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  1. Sounds like someone got a steal
  2. Every day is Saturday
  3. Got HD #2 out of storage today and took #1 for a ride. I still need to do some work on #3 that's been sitting in the garage for a while. Project this week is to get my wheel chocks mounted in my cargo trailer.
  4. Hope there isn't a bigger sink hole below that!!
  5. Not sure if you saw my making Sarmas post but I stuff green peppers with the same meat which is 1/2 ground ham 1/2 ground pork with some white rice salt pepper and garlic mixed in. A lot of people just use burger to. I pour a can or 2 of tomatoe soup over them and bake for about an hour.
  6. What kind of peppers? Green peppers or jalepeno etc. ?
  7. Search on line and see what comes up and compare and check reviews. Tons of aftermarket etc. out there for less money.
  8. Nice Like the color to
  9. Yes I cook them than cool them then freeze them. Then they only need to be reheated.
  10. My mothers side of the family came from Yugoslavia.
  11. Nice and you probably have less pot holes to dodge out there to.
  12. Was a short ride from storage to home but still fun. Lots of bikes out riding around here today.
  13. Yes I have posted this before. I do this a couple times a year with a friend of mine and we set it up like a assembly line and knock these out in about 3 hours. I used to make smaller batches of 20-25 or so but if your going to grind meat and make a mess you might as well make a bunch. And they freeze well. And they just need to be heated up so make good easy meals in a fish house etc. I give more away than I eat though so if I know you and like you , you might get some.
  14. It was time to make another batch of Sarmas AKA cabbage rolls and stuffed green peppers. About 150-160 Sarmas 75-80 in each roaster.
  15. Been considering doing the same. Can you get discovery or history channel on any of the streaming? I do have Amazon Prime already.