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  1. Team 2

    Archery ia certainly a different bird! I too would probably have had a nice tom as well if I had a shotgun tag. The biggest draw back for me is It make me much less Mobile. A new test of my patience.
  2. Headhunters

    Scoot, I have had the same issues with both my 11 year old boy and 14 year old girl. They have both ended up with opportunities each years. Frustrating as it my be, it is still worth it. Thats why we have teams to pick each other up, i might bet, being a Scoot child, she will impress us by the end. Good luck out there!
  3. Team 2

    Just me, or is 7:15 odd for birds to fly up to roost? 2 just flew up 75 yds out.
  4. Team 2

    FANtastic! Congrats Donbo! No bird for me today, hopefully tomorrow
  5. Team 2

    lots of gobbling this morning. Birds seem to be staying in fairly tight area of woods so far this morning. They are near, but I cant seem to talk the hens over. Had a nice hollering match earlier, was fun, though not productive. 3 Jakes came onto my lone upright hen decoy about 8am. They turned out to be my test birds. First year with the bow so, tested what I could get away with, drawing the bow. They didnt like it! Birds stiĺl talking here.
  6. Team 2

    good luck Zach!
  7. Team 2

    Plan on hitting the woods Saturday Morning. Not real keyed in the birds yet. They will turn more predictable.
  8. Team 2

    How are things looking in your areas guys? Took a walk in the woods last night. Definitely some birds around, not a lot of sign though. Found a couple of strutting areas, could find sign of a roost however.
  9. Wild play offs

    someone by plane tickets for jets! Just keep them doing circles!!
  10. Team #3

    Nice, congrats!
  11. Missed it

    Get a hold of Borch, I am sure there is way to get you and the kids in yet. More teams and participants the better.
  12. Team 2

    Anyfish2 and Isaac checking in. Isaac will be hunting until he gets one (I hope)! I will be hunting with the bow this year for the first time. Initial plan is to hunt when the kids dont want to or are too busy. Land owners texted me this morning, birds first showed themselves today. Hope they stick around.
  13. For a first timer, a box call is the easiest to learn and use. I still really like my cherrywood box call. Which everone you chose pick it up soon and practice, practice and practice. Some significant others dont like listening to that beautiful music, so hanging out in the name cave my be in order!