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  1. Twins reach one-year deal with Thome

    hope this isnt the favre of baseball......
  2. Fish lake in Mora, not the bar campground
  3. Uhhh thats a long has been 100 days since it closed though, so almost half way through!!!! Its like a 2nd home just love it!!!
  4. Looking to buy ATV

    Just got me a Suzuki 500 kingquad, and that was after alot of time reaserching. They have/had .99% financing w/10 percent down, or 0% with 20. Their is a place in Osseo, he will get you a hell of a deal!! $1000 less than anyone around. Hondas are great also...cept you pay a lot more for the name...
  5. ATV trails in MN

    yup suzuki 500 kingquad
  6. ATV trails in MN

    Hey guys, Just got me a new 4 wheeler for x-mas. Was wondering about trails to ride it on, are their legal ones? I remember as a kid I got in some trouble with my dirt bike. Thanks!!
  7. Vikings vs Packers

    Well its a lost season now!!! Bench the old man, get webb in their for some experiance!! Farve (ya I spelled it wrong) is really showing his age!!! He is #31 in rating, #1 in int's. how long do we give a legend the helm at our offense?? He isnt owed anything if he cant perform lets shut down his little goal of 300 starts now!!! Farve and Moss are not different at all, its all about me, me ,me... And chilly...guess what the opponents have got it figured out since 2008... 1st an 10, ap off left tackle, 2nd an 8 AP off right tackle, 3rd an!!! That is some kinda Kick AZZ offense their Mr. Noodle! How the hell is Elmo doing bud!!!
  8. Why is Punto in the Majors still?

    If only we could get the best defensive and offensive player at all positions... punto is a great defensive player. you take some and lose some, its why you are posting on a web site and gardie is coaching.. lol
  9. Just check with the owner, I know at our place the guy would be ok as long as it wasnt over 10 years old... a few hybrids at our place, but no strictly pop-ups.. Empty spots in the campground=no money..give it a shot.
  10. no they dont make us replace it every 10 years, not sure about the reasoning but I guess the guy dosnt want trailers from the seventies moving in.
  11. Wish ours would open early, but he is a buy the book kinda guy!!! darn its so nice out and I know the crappies are biting!!!!
  12. T-minus 14 days!!!!!!!! I think I will take friday the 30th off...
  13. $ Rates for painters

    [Please Read Forum Policy Before Posting Again]
  14. Looks to be a good time, I went last year and placed. Anyone else gonna be their? kinda excited about the warm weather and such...
  15. The one im at wont let anything older than 10 yrs move in, like said in the other post check it out b4 you buy if looking for a seasonal, and close does count we are just under an hour to ours. Dont think we would use it as much if we had to drive 2 hrs one way.