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  1. Skeeter ZX2050 Angled in Garage

    I am looking at purchasing a newer house and my boat is in storage and I cannot get it out right now. How short of a garage can I go and still get the boat in the garage with an angle? I would love to buy a house with a bigger garage but that is not in the budget right now, and the boat always stays indoors.
  2. Which unit for mapping?

    I am looking to get a 10-12 inch screen to use strictly for creating maps on lakes that either do not have a depth maps or the ones that have poor maps. I already have 2 lowrance has-7s in the boat and run one in the ranger for ice fishing so I am familiar with the lowrance systems. I am looking at both the bird and lowrances. Can someone help me better understand how these systems work. I like the lowrance but do not want to have my maps public with everyone and do not understand the systems. Can someone with experience with either unit chime in and help me pick out a unit. Thanks
  3. Where is the best place to buy cheap shotgun shells? I am looking to get 10 cases of federal blue box or winchester xpert 3in bb. Where is the cheapest place to pick them up or order them from? Does anybody give a volume discount?
  4. Atv trailer

    I have ran both triton and aluma. They are both good trailers but I would choose the aluma over the triton any day. It is a little heavier but I feel that the quality is much better and they are a stronger trailer. They are more expensive but in my experience it was worth the extra money. If you are only going to use the trailer a couple times a year then you probably won't need the aluma but if you use the trailer a lot or plan on selling it I would get an aluma as they will hold up over all the abuse and have a higher resale.
  5. I recently purchased an enclosed trailer as would like to repaint the frame as it has some surface rust on it. Can anybody lead me down the right path as to what paints and primers to use. Also is there a paint that will hold up to gravel and rock chips better than others?
  6. I am hoping to get into snow goose hunting and I am wondering how large of a spread I am going to need. I am still in college so I won't be buying new. What kind of spread should I be looking at all full bodies, all silo socks, or a mix? My friends have small spreads that can be added into it but I work on a farm and will have to hunt alone mostly.
  7. Ecoboost MPG issue

    It is a lot of in town driving but even when I get it out onto the highway I am not doing too well. Went to devils about a month ago and got 10.5 going right into a 35 mph wind and coming back in the same wind doing 75 both ways I managed to get just under 13. I have done this same drive in my old silverado with just about the same wind and would get over 16 coming back. It just seems to me that I should be getting closer to the ratings. I know that I won't get 21 but was hoping to get closer to that, and fuel mpg is what the dealer sold me on the ecoboost. I originally wanted a 5.0 but he told me that the ecoboost would pay for itself I paid the extra money to get it. Really regretting my decision. The worst part is it is a lease so I am stuck with it for another 3 years.
  8. Ecoboost MPG issue

    I guess I will have to wait it out. The dealerships are saying that they won't look at it until 5000 miles. So I will just have to take the mpg hit until then.
  9. Ecoboost MPG issue

    I let it warm up just as much as I did when I had my 07 silverado. I would drive that around doing the same driving and I was getting 13-15. The only thing that I changed was trucks the driving styles are the same.
  10. I purchased a ecoboost super crew 6.5' box at the beginning of january and I now have 2000 miles on the truck and the best mpg I can get is 11, this was with a strong tailwind. My average for the last 3 tanks has been 8.8-9mpg. Did anyone else experience this poor of mpg when they first got their ecoboost? The dealer says it will go up after break-in but they say it only goes up 10-15%. For me that would put my average at just over 10mpg. Is there something I can do to fix this or am I stuck with this poor mpg?
  11. I am wondering if there is a rod case out there that is like the otter rod box, but long enough to fit summer rods in it. I love my otter box and would like to protect my summer rods like I do with my winter rods.
  12. If you are looking into a rough water bass boat, I like the ideas that warrior has. I am not sure if they still make it but they had one with a 25in transom and the ability to put a kicker on the back. If you are looking more for a deep-v which I would recommend for you due to the style of fishing you do I would recommend either a lund predator, ranger 620, or a skeeter deep-v. These are the only boats I have really looked at, and I am sure there are others out there. I run a skeeter zx2050 and I can cast 3 guys out of it as I built a rear casting deck, but I can also run out on Mille Lacs and Vermilion on some very rough days and still feel safe.
  13. Getting into tournament fishing

    I send a message to one of the members of the FM club, hopefully that works out. Do many guys fish just one or two tournaments on a trail? I would like to get out and fish different events to see how they are run as well as meet new people that enjoy the sport as much as I do.
  14. Getting into tournament fishing

    I am looking to get some more information on walleye tournaments. I fished on a bass club while I lived in the twin cities and now that I am up in fargo I would like to start walleye tournaments. What would be a good series to start off fishing? I am still in college so I wont be fishing in high end tournaments, but love the tournament style fishing and would like to get more into the walleye tournaments. I figured this would be a good place to start, any help would be appreciated.
  15. 2007 arctic cat

    I have an 08 f6 and it will work perfectly for what you are looking to do.