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  1. Furnace vents question

    being that you have a direct vent furnace you need significantly less outside combustion air if any at all, so I wouldn't worry about the fact there isn't outside air vent into your house. The 2 pvc lines are combustion intake and the other exhaust and your furnace has a sealed combustion chamber Co cannot get into the house unless you have a cracked heat exchanger The cold air coming from vent could be just natural air circulation through the house similar to how a natural flow boiler works without a pump warm air rises cold air falls it may feel cool but its possible its actually warmer than the basement
  2. 141" track.

    I wouldn't think it to be too hard to find a 141 since the arctic cat crossfire ran a 141" but it will probably be a 1.25 lug I assume the old one was 1" or less so may need to notch the lug for the exchangers which isnt a big deal I would call jimmy at allpowersports in victoria or you could try a 144 and a big wheel kit to soak up some of the difference
  3. How big a paddle can I go...

    I run a m series with a 153x2.25 track here and have no issues overheating at all!!! IMO once you go to a bigger 1.75+ lug throw on a set of ice scratchers and when trail riding on hard pack flip them down keeps the slides cool and snow kicking up into the coolers I would never go back to a trail only sled or a short lug track because off trail is so much more fun change it and let her rip ! as far as power I wouldn't worry about it a broke buddy of mine stretched a indy 500 to 144 and the sled did just fine outwest not gonna set any speed records but it spun the track just fine the weight difference will most likely be a wash considering the old 1.5 and is studded and the new one wont be studded... just take'er easy until you get use to not having the studs and having bigger paddles it can get a little hairy in the corners
  4. How big a paddle can I go...

    pretty sure they are the same chassie as the rmk so it should fit a 2" under it I had a 00 gen 2 600 stretched to a 144x2" I had to run different smaller drivers and notch the track for the heat exchangers
  5. Minnetonka Reports

    If your fishing the fall with no sucker then your doing it all wrong if I fish with someone else I always have 1 guy cast and one watch the sucker if there are 3 guys then 2 suckers 1 casting...4 guys 2 and 2 or 1 cast 3 suckers dragging till its too cold then all use suckers I think we fish the suckers a bit different though I don't use a weight and use a slip bobber to control them from running too deep down also the bobber will slow the sucker when they run giving the muskie a chance to catch them... If the bobber doesn't slow them enough then clip their tails cause eventually they will run for the boat with a 50+ behind them and the ski will spook I only will add a weight when fishing multiple minnows to change up the presentation a bit but only down 5-10 ft I drag them with my i pilot at .7 mph @ 12-16ft allows you to cover a lot of lake this weekend we moved maybe 5 fish on baits and had 7 fish hit the suckers caught 5 of 7 so it was a good weekend
  6. Need to borrow/rent prop

    brainerd props does demo props 25 shipped i think
  7. legal seats in a boat

    I know that the bass boat we fish out of we fish 3 and 4 and have never had a issue about the extra person and no designated seat, but with my old ski boat we almost got ticketed for having people sitting up on the sun deck on the back while going through the channels of gull
  8. West Metro tigers

    If they drop the tigers there they should try other lakes like Prior lake
  9. worst part for me is that the area I was planning on going for walter opener will probably have ice, but unsafe ice I think it will be days from ice out too close for comfort
  10. could you imagine what walleye fishing would be like if guys treated them like bass and muskies almost 100% cpr I bet a lot of lakes would be almost boring because of how many you would catch all though I have sat on winne went through a pound of leeches in a night between 4 people and about 5-6 hours
  11. I cant imagine that the fishing pressure has changed in the 30 years either... I know the lakes you fish and have personally seen the lack of catch and release and or selective harvest... not saying that you don't do it, but i have seen many fisherman on the 3 lakes keeping everything they catch... I also was told by a guy at the launch they kill every muskie caught and throw them back, this guy had a limit of eyes in a bucket also stated "they're walleye eating machines" then told me If I catch a muskie should do the same HMMM.... wonder why the muskies do good in most lakes stocked? well because muskie fisherman respect the resource Im all for stocking more lakes especially if they already have muskies present there are enough walleye stocked lakes... give us some more options please while we at it add Fish trap lake to the muskie stocking list there are muskies in it already and big ones just not quite a fishable population
  12. early spring vs late spring

    i agree with nick i did the best that year
  13. pike org.

    where is my like button
  14. E locks ?

    yes that is exactly what the ins company said I have 2 options add extra coverage to the boat or risk it if the items stolen are worth it then take out a claim against the homeowners policy which mine is $1000 deductible generally speaking I think most like 90% of the scum are opportunistic and rely on easy takes this is the type of thing that would deter them... the other question for you ram users since the balls are just pinched would a crook be able to just rip the ball out of the mount itself or arm?
  15. E locks ?

    yes the quick grabber is all I'm really worried with and honestly if the thief is the carry tools type what else can they take along with the graphs ummm anything and everything... I have older units 2004on the boat but would rather not have to deal with stuff just walking away without some hassle... I did talk to my ins company and they said that anything bolted to the boat is covered on the boat but I have to add personal property to the boat policy for rods reels baits etc... I have a deeded access so it will be on a lift about 1/2 block away