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  1. Saw some reports from Algoma that looks like fishing has picked up some out there and some bigger fish being caught. I'm not ready for snow yet but I hope we actually get some this year.
  2. You would still need to keep the door from coming open as those magnetic doors don't stay closed to well. But that wouldn't be hard to do. Just use duct tape
  3. what kind of flavored mineral?
  4. I was going to plant a food plot on my property up north but never got around to it. Looking on u tube I see a lot of these mixes that people use that are cheap and seem to work. Most have Trace mineral salt and di calcium etc. Anyone tried these?
  5. Got insurance. Taking the check and going to fix it myself for a lot less than what the dealer would charge.
  6. Anyone?
  7. Got some damage on my new cargo trailer from last storm. I have 2 sheets that got hit and would like to replace them. How hard is it to get the sheet off at the seem. Probably take a heat gun I'm thinking? Not sure what brand they use but its a H & H trailer charcoal metallic and their page says they use .030 sheeting. Would I have to get it from them to match or? They must get it from someone. Also how do you cut this stuff? And what does a sheet typically cost? Wondering if I could get a couple sheets from one of the places that guys get there stuff to build fish houses.
  8. Been stopping by every morning for breakfast. Was just here about an hour ago.
  9. Looks a little rough. They do have a nice cast iron burner in them you could salvage which would work good in a smoker. Might also have a stainless steal rack in it.
  10. Did you dig it out? These are made well and a lot of parts have a lifetime guarantee like the burner. But those are cast iron and will probably last forever anyway. By the way I didn't buy it from some old lady.
  11. I have picked up weed whips and leaf blowers etc. for cheap and get them running and usually give them to someone that needs one. Most times its just a carb clean and fresh gas and maybe some new fuel line and they fire right up. Craftsman might not be a great saw but those cheap light saws work fine for trimming trees.
  12. Wasn't an estate sale. But I hit some of those to. Was just at one today.
  13. This is a all stainless steel model so it was probably over a $1000 new. Not sure why they sold it so cheap but they had other stuff there dirt cheap to. Reminded me of the saying I hope she doesn't sell my stuff for what I told her I paid for it. I also bought a small Curio cabinet for $10 and they had a large very nice china cabinet priced at $20. I was out yesterday and bought a like new Futon with mattress for $15. Here is a pic of the curio.
  14. Its a gas Holland grill.
  15. Yes it was. It looked to me like it had only been used a few times.