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  1. Seen the first flocks of Sandhill Cranes this morning here in Randall. Welcome back noisy critters!
  2. Can it? Yes. Will it? All depends on thier mood THAT day. Jakes(turkeys in general) are silly birds, i have seen groups of jakes rush in to run of mature toms before. So i that instance anything with a beard would have brought them in. I use a jake unless they tell/show me they dont like the decoys. Then adjust accordingly. There is a lot of trial and error each season for turkeys.
  3. We also get White and a 4th rd pick.
  4. I personally use one hen and one Jake decoy most of the season. If I am wondering locating birds in a run and fun style i just bring the hen decoy. My decoys are of the cheaper variety, and have worked for me. Although, I wonder if a higher end decoy would've help many times. Never underestimate the ficklness of the wild turkey. They can certainly range from brainless to the smartest creature in the woods! Which is usually is a step above me most days!
  5. Nice no call on the holding on the last run! Probably doesn't change a thing but crips get it right at that point in the game. I dis-like Joe Buck even more with every game he calls! What a great superbowl!
  6. I admit, i miss the bucs old helmets. The Bucs and the lions were always my underdogs to cheer for.
  7. The kids let the dogs out after school to do thier thing. Kids went in the house and when they came back out they could find them, that Wednesday. Apparently, there have been alot of coyotes out in the area recently so maybe that had something to do with it? It all guess at this point, they (dogs) aren't saying a word!
  8. I agree Ufatz. Our dog is chipped like mentioned. It would be nice for it to be trackable. I think there is on some collars. I suppose, a battery of some sort is necessary, so re-chipping would be necessary and expensive. As an update, Ava has also been found minutes ago. She was found wondering the median of HWY 10 near Darling (between Little Falls and Randall) about 9 miles from her home. Thanks to all looked at the post.
  9. The German Shepherd, Sable, was just found! 7 miles from home. Safe and sound.
  10. They two wonderful dogs, very unlike them to be gone. They went missing on Wednesday.
  11. My sisters dogs have gone missing in the Sobieski/Little Falls area, Could any or all of you keep an eye out for these two sweethearts. Ava is a gordon setter. Sable is a dark German Shepherd. Thank you.
  12. I have fished 3 people and 6 holes in my Eskimo hub a couple of times. No extra room, but worked fine. One buddy heater, 2 buckets, and 3 folding stools. Kind a hybrid of figure 4 and figure 5.
  13. What kind of forage is there? Cisco/tulibee, perch? Other than the hump, i would first look for subtle difference in the contour close to the steepest drop. If oxygen is good in the summer i would be suprised to find then off the base of the main drop in 40+ feet of water eating bugs in mud areas. Starting shallow after dark near any emergent vegetation would be another idea.
  14. Dat a nice one!
  15. I am a little worried guys, we fall behind 0-2 to thw hawks and i was never worried the other night! The shoes got to fall sometime, i am starting to become overconfident in this team.