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  1. The Strut Stops Here

    Looks like ill be taken a buddy out this wed. I enjoy calling one in for somebody just as much as shooting one. Hopefully everything works out for this is only his 2nd year at it. Last year i took him and he shot a dandy bird with a 11 1/4 beard and 1 1/8" spurs and weighed a little over 23#'s.
  2. The Strut Stops Here

    Birds in my area are too responsive, and yes i had 2 big fellas come in to my 1 tom and 2 hen set up. Accually i had the whole flock coming in and it was load with the hens and all the toms. One thing i fogured out is if there is alot of birds dont be soft calling. I tried to top the old hen and thats what pulled them my way. Good luck to my team and hopfully everybody could have a morning like I did, it wont be forgotten.
  3. The Strut Stops Here

  4. The Strut Stops Here

    Heres a couple pictures we took after my work meeting and waking up the wife.
  5. The Strut Stops Here

    KooWell team i got a nlce tom this morning, longest spur is 1 1/16 and beard is over 10.5 " and i know he' s well over 20 #'s . Off to work and ill get pictures up later on. Heres one for now.
  6. The Strut Stops Here

    I hit the woods yesterday morning and snuck into a little clearing and ended up being anout 50 yards from where they were roosting. They were very vocal and a few hens sounding off too. Soon as i started to call after they flew down the hens really got into it and accually pulled the toms to the west of me. I did get 1 to come in but only had like a 5-6 inch beard and 2 differnt groups of jakes so knowing there is around 20 toms in the flock of 80 or so i passed on him . Pretty hard to compete with that many hens. The snow is finaly starting to go so i think it will only get better. Heading out in the morning for a short hunt due to work.
  7. The Strut Stops Here

    Ill be gitting this piece wed morning, tomorrow around noon ill be setting up the blind. This morning alot of birds in this area but none come o,So im going in.
  8. The Strut Stops Here

    Well i didnt see any birds but i heard them and alot of them. Looks like ill be in the woods this year, cause in years pass with snow on the ground they stay inside. Checking on another piece on monday which has alot of birds and a standing corn field. Anybody else been out scouting?
  9. The Strut Stops Here

    Hey team im here, ill be hunting the A season with shotgun. Looks like ill be wearing white this year cause we have alot of snow on the ground yet. Tomorrow im going out and do a little scouting, ill get back to as what i seen. Good luck to my team members and im fine with what ever for a team name
  10. Team 3 "Strut Stoppers"

    Hey team looks like we are on a roll now, went out yesterday and ended up passing on a tom with about an 8" beard. This morning hit another place and the woods was loaded up with gobbles but with the fog we had it kept them pretty right. I decided to really get aggressive on my calling and that worked. Had a Jake in first followed by two hens, the gobbles was getting closer and finally thru the fog I seen two coming a cross the field. A few soft purrs and they come running right in. Not the biggest bird alirtle over 21# and. 10.75" beard I'll get registered later on So we are on the board, Good luck to my team and be safe.
  11. Team 3 "Strut Stoppers"

    I'm here and itching to hit the woods. Was out looking this morning and seen some here and there but not the numbers as previous years. I'll be able to hunt every day so that's a plus, my hunt is the first season so what is going to be the teams WINNING name.
  12. 2017 Spring

    Lottery results are out. Looks like ill be hitting the woods April 12th. Was thinking about archery but I have plans on fishing the cabela's walleye tourney the 28 & 29 of April. Waiting for Borch to get the sign up going for this spring. Can't come soon enough, it been a long winter.
  13. Tumbling Toms

    Thanks guys, well here he is and the weight was 23.47# 1" spurs and a 10.5" beard