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  1. Probably 24 foot with a swing tounge. If garage is shorter than that your going to take up a lot of space to angle it as it takes a lot to gain a little.
  2. I would put a staircase either outside or inside if possible and may help get heat up there if needed. Especially if you plan on moving and storing a bunch of stuff. And get rid of the rickety ladder. Could also put in one of those fireman poles to get down I always wanted one of those.
  3. I think its one of those ice sculpture things
  4. This is a webcam that has them to check out to.
  5. Odd thing happened when I was up on LOW with the sled. My first ride out on the ice I went about a mile or so and it started to smell warm or hyfax heating up. I was going slow like 10-20 MPH due to absolutely no snow on the lake. So I shut it off and overheating message and buzzer went off. So I opened up the side cover to check the fluid and get some air to it. At that point the bars on the heat gauge were maxed out. Only a few minutes later I started it up to check gauge and it was down to 3-4 bars which is normal. And never had a problem after that the next 2 days. My guess is the thermostat must have been stuck and then released to cool down that fast.
  6. Well next year when you post there is enough snow I will be on the road headed that way. I should have went before I went to California for 2 weeks this year but I thought the snow would last and I was waiting for my new trailer to come in. Next year I wont have any excuses.
  7. Well like I said last year... there is always next year. This new machine is going to last me a very long time at this rate. Might take 10 years just to get it broke in.
  8. would take a lot more than that and with highs around 40 it wont last long. Stick a fork in it I think its done.
  9. Any recommendations for a ski doo grand touring? I have seen the cable like looking ones and they seem to be rated well.
  10. Was on the slow side partly due to we didn't want to travel to far on glare ice and melt the hyfax off. But we did find a good spot yesterday and caught a couple limits of nice walleyes in a short time. Caught enough to eat fish all 3 days we were there and each brought a limit of walleyes home. Now I have to shop for some ice scratchers.
  11. Finally got out for a ride on the sled. Unfortunately there was absolutely no snow on Lake of the woods and a pair of ice skates might have been a better choice. Back into storage till next year.
  12. Price it right and someone will buy it
  13. $200 maybe? $250 tops with the chip maybe?. Little risky for a buyer being that old of a unit.
  14. If the ice holds up I am going up to LOW in a little over a week. So maybe Ill still be able to get a couple miles on the sled this year. But keep us posted on the trail conditions up there. Who knows a March snow storm is still possible.
  15. I'm surprised they havnt come up with a better option rather than wood floors that are going to eventually rot treated or not. HDP or fiberglass or ? Probably materials out there that can be sandwiched together and possibly lighter and stronger than plywood and will last a lot longer. I have a soft spot under my drivers side seat pedestal I have to attend to but I think/hope the rest of the floor is OK. Its a vinyl floor and I think water just seeped in under the pedestal and the screw holes and couldn't dry out. I will find out this spring when I tear into it. Hopefully only have to patch in a small piece.