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  1. Fisherman45

    What's going on out there?

    Went out locally the past 2 weekends and did okay but like thatoneguy reported. I fished normally productive areas with little success but when you find one fish there were plenty more in that specific area but go 50 yards either way and nothing.
  2. Fisherman45

    Twins 2017

    Still early yet maybe the force just isn't with the rest of the division. But I like the way Santana has been throwing those are some pretty wicked looking pitches.
  3. Fisherman45

    Cats on the Snake river by Pinecity

    Sounds like I will be looking for a place on the St. Croix somewhere around Taylors falls. Thanks Guys.
  4. Fisherman45

    Cats on the Snake river by Pinecity

    Anyone know if it is worth trying some channel catfishing between Cross lake and Pokegama on the Snake river? Wanted to take the grandson out and I live in the North Metro so thought that would be the closest place. Thanks Bob
  5. Fisherman45

    Frogs .....

    Cabela's has the Terminator frogs on sale for $7.49 this week. Will have to pick some up. I normally wear out 10-15 of pretty much any of the other soft brand I have tried every year and it's time to restock.
  6. I was going to go out and get some new Interstate deep cycles for my pd70 Minn Kota and saw these Duracell deep cycles at Batteries plus. The prices are pretty much the same but the Duracell has a $10 mail in rebate going on now. Anyone use them? The last set of interstates lasted from 4/10/2011 to 11/17/2016 before one on the batteries shorted out so 5.5 years for 89.00 per battery I don't want to go agm type I have heard good and bad on those and don't want to shell out $300+ per battery just to get an extra 10-25% expected life. Thanks for those who share any of their experiences. Bob
  7. Fisherman45

    Off Season Deals

    I got a email that the Gander Mountain in Woodbury is closing Going to try to get down there to see what kind of deals they have it says everything must go.
  8. Fisherman45

    Crankbaits - Mid Range

    The bomber 6a model it has a tighter wiggle than the sk 4 series and runs 6-8ft.
  9. Fisherman45

    Chisago Area

    Frog fishing on Chisago was pretty decent on Saturday 5:00am until 10am. All the fish seems pretty fat like they have been eating well recently. South end in the slop and around most of the big floating weed beds were pretty active. The three smaller bays were giving up fish but a little smaller in size than on the main lake. Did some cranks also in 10'-15' off weed edges and the pike were all over them.
  10. Fisherman45

    Weekly Bass Reports

    I guess you know who's boat you will be taking next time. I hate when that stuff happens. We broke a live well pump connection last weekend and filled the boat up with water quite a ways before the bilge pump went off and made us scramble for the launch.
  11. Fisherman45

    Top water Frogs?

    We have been using frogs since opening weekend and have had great success some 20+ fish days just on the frogs. Fishing open lily pad pockets and edges of weed mats was still working well Wednesday when we were out.
  12. I was wondering how in tournaments when they release the bass in a different part of the lake after weight in how does it affect the fish? These fish were in relatively safe area's when caught now they have been yanked out of their safe area put in a live well moved all over the place and released in a totally different area of the lake. Do these fish make there way back to the area's that they were originally caught? And if so does it take them a day or a week to get back? Just some things I have been wondering about.
  13. Fisherman45

    Weekly Bass Reports

    Northern Metro lakes that I have gone to in the past 2 weeks have had good top water bite near emerging pads in the morning with swim jigs and wack rigged worms working later in the day. Shallow square bill cranks have been working quite well also.
  14. Fisherman45

    Wbl Smallies

    I find a few each year in WBL but nothing consistent. They are big though. Gotten some from deeper docks and rocky bottom area's.
  15. Fisherman45

    Baitcaster Rookie needs advice

    12lb Fluorocarbon would be my choice on that reel.