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  1. Vikes Preseason

    gotta watch!!
  2. 2017 Hunting Regs?

    The regulation book is now up! really stunned at the deer feeding ban area. south cass, crow wing, aitkin, morrison, Stearns and more ate now included! plus this ban, in the far SE, includes the use of "doe in heat" type scents!
  3. Fishin report for Lake Iwanttobethere..

    Glad to hear from you!!! I got a smile from ear to ear when I seen you posted here. Even the wife asked what i was looking at! All i could say was Bobby's back! We all enjoy your writings.
  4. Twins 2017

    Garcia didnt last long!
  5. Kyrie - Hmmm

    I think it would be an offensive and experience(post season) up grade. I all reality, we dont have the means to make the trade. We are nearly out of money(cap space) and only have 11 players. We need food cheap role players right now. Only way would be to package Wiggins with future draft picks. If the analysts are actually correct on how improved we will be, those draft pick wont carry a ton of value.
  6. Panfish Photo Gallery

    My boy Isaac with his PB(and family best) 1lb 4oz bluegill.
  7. Bear Lottery

    I am not a bear hunter, but I sure question the continuing lack of permits? I live in Morrison County, always have been bears around and decent numbers. However it took me until my early 20's (2000ish) to see my first wild bear. I now see 8 to 10 a year, bow hunting or driving around. Nearly every neighbor here have to take down bird feeders and keep seed and garbage lock up tight by the 2nd week in April. For at least 4 yrs now, 3 or more bear have been hit on HWY 10 between Cushing and Darling (5 miles north of L.F.). Anecdotal for sure, but there seems to be more bear now than ever before.
  8. Longest day ever

    good luck!
  9. Bass a Biting

    Pike sure seem to like plastics.
  10. 2017 hso Turkey Quest Teams/Scores

    congrats team 5. well deserved.
  11. Wild 2016-17 Regular Season

    Rumor is we are in talks with Dallas for thier 3rd overall pick for a quality defenseman?
  12. Bass Photos

    A few from last Saturday.
  13. What's going on out there?

    We caught plenty of bass this weekend. However most were small 12-13". Deep fish were less than eager to bite. Still seen a couple guarding nests yet. Small plastics fished slowly was by far the best tactic. Only found a couple decent fish, biggest being 19.25".
  14. The toms are still workable

    Good Borch! I have seen a large up tick of birds locally as well this last. Although not hunting. Trying to convince the wife and kids to hit a time or two yet.
  15. Team 5

    That should make things interesting