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  1. Rut Activity Thread 2017

    Made a last rut run to my property of choice this past Friday before the gun opener. Seems the chasing and cruising has slowed down. Saw a bunch of does morning and evening but no bucks trailing. Had one cruising forky in the early A.M. but that's it. During my evening sit, I sat in a tight funnel next to a freshly cut corn field and had one six pointer stroll through at 3 in the afternoon. Later that evening, there were does trickling out into the cut corn from all sides which was fun to watch, but no bucks coming into the fields. I was on the down wind edge too hoping a buck would cruise the trail in front of me while trying to scent check. Then finally, had a doe come within 10 yards at last light and decided I would draw back on her and tag her to close the season since gun was gonna open. She caught me and bolted. Haha, guess I'll be hunting late season :-)
  2. Rut Activity Thread 2017

    Was out several times in the past week. Friday, I saw the most action. Bucks chasing does, one of them a definite shooter. Of course never on the trail I'm on. However, I did get lucky enough to have a good sized doe come strolling through within range so I took her at 15 yards and had a short tracking job since I saw her go down. On Sunday, I was out again and had less action both morning and evening. Did see another shooter (I'm guessing 3.5 year old) cruising the woods, nose to the ground well before dark. Yesterday morning, I sat in a new spot and saw 2 or 3 does in the switchgrass about 60 or so yards out in the open. No buck in tow. That was all for the week so far. After catching up on yard work, gonna put in one last day before the orange army comes out. My public land "spot on the spot" has been found by some other really determined bowhunters this year so it has forced me to hunt the property a little differently. Kind of throws a wrench in most of the plans but that's something you gotta expect hunting public grounds. It's a large tract of land so the new pressure has actually forced me to change my ways and look at other spots I've overlooked throughout the years. In this process, I found some very promising new pinch points, bedding areas, and travel corridors. Hope the rest of you are getting your much deserved time out in the deer woods. Good luck to all and please share some pictures when you get that buck on the ground.
  3. Rut Activity Thread 2017

    Sorry, late report. Last Fri, my friend and I hit the woods. I set up in a new spot I had never hunted before on the property and about after an hr after getting up in my climber, I started looking around with my binos and caught a glimpse of some tines in the tall grass. Later on a buck stood up and walked the other way. He looked like a good one, but by himself and not so interested in any calls I threw at him. Maybe he didn't even hear due to the wind. He was about 100 yds upwind. My friend, on the other side of the property was able to rattle in a 6 pt and a small 8 pt and passed on both. Seeing more buck sign. More rubs and scrapes showing up.
  4. Archery Hunting Photos

    Hell yea Archerysniper.. Thanks for sharing! Awesome buck! Might wanna wash your boots now :-D
  5. Here, I'll start. Saw some new rubs and a few small scrapes this past Fri (10/13) in bluff country. It's still slow, but we should see some more activity next week. Will probably start packing the rack along with for any sits I can squeeze into the schedule this weekend. Now your turn. Go!
  6. Gobbling Activity?

    Sunday, pulled a group of 3 toms from about 500 yds across private into the public only to hang up at 60 yds. We worked them for 2 hrs and they never got in front of the blind. They finally got closer, but instead of going in front of the blind, they got behind the blind at about 5 yards inside the woodline and could hear them stepping on twigs. Man what a rush. Sadly, they walked back onto private and out of our lives LOL. Kinda wish I was hunting with a shotgun! 3 or 4 gobblers were rattling off behind us in the woods in the morning and shut up by 7. The 3 that we got to come in from private were to the other side and they didn't gobble til they were close enough to see/hear our setup. Those two hours were between 8 and 10. Will try again.
  7. Gobbling Activity?

    Any updates?
  8. Gobbling Activity?

    Sun morning. A few gobbles from different directions. A gun goes off from private and it goes silent. Hr later gobbling starts again but they all eventually hushed after 8:00. Had a group of jakes at 10 yds come investiagate my dekes about 6:45am but the only one with a clearly visible beard (about 4 inches) was too fidgety for a shot. The 3 trailing jakes decided to turn their attention to the blind and got within about 5 yds looking right into the shooting windows. And that's when the jig was up. Stayed til late morning and went home for easter egg hunt with the kids. Was a fun hunt nonetheless.
  9. Gobbling Activity?

    And that I did. So the chances went to 0 real quick lol. Had to get back to town for some daddy chores. Will be out again soon.
  10. Gobbling Activity?

    All we heard was rain on the top of our blind this a.m. Not sure if we should just pack it up. Moved one spot already.
  11. Gobbling Activity?

    Went out this morning. Heard no gobbling... Walked around and called. No response. What gives? Usually can get a few to rattle off here whether I see them or not. Any gobbling reports?
  12. Rut Activity Reports

    PTO days ended Weds.. This makes me real sad.
  13. Rut Activity Reports

    Didn't see much where I sat the last few sits, but small bucks cruising. But... Saw about 4 big bucks (2 of which I confirmed was a big 8 and a 10) chasing a doe at mach 10 past me on the way to my evening stand around 2:30PM yesterday. They ran by at 40 yds and I was standing there with my jaws dropped. They didn't even notice me. I climbed up and hoped they would come back. Nope. But it certainly has begun!
  14. Rut Activity Reports

    This morning i hunted my favorite funnel. A 6 pt and a forkie came through at diff times going in opposite directions around 8ish and the second around 8:45. 6 pt had mouth open and breathing like he was out of breath indicating he may have been cruising. Forkie was casually milling around and took about 20 min to enter my lanes and disappear out of site. Lone nubbin came later and bedded behind a fallen log 30 yds downwind of me. He booked when i fit down. Hunted evening in my favorite evening spot on same property. Wind was on point! Saw turkeys, numerous does, but no bucks chasin. However the massive rubs i saw will keep me hoping. And yes, got violated by mosquitos. Gave me flashbacks of opening day. Skeeters were of the white bodied & black stripes variety. Their bites hurt!
  15. Rut Activity Reports

    It's going to be a long few days of work for me after reading this. I picked up my trail cams over the weekend. Both showed some daytime buck activity in the mornings just after sun-up. One of them I couldnt get to until 4:30pm. I watched the videos and saw a nice 8PT standing in front of it at 4:21ish. Then a vid of me walking past 9 minutes later.