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  1. Ice Scratchers

    I'm going to get the cable ones as they have good reviews and u can put them up when not in use and just look like they are made to last
  2. Got my mounts back

    Not uncommon for someone that has a reputation for being really good and does quality work. Quick turn around and cheaper rates should raise a red flag.
  3. Snowmobile dead battery

    That's good to know. I just got one off the shelf and put it in and it started fine. It has a 2 year warranty so we will see. Ill let it sit for a few days and see if it still starts OK. I'm sure the drain over the summer was from the clock or computer etc. My Harleys will do the same thing over time as they have a clock in the gauges to. I have a few battery maintainers and plug ins on the bikes 4 wheeler and lawn mower and try to plug them in every 3-4 weeks
  4. Snowmobile dead battery

    I hope the one I bought lasts for a while. Think it is a AGM battery. Just have to remember to disconnect or remove before storage next time and it should be OK.
  5. Snowmobile dead battery

    Well battery was dead again after I got back from up north. So went and got a new one at batteries plus. Amazing that a battery 1/4 the size of a car battery cost just as much. So if it ever snows enough to ride at least it will start.
  6. Grinding Deer

    Partially froze makes it easy to burn off any hairs on the meat and easier cutting and trimming and grinding. Also easier to cut steaks the same thickness all the way threw. Doesn't make it easier to remove the hide though.
  7. Wet Deer opener on the way.

    Better have a comfy stand if your going to get any sleep this year
  8. Were did the grouse go?

    Probably hiding in the pine trees somewhere
  9. Ice Scratchers

    Going to put a set of ice scratchers on my Ski Doo Grand touring. Pretty sure I want the cable type but I see there are a few brands of them now. Anyone have these and what brand do you have?
  10. The house is a story and a half with a small upstairs level. I block off the stairwell to the upstairs with a heavy shipping blanket and close the vents as I don't need that space in the winter so feel no need to heat it.
  11. Bird Feeding Newcomer

    birds are hitting the black sunflower seeds here more than the cardinal mix I put out. Usually its the other way.
  12. Don't have a wood burner. Trail runs right past my back yard up there. If we ever get snow I want to run up to Ely and back.
  13. About 5 miles west of Hibbing. I have one of the neighbors plow the driveway.
  14. Ive heard of those but don't have wi fi there either. Have a friend that would turn it up when I need it and checks on the place for me to. Last couple years I just shut it down and drained everything and didn't use it. But want to go up this winter and use it and don't want big fluctuations in the heat. Will bring some water with and can shower at my friends place if needed. Only big drawback with no water is have to use porta potty but have done that before. I just put a bag in the toilet to catch things and way more comfortable than a bucket etc.
  15. Don't get up there a lot but if we ever get some snow I might get up there more during the winter. I am going to shut off the water and blow out the lines anyway. My only reason for keeping the heat on is I don't want to go up when its cold and raise the temp 50-70 degrees in a short time.