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  1. not uncommon for a gasket to be sticking out a little. If you get gas line go to a auto parts store and get the much better stuff that is yellow in color.
  2. Nice pics. Wanted to go see them but other things came up. Havnt seen them in years but way cool to see in person. Where did you watch them practice from?
  3. Seems a little odd to me but how does sonar pick up a shadow?
  4. I'm not sure its code but I wouldn't delete it. Mine runs from the outside wall to over by the furnace and hot water heater that is gas also. Might not be a big deal on older homes that had plenty of leaks but if your house is sealed up tighter now you should probably keep it. Mine is also just J hooked at the end and I put some netting across the opening so the cat or anything else doesn't climb in.
  5. Went and looked at some new ones today just to see if I could fit in one. Was surprised that they are more roomy than they look from the outside. Actually have more room than my RAV4. Still undecided on used or new at this point. The new ones do have a LOT nicer interior than what I remember about the older models.
  6. Used Jeeps must either hold their value real well or people ask a lot for them. I have seen a couple pretty nice 05-06 advertised but they still want around 15K for them with 100K + miles. I don't really want to spend 25K + on a new one but for 10K more you can get a brand new rig with warranty and a lot more options and a way nicer interior. And what sounds like a pretty decent engine with a lot more horsepower and better mileage. I also cant seem to find invoice prices on these and the info I have seen doesn't show much of a discount. If I did go new I think I would have to wait for some factory rebates or maybe 0 financing or some kind of incentives. Would even consider leasing one maybe if the lease rate was right. Ive leased 2 vehicles in the past that were dirt cheap to lease. One was a Ford Ranger and one was a Chevrolet ZR2 truck. Bought extra miles at the start as it is cheaper and turned both back in at the end as it was to much to buy them at the end. Which always happens on a cheap lease the buyout is high. Might also be able to justify a new one as we have a Toyota RAV4 approaching 200K miles and this could eventually replace that. So still kicking tires.
  7. Please delete this post so I can get my taste for pork back
  8. Can be a great deal if u don't mind the ding and dents. I know when this happens at a car dealership these can sell like hot cakes. Basically they are marking them down what the insurance is paying for the damage.
  9. A lot of times if they are bad they will be kind of slimy to. I would at least call them and tell them and they might offer you a replacement
  10. It definitely shouldn't stink. I definitely wouldn't eat it.
  11. Thanks for the offer and info. I will have to get out and look around at some. I'm picky and willing to wait till I find that cherry rig to come around so I might not be getting one for a while. Which is OK because I'm in no hurry.
  12. So I guess where I'm at is either spending in the 10-15 range and looking for a lower mileage 06 or earlier model in good shape. Benefits would be I would be less worried about running it down a brushy trail or off road and hanging a plow on it. Or spending close to 20 or more and getting more HP and a more comfortable interior and more modern gadgets. At this point I guess it would be best to get out and look at and drive a few.
  13. After doing a little more research it sounds like 4.0 was a pretty good and reliable motor and used to 2006. Might be a good option if I were to hang a plow on front. And they also claim this motor could go 300K miles which makes buying a older model with 100K + miles on it less of a gamble. At least one that has been taken care of. The 3.8 doesn't sound to promising from 07-11. The 3.6 definitely has more HP and also might be an option.
  14. Was thinking for hunting and maybe put a plow on it to use at my place up north. Wouldn't be my main driver. Was thinking around 15K for budget but that was before I did much looking mostly on line so far. But might step up in price for the right rig. And a lot of that would depend if I liked the newer V6 engine and 5 speed auto or 6 speed trany and less miles etc. Just by looking at dealer prices on line I would think a guy could find a pretty nice late model for around 20 or less. I think if I bought a nicer later model I would drive it more as they look like they have made the interior a lot nicer and more comfortable than the older ones. On the other hand if I ran across a real clean older one with the in line 6 and not to many miles for the right price that would be an option to. The drawback to a newer shiny one it might take a while before I ran it down the brushy trail.
  15. I might have to get out and test drive a few and figure out what I like and don't like. Definitly not buying new so Ill narrow it down a bit and then wait for that cherry to show up.