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  1. Got my mount back

    I just don't like the look for some reason. I also have a full mount and went with a closed mouth.
  2. Got my mount back

    Thats not a natral pose for a black bear leech
  3. Got my mount back

    Page 43 of the Archery photos Leech
  4. Got my mount back

    Got my Ontario archery spring bear back and couldn't be happier with the mount. I also had the skull done,rough measurements puts it well above P&Y for a grizzly.
  5. Best arrow for a recurve?

    Just shot some victory arrows out of one the other day. They have carbons that look like wood arrows with lots of options for adding weight.
  6. New rig

    The defiant would have been $450 wirh trading in my prodigy. The $1500 is the sticker one the 2018's Only new thing I'm putting on is a diffrent rest,wore out 2 QAD's in 2 years. Sticking with my HHA sights
  7. New rig

    They have a defiant 34 on the shelf,thats the one the were holding for me Around $1500 +/-
  8. New rig

    Matches my camo
  9. New rig

    Been kind of looking for a replacement for my prodigy recently and my bow shop had a 2017 hoyt set aside for me. I was going to buy it but was waiting for the 2018 line to hit the market and see how they felt. Well this sweet little thing felt and shot amazing and came home with me tonight. I hope this thing can keep up with me,2018 hoyt RX-1 Carbon.
  10. New Bow

    I might be upgrading really soon and listing my prodigy for sale,it would be a bear bow.
  11. Montana 2017

    Blizzard hit our first night,we were there from Sept 15th to the 29th. Lots of snow and rain for the first week and half.
  12. Mechanical broadhead recommendations

    2 yards from the tree and I was 12 feet up,not much travel time on that arrow. As soon as I touch the release the next thing I saw was just the knockturnal lighted knock sticking out of the sweet spot.
  13. Montana 2017
  14. Montana 2017

    Nice clear morning,low 20's for the start of the day
  15. Montana 2017

    Here's a few pics from my Montana trip.