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  1. Smoking bone in country style ribs

    I put season salt on the night be for and that's it. You can season to you taste. Good luck and have fun.
  2. I'm going to brag

    Great job, something to be proud of.
  3. Smoking bone in country style ribs

    If you are talking country style pork ribs, I do them all the time. I smoke them heavily for 2 hours and finish off with another 2 hours in the smoker or oven set at 200 degrees. Now my new favorite is bone in pork shoulder smoked for 5 hours and then put in oven for another 5 hours, great for pulled pork sandwiches.
  4. Any recommendations on Walkie Talkies ?

    Garmin Rihno series, we use them hunting and with gps you can see where the other person is at on the map.
  5. typical license question Maybe check with the DNR.
  6. I have had this problem with mine too with new line, now I flip the bail back closed manualy and check it. Mine are brand new St Croix rods and reels.
  7. Dodge wont stay runnng?

    If your battery voltage drops below aprox. 9.6 volt the IAC memory will be cleared in the computer and will not know what position it is at. It takes alittle run time before it will relearn what its position is. Maybe have you battery load tested also.
  8. Stikemaster Solo Questions

    I won a 2hp solo last year and it has been a great unit, cuts great, runs great. You should be happy with it. It will turn slower than you Jiffy but cut just as fast.
  9. Strikemaster chipper question

    Make sure the tip of the auger is pointed and sharp. Thoses augers do not cut like a lazer auger.
  10. humminbird ICE 597

    Make sure your switch fire is in clear mode, not max mode. I know there is alot of setting adjustments, but it is a nice unit when you get to using it both for ice fishing and summer time. I am not anyway working with H.B. I just think that these units can do way more than the new Marcums can with half the price.
  11. humminbird ICE 597

    Another thought, if you are using the support cable that came with the transducer, get rid of it! That will cause transducer not to sit level.
  12. humminbird ICE 597

    What transducer setting are you using? In shallow water I would be using 83. In deeper water 200 or if I want to see more area 200/83. Are you zooming X1 or X2? I had a problem with mine that I could not X2 zoom,I called and after restetting factory defaults I was able to zoom X2. Maybe you should also check your update level.
  13. Transducer Remover

    Just drill another hole and put transducer in that hole, no worries of tangling then.
  14. StrikeMaster Solo

    Possible that the blades are on up side down?
  15. New Portable Recommendations !

    I just bought the Otter Wild Lodge yesterday and put it together in the garage. ALOT bigger than the cabin I had last year, I just hope it is not too big.