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  1. would love to know how
  2. very true moose. slush city grrrr! LOL still like it but might need to upgrade by next winter.
  3. great stuff guys. click click click away
  4. I guided @Rick G to one of my hot spots today
  5. starting to see more goldies and house finches. no color on goldies yet.
  6. I put my feeders out 1st of May usually. Such a neat bird. We usually only have a few so they are territorial here. Fun to watch one guard a feeder and then zip down when another one comes. Maybe they get along in bigger numbers? Up north at daughters inlaws on a lake the neighbors have 4 feeders under a big pine and usually a bunch of hummers. Saw about 15 one time and they got along fine. Pretty neat.
  7. I dont mind a little slush, i kick it away, auger it out and try lottsa stuff, still too much. but so far I dont need therapy.
  8. summer time still a trilene XL fan for lindy rigging eyes, 6 pound. also a spare with 8 pound for jiggin. 4 pound on my crappie and gill rods. all spinning. wintertime I like the trilene micro ice. 3 pound for the pan fish.
  9. love my nills, hate the slush ! LOL
  10. Lots of pics but thought I would share for those that might be going that way. Some with cell phone. Snow on ground when we got there, gone by the next morning. Fun area with tons to do. Not the best time of year but we had a blast. MOSES was the highlight of the trip, Dixie Stampede was a lot of fun also. No pics of those. Flickr Album
  11. OK, I will pick another favorite. This one got published in the first Capture Minnesota book so that was pretty neat. Blue moon before setting, Jan 1 2009 I think.
  12. no idea what my best 3 pics are. these are just 2 of my favorites.
  13. One of my favorites. another favorite cant pick the third one, tooooo many choices.. LOL
  14. If I clean I just use water, when beyond cleaning I just replace.