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  1. Cass Lake

    Cool. I'm owt!
  2. Cass Lake

    So how would you feel if I just skipped the public imput for muskie stocking and whined to my legislator to get muskies stocked. You'd be POed right? It's not the right way to go about this and you guys know it. This is a slippery slope your sending our fisheries management down and it's not right. Public waters should = public imput. Or are you guys too good for that.
  3. Cass Lake

    So is the 26 lakes you can't spear on like the "grass is greener on the other side syndrome"? All fishing is banned on Pleasant lake, oh no what should I do? Quick lets call someone in St. Paul! If you want pike on Cass grab some rods and go, or does your MDAA membership prevent you from doing that?
  4. Cass Lake

    They quit working with the DNR becouse the science doesn't back them up. Being Public was brought up, why no public imput? Just go through the legislators, public imput must be for elitests. I could give a flying fart if you spear or eat pike, good for you but what about the future of pike fishing? I have a 9 year old that loves the catch & release her pike and what a better fish for kids. They bite readily (much to their demise) and a 30 th 38 inch pike is big to a 4 foot fisherkid. We need quallity pike to get kids interested in fishing. Stunted panfish and pike will never compeate with the nervana that is vidio games or the [PoorWordUsage] box with 24/7 cartoons. What have you guys done to educate your own on the differences of pike and muskies, and the out of staters that you introduced (again no public imput, wierd) to MN spearing. And for what, so you could go to North Dakota? And you call muskie fishermen selfish.
  5. Safe release time??

    Those MN muskies hate the packer garb. One of my secrets!
  6. Safe release time??

    With practice the tripod works great. I love that my camera also has a mode that it takes 2 self shots so I set camera in the right spot. Push timer button. Get fish out of net thats in the water. Stand in my spot for pic and fish is back in water 15 to 20 seconds later. It takes some practice and I'd try it with pike so you can get more practice at this. Once I put the fish in the water then I measure.
  7. Safe release time??

    My fuse is alittle short this week as it's been a tough one. I don't want anyone to feel like they can't fish muskies if they don't pass the release test. ( I made that up) I think photos of fish are good for the anglers memories. I also realize there's a learning curve. But there's great info on how to do this that wasn't out 20 years ago. I 100% agree about some and their muskie prostituting.
  8. Safe release time??

    That wasn't my intent, I don't think just becouse a person want's to keep some eaters they are PETA's henchmen.
  9. Safe release time??

    Don't remember asking about feelings. Just trying to get someone to understand one of the most importaint factors of a successful release, this along with handleing are the 2 most importaint things you can do to insure a good release. Do you have a better analogy so people can guage for time out of the water? Besides I wouldn't even let my kids see Bambi becouse it's so antihunter.
  10. Safe release time??

    It's the PETA comparisons that are really ticking me off that's all. I think their an extreamist group and I'm sick of the comparisons to people that CHOOSE to C&R, as Peta accually thinks less of the C&R crowd than they do of the catch and keepers. If I ever start refering to muskies as "sea kittens" start to worry.
  11. Safe release time??

    It has nothing to do with feelings or compairing human emotions to fishes emotions(I don't think fish have them). Its a biological comparison and commonsense, If any animal does any stressful excersize in order for them to fuel their muscles and get O2 to their blood to oxigenate the body ALL animals need the extra O2. Hence increased heart rate, fish get their O2 from water so it would seem that time out of the water would be worse for a stressed out fish that has fought for a couple of minutes. Just like if you ran around the block and the put your head under water. No emotions just a biological fact, you could say the samething for anything in the animal kingdom.
  12. Safe release time??

    Don't get me wrong, we all start somewhere. I remember starting out in the mid 80's and there wasn't allot of info on releasing them back then. Infact I remember getting yelled at by perch fishermen and relitives for letting those "things" go. The nets back then sucked bad, you'd have a tangled mess and a very angery fish in the midst of it all. Then another 20 mins. getting your lure back. The point is we as C&R anglers must do the best we can to release a live fish or it's pointless. If you choose to harvest then time out of the water is pointless but it's also pointless to release a dead fish. Sorry for pionting out the obvious.
  13. Safe release time??

    Well let me put it to you this way, run around your block once then dunk your head under water. Now would you like it there for 30 seconds or 2 minutes?
  14. Tips and tricks you do to your lures

    Best Bulldawg trick I know is not to throw them!
  15. Diagnosis Please....

    No it's not normal you guys are sick, glad I don't have the too much tackle problem. Besides 3 hanging boxes and a boat load of baits isn't allot, is it?