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  1. Decoys?

    Couldn't have said it better^^^.
  2. Vikings vs eagles

    I'm soon to be 40, still have never had a REAL super bowl party! I will sit and hope. Besides, at 7:11 last Sunday I pulled something in my neck/shoulder. Might be a hole in my sister and brother in laws garage ceiling.
  3. Vikings vs eagles

    you would swear it was homecoming week in all of our local schools here in rural central mn! Most schools (businesses alike)here had Vikings day today. I like everyone older than 30 has dementia and everyone younger doesn't understand our (vikes)history! I will just sit and live on hope.
  4. A season has always been a slam dunk for me. Season B I am 2 for 3. Seasons c-the end I am 2 for 2, young birds however. Weather is variable throughout, but i have killed birds in a heavy snow storm, rain and wind throughout the years. Just scout and hunt, birds will tell you what to do if you listen. Sometimes they lie though! Pick the season that best allows you the time to be out the most. Time in the woods and fields will equal the most success, this year and years going forward.
  5. Gopher Basketball

  6. Tagged out in nd

    way to go Ryan!
  7. got it, thanks. I should have known you know what your doing! Good Luck.
  8. As written, I am just asking, you EACH can take 2 deer? 1 buck & 1doe or 2 does? you each have to shot a doe first before you can take a buck right? The WE can take two bucks comment makes me ask the question. As far as 50° degree highs, IMO you will be fine hanging those deer for a day or 2 in the shade in the temps fall to near freezing or below at night.
  9. Mechanical broadhead recommendations

    Good luck looking tomorrow! Hopeing for good ending.
  10. New Bow

    You will be able to find a GREAT used bow for that price. I am partial to the bow I shoot, which is "older", the Mathews Drenalin. Very smooth, light, and quite, IMO, better than the nest 2 models Mathews had after. And can be found for less than 6 hundos for sure.
  11. Fall Success

    super awsome, congratulations to your young man.
  12. Timberwolves, 2017-2018

    Gibson and Butler showed what good defense looks like last night. Now can the others follow suit? Teague, is not off to a good start. i would rather watch Jones than Teague. Not 1 thing looks good with him.
  13. Panfish Photo Gallery

    Yeah it was, he getting good at it too. He has caught the biggest sunfish, crappie, sucker, and walleye in family for 2017. Making his old man look bad.
  14. Archery Hunting Photos

    Shot this doe Saturday night. 9 deer total seen for night. Good first sit.
  15. Joe Mauer

    Yes, a little low. Remember he is hitting from the 2 spot. He follows the teams leader in RBI's in the line up and still has been remarkably effective when he has come up with runners in scoring position. He is an on base guy, why he bats 2nd, he sets tne heart of the order up. Plus the Twins line up, is pretty even 1-9 in regards to RBI's, save for our catchers.