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  1. Ice Fishing Mille Lacs

    My buddy Tony (@bassfshin24) and I hit the road after Christmas to go and chase some Walleyes on Mille Lacs Lake. We had plans to fish shallow structure during the low light hours and then head out to deeper structure during the day using an ATV. Day 1 the temps had warmed up some from the recent negative temps but we were surprised to find a very slow bite. The slow day was topped off by some ATV problems which left us scratching our heads on what to do for Day 2. As it turned out our options were minimal so we decided to pull out on the lake by hand to some shallow structure. It was -15 when we hit the lake but we were greeted by a bunch of hungry Walleye!
  2. Metro Panfish

    Last Thursday I got out in the Metro for a few hours with a buddy. We went out in the afternoon about 2 hours before Sunset and stayed for a few hours after it got dark. With the Sun up we punched a lot of holes, camera'd them and were able to find some thick weeds holding some good sized Sunfish. We fished those for a little bit and then pulled our shacks out a mile to a major piece of lake structure only to find that it was holding ZERO fish. On the way back to our launch point we stopped to check out a deep hole and found the larger Crappies to be roaming the edges suspended in the upper half of the water column. Big tungsten jigs with large plastics seemed to trigger their interest and get them to bite.
  3. PurpleFloyd is right, I had heard that the only reason the Support Cable was introduced was to skirt by a Patent. I have had my HB Ice 45 for 5 years now I believe and haven't had the Support cable on for 1 day. IMO it's too cumbersome and I had the same thought - it's another thing for the line, fish, jig, etc. to wrap around and cause problems.
  4. Url Walleye Beatdown

    There was a couple weeks there was almost all the reports I heard were positive. I've kind of lost touch with how the bite is up there as I don't think I'll make it up again this season. I am headed to fish Mille Lacs Wednesday night for 2 days and it should be COLD! Then I'm headed up to LOTW 1/12-1-15.
  5. Url Walleye Beatdown

    My buddy Ryan and I packed up the truck and headed North up to Upper Red Lake in MN the Saturday after Thanksgiving since we didn't have much or any fishable ice in the Twin Cities Metro. We stayed on shore and walked out in the morning to the 2nd break. We setup our shack in about 10fow. It didn't take long for us to catch our 8 keeper fish and then the fun started! Catching these fish in shallow water (10fow and under) is an absolute riot!
  6. Spring time brown trout

    That looks like an awesome and scenic lake to fish! Not to mention, look at all those nice Browns!!!
  7. Kayak Bass Fishing in Brutal Winds

    I know how that goes as I bass fish from my kayak a lot too! Rain I don't mind but Wind is tricky. If the bite is slow on the lake, I will almost always try the wind blown side of the lake and more often than not it pays off with some fish. That looked like a pretty awesome lake with all of those flooded trees near the end!
  8. Savanna Portage State Park Fishing

    The Wife and I are getting out of town this weekend and going to do some camping up at Savanna Portage State Park in McGregor, MN. We used to camp a lot when we lived in Colorado but since we moved home we have only been once so we decided to change that. Neither of us have spent any time in McGregor so we're excited to see a new section of MN and a new State Park. We are going to bring the kayaks and try to get out fishing each day on some lakes up that way. I noticed a Trout lake in the Park that we will likely try and then we will probably leave the park and hit 1 or 2 nearby smaller lakes (as the wind will likely be a factor this weekend). Has anyone spent much time in the Park or the area? Any pointers on things we must see & do or recommendations on lakes in the area? Send me a message. I hope everyone is able to get out on the water this weekend as it's supposed to be WARM in most of MN.
  9. Off Season Deals

    Woodbury Gander Mountain Store Closing Deals:
  10. Off Season Deals

    That is a heck of a deal! Looks like they are still up on their page but not sure if that's accurate. Academy Sports has a Deal going on right now for Shimano Curado I's. They have the 5.1:1, 6.3:1 and 7.2:1 ratio's. The reels are priced at $99 (retail $179) and qualify for Free Shipping. Not sure how long those will last... Academy Sports Shimano Curado I Series
  11. Silly Reel selling question

    Whenever I have purchased used reels and they have had line on them the first thing I will do is inspect/clean them up and re-spool them with line. So I'd say No Line would be my answer.
  12. 13 Fishing Omen Black 2 rods

    That's good to know! Yea, I'm not expecting much seeing the retail price and considering I paid $25 but thought I'd give it a try. I'll try to put it through the ringer this season and see how she performs. The only other No. 8 Tackle product I've used is the Hellbent Aramid ML rod for Walleye's and it actually performed quite well this last season. I thought it was very sensitive, I could feel crayfish pecking at my jig/minnow in close to 30fow. It also had enough backbone to bring a fat 24.5" eye off the bottom in 32fow and enough bend to keep the jig pinned in it's mouth during some big headshakes and runs.
  13. Underspins .... anyone fish them?

    I picked some up last year and spent a little time tossing them around on Vermilion but didn't land any fish (missed 1 bite). I will likely give them a try in the Spring on the River and hopefully catch a few fish on them.
  14. 13 Fishing Omen Black 2 rods

    On another note, I was at Gander getting a few items for a recent Ice Fishing trip up to LOTW when I noticed on an endcap they had No. 8 Tackle (sister company of 13 Fishing) rods on sale. I picked up a Hellbent MH Casting rod (HB2C7MH) for $25 to try for my soft plastic frogging. I'm sure it will have its flaw but for $25 I'm going to find out! It feels much better and significantly lighter than the Mojo Bass I'm replacing.
  15. 13 Fishing Omen Black 2 rods

    I have 2 of these rods and I have had no problems so far. They feel quite light and have worked well in battle with Bass up to 4.5lbs, no giants yet but soon