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  1. Talked to someone today that fishes the lake quite often, he said 5 years ago it froze out. Last year we pulled alot of 14 inch perch out of Fish. So I guess they must grow pretty fast.
  2. DNR Bill

    Why not let someone else try. Not to stereotype all state workers but I know a few that definetly don't work as hard as someone who is running there own business. Sounds like a good idea to me.
  3. Hmm ... thought i heard the GFP managed it. Well if it was locals I guess they are the ones that will be hurt the most by the lake dieing off. How long would it take for a pike to grow to 10 lbs, 10 years? And perch to be "eaters"?
  4. Who would a guy call or write to get some answers on why the aerator was'nt put in on time. What a waste. There is very few lakes with decent size fish in them around here, I guess now there is one less. I am sure the people of South Dakota are glad their tax dollars are being used to aerate a dead lake.
  5. Artic Armor Sale!

    I would also like to order the whole suit with the free gloves special, but I need 2xl jacket with xl bibs in red fleece lined, is this combo available? and at what price? Thanks
  6. I have been on cochrane (ten miles north) once before and once after the warm spell. Both times there was very little snow on the lake but maybe because of the tall grass surrounding fish lake it held more snow? Last year the aerator was running and we pulled some dandy perch out of this little lake.
  7. Heard a rumor that they never turned the aerator on this year and all the fish were dead. Does anyone know if this is true or have been out there this winter? My bro was there in earlier this winter and no aerator but managed some fish.
  8. Whats in my attic???

    Do you thread the can thru the wire the long way? Or how do you make the trap?