very itnerested in trying to do this my self. how does one go about it? mainly how do i put the floor in? any tips would be awesome!
  2. Fantasy Football

    I'm in!
  3. Fantasy Football

    smithben1983 ()at() gmail :dot: com
  4. Fantasy Football

    we need invites sent out
  5. Fantasy Football

    i will join as well
  6. What GPS should i look to buy?

    well... now i feel a bit ripped... the lake master chip i got is from like 2005... plus i didn't get the charge for it.
  7. What GPS should i look to buy?

    I just bought a H2O B&W with a 2008 lake master chip... about to go try it out!!!! only 150 bucks with a ram mount!
  8. What GPS should i look to buy?

    color B&W now from what i read there it says the color one has 16 channels B&W only 12... does that mater?
  9. What GPS should i look to buy?

    what about Color vs black and white on the H2O c? also should i buy new or used? i have read that they start to go bad... not sure how or why.
  10. What GPS should i look to buy?

    i am a little worried i have read that the H2O C isn't very accurate. What do you guys think?
  11. What GPS should i look to buy?

    does the H2O C have way points or whatever?
  12. What GPS should i look to buy?

    Thanks for the tips. Who or what is Perchjerk?
  13. What GPS should i look to buy?

    I am looking to buy a GPS for my boat with all the lake stuff on it. i have a hummingbird 565. I am looking to go the cheapest i can i want it to be powered buy the boat(no battery's), make way points... and other cool things. I have never owned a GPS for my boat before. But very good with things like this. What do you guys think would work well. also i am willing to buy used and older too.
  14. Where do you go when it's hot

    [PoorWordUsage]... had no idea where to fish at all. and how do you know what pool is what 3? where is that?
  15. What kinda of rod and reel should I get than what kinda of line? i was thinking about going with a bait caster. don't want to spend a hole ton as i am a very new fishermen!