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  1. Lyme Disease, aka Borrelia burgdorferi

    Hopefully rhe doxy works for you and tou do not get any of the other co infection that ticks carry. My wife is on disability for the last 9 years from this stuff.
  2. 2017 hso Turkey Quest Teams/Scores

    It's nice to finally have that fourth bird entered,congrats Powerstroke.
  3. 2017 Turkey Quest Submission Thread

    Way to go powerstroke,that is a tank of a Merriam awesome bird and will score great for our team.
  4. Team 3 "Strut Stoppers"

    Kept me waiting long enough congratulations Don
  5. 2017 hso Turkey Quest Teams/Scores

    Just sitting waiting for it
  6. I have taken the plunge into archery hunting

    It's a great sport and stress relief. I have been doing it for 30 years now and see no end in site.
  7. 2017 hso Turkey Quest Teams/Scores

    You may have spoken a little to soon
  8. Team 4

    Cooter what area are you hunting? Rk,we need your bird entered when you get a chance.
  9. 2017 Spring

    Anyfish is correct,I will add you can buy a archery tag and hunt the entire rest of the season in any turkey zone.
  10. Team 4

    Congratulations,that looks like a stud of a bird.
  11. Wild Turkey Photos

  12. Team 4

    Good luck and shoot straight
  13. Team 4

    Beside the fun of fooling a turkey and sticking it witj my bow,this is why I love turkey hunting. Slow smoked with apple on the pellet smoker.
  14. Archery Hunting Photos