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  1. Combs Herren Lee Ehrler Jones JR I would love to see Hackney or Todd Faircloth win it though. Always been a huge fan of those two
  2. 7ft Med fast baitcaster would be a good squarebill or jerkbait rod. I tend to like a little shorter rod for a jerkbait though. I just bought a new dropshot rod this year. It's a 6'8 M and Ill have 10-15lbs braid w/8lbs fluoro leader. I went with the shorter rod because I'll be mostly using this rod for vertical dropshot on Mille Lacs. If I am going to fish the edge of a weedline with a dropshot and Im pitching I will probably use a 7ft M with the same line setup.
  3. I like your Herren pick. I was contemplating on switching Martens to Herren actually
  4. Here is what I have set. Bucket A was the easiest choice for me actually. Yes they are all capable of winning but Combs guides on this lake and knows it very well. A lot of anglers have never even fished it before. A - Combs B - Martens C - J. Lee D - Brent Ehrlers E - Alton Jones JR (Not a big fan of Alton Jones SR so this pick bugs me haha)
  5. Baitcating setups 1: 6'6" MH moderate tip with a 6.3:1 reel spooled with 50# braid and a 8' 17# fluoro leader - Swim jigs - I use straight 12-15lbs fluoro. I'm not a big fan of braid to fluoro leader on baitcasters. But if you do like that then I don't think you setup is bad. For me I want the lightest line I can get away with and 12lbs Invizx is as strong as I usually need. 2: 7' MH moderate tip with a 7.1:1 reel spooled with 15# mono with a 8' 17# fluoro leader - Spinnerbaits, chatterbaits, lipless crankbaits - Again with this setup I use 12lbs fluoro as well. No real reason why I use it but it does the job. I do think fluoro is better for mono with chatterbait and lipless with ripping the bait out of weeds. Mono has more stretch so makes it a little harder to rip from weeds. 3: 7' M fast tip with a 7.1:1 reel spooled with 17# fluoro - Jigs (skipping docks)- I use the same line as this but would definitely up my action on my rod. To MH would be the lightest I would use for a jig, especially with fishing them under docks. I want a H rod to lay the hook into them and get them out from under that dock as fast as I can. Spinning setups 1: 7' ML fast spooled with 8# mono - Tubes, worms, topwater - Tubes and jig worms I use 15lbs braid with 8lbs fluoro leader. I throw t-rig worms on baitcaster with 12lbs fluoro. Any bottom bait I use fluoro. I want the sensativity and low visability of fluoro. I also like that it sinks. Mono floats. For topwater I use a baitcaster as well and throw it on 15lbs mono or 40lbs braid depending on the topwater. Again I use these because they float. 2: 7' ML fast spooled with 8# mono and a 10' 8# fluoro leader - unweighted worms, flukes - Not a bad setup but again I use braid to fluoro on this setup. Especially when a lot of the bites come on the pause and you have to watch your line. Braid jumps a little more than mono does and you can feel more with braid. Also if you are going to use that light of a rod you are going to want a non stretch line to help get a hook burried in the fish. If you use mono and a ML there is a good chance you might not get a good hook into the fish. 3: 7' ML fast spooled with 8# braid and a 10' 8# fluoro leader - Jerkbaits, square bill crankbaits - I use 15lbs braid to 8lbs fluoro on some of my jerkbaits. The lighter jerkbaits like shadow raps I use this setup. Anything heavier and bigger I use it on a baitcaster with 12lbs fluoro. I use Medium rod actions for jerkbaits. Squarebills I always use on baitcasters with 12lbs fluoro. I am always throwing squarebills around cover and structure so I will not throw on spinning setup. Logs, weeds, rocks, and docks. 12lbs fluoro is perfect for this.
  6. I saw on Fleet Farm that 13 Fishing Omen 2 Spinning rods are like $50!!!! Go check it out if ya need a new spinning rod. That's a hell of a deal.
  7. Yeah it's going to be a tough one. I think there is going to be some bed fishing but also a lot of post spawn fishing. Keith would be a good choice. It's his home lake and has guided on the lake. From what I have read there are a ton of big fish in this lake. Still haven't decided who I am going to pick though.
  8. Yeah my picks besides Tharp don't look too great. But that's the thing about the Big O. Things can turn around real quick
  9. I stuck with my same lineup. A: Tharpe B: Daniels C: Ish D: Rojas E: Lucas Looks like its pretty slow on the Big O so far today!
  10. Wow! Where ya been Chris! Good to see ya getting some videos going again.
  11. That's a pretty solid line up. Combs is a beast anywhere he goes. I definitely think bed fishing could play a part. I also think that Wheeler could have a chance to win 2 in a row. That dude has done some fishing on the big O and has done well. It's gonna be a fun one to watch. Would be awesome if Feider all the sudden brought in a giant bag and had another good tourney. Not sure how many times he has fished Florida though. I know J. Douglas does a lot and does well down there so I am sure he is giving some tips to Feider.
  12. Yeah bucket b was hard but I went with Mark Daniels. I've been following this guy on the flw for a couple years and this dude is a stick. Seems like an awesome guy too. Yeah the past few years I have stunk it up on fantasy. A few years ago I think I finished like 83 overall. Pretty darn good considering there was like 20000 people that were signed up. Of course half of those probably forgot to put picks in. I think I got a pretty good bucket this tourney A: Tharpe B: Daniels C: Ish D: Rojas E: Lucas
  13. Yeah there are a lot of guys that I think can do well in this tourney. Gonna be hard to pick. For me I thought bucket D was a pretty easy pick with Rojas. He's a very good shallow water fisherman and I think there could be some frogging action going on in this tourney. Jared Lintner could be a good pick too. This guy fishes Clear Lake out in CA a lot and does a lot of punching and flipping out there and I think that could be good on the Big O. Who knows though. Going to be fun to see some big fish brought in.
  14. Good lord I picked Luke Clausen haha. Dead last
  15. Not sure if this is a good thing or not. It was fun having them up there but man it really brought in the traffic after that. I bet Feider is wishing he didn't spill the juice on how he caught them last fall haha.