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  1. Saw first motorcycle out today

    I took a short ride the other day but still a little chilly out in the breeze. Streets were pretty good as they were out sweeping them before the last snow. Saw a lot of bikes out the last couple of days. Don't forget to put your new licence tag on as I almost did.
  2. Pivot Points on Ice Castle

    I don't know anything about these but if you can put some heat to it , it might help
  3. Picked up my new Hustler today

    SG is a 2013 with about 4K miles on it.
  4. Picked up my new Hustler today

    Thanks. Even got the itch to take a spin after seeing other bikes out today. Just a short ride down to the car wash to knock the dust off. Should have worn gloves though as it was a little nippy on the fingers. Maybe Ill run my Super Glide down there tomorrow
  5. Picked up my new Hustler today

    Might have to as my garage up north is darn near full to. Sleds will be going into storage soon so that will free up a little space. Storage space is actually pretty cheap compared to building your own
  6. Picked up my new Hustler today

    Will take a little bit to get used to but will spend less time mowing this year and more time doing fun things. If anyone is looking for and older cheaper riding mower I will have a couple of them for sale as soon as I get them out of storage next week. Ones a Craftsman and ones a Scotts. Both well maintained and good shape and will be in the 250 to 300 range.
  7. Might get one last ride in

    If it keeps snowing I might get one last snowmobile ride in.
  8. Mower needed

    Think I'm going to buy the Limited model.Guy I talked to said the flex forks not only helped the ride but improved the cut.Can add them to any of the other mowers for around $250
  9. Mower needed

    Sale ends on 4/16
  10. Mower needed

    Might go take a look at the Hustlers tomorrow as I see they have a sale going on. Anyone have a limited model? I only have a little over an acre to mow so I don't think I need a 5K machine but would like a zero turn.
  11. Looks like c & r on Mille Lacs this year
  12. We could be riding the nsst

    I think about the only place a person could get some decent riding in after this next weekend would be LOW. They had quite a bit of snow up there and with cool nights they will probably be able to groom for a while yet.
  13. We could be riding the nsst

    Looks like its about time to put the sleds to bed. Might be a couple places you could put on a couple miles but is got to be getting thin and any traffic this weekend will probably take care of it. And if we happen to get any wet sloppy snow they probably wont be able to groom it anyway. At least I set a new record this year and got about 700+ miles on. Only took me 3 years to break in the new sled.
  14. We could be riding the nsst

    Was up on LOW for 4 days and the snowmobile trails were in nice shape. Put on about 200 miles including a ride up to the NW Angle and back. Fishing was tougher than usual and the ice is thick. Probably get better when the snow melts and get a little more light penetration down there.
  15. We could be riding the nsst

    Going to be warm and trails are going to get beat up this weekend. Some cooler temps at night might help firm them up and be able to groom but it isn't going to last long at this rate. I'm resting up for a few days then headed to LOW for a few days of riding and fishing. Usually my last ride of the year.