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  1. Thinking about heading up for the weekend and I was thinking about bringing a 16 ft wheelhouse I called arrowhead in Cumberland and they said there was 20 inches on every lake in the area but I know that doesn't isn't always the case so I was wondering if anyone has been on the lake and how much ice there is approximately or if I should just bring the portable
  2. Opener

    got out today first time ever actually going just for musky had 2 40 plus follows no hookups but thoses follows have me wanted to go more i think im hooked
  3. planer board lines

    thanks for tips guys i should of known mono was the best answer i always try to use the new fancy line but mono seems to be the goto line
  4. planer board lines

    im using an offshore but i was using the red clip in front and the orange one in back maybe ill have to switch them around also i was gonna try #10 power pro is that too small of a diameter
  5. planer board lines

    just a questions to all you guys that troll planer boards for walleyes what is the best line to use so it dont slide down the clips on the board or is there a trick to this ive tried pulling boards a few times with little results and i think this could be a valuable technique if i could learn a little better and tips are appreciated thanks
  6. i just got my floor done at custom rigging in houlton wisc so far im happy with the turn out
  7. its in great shape i bought it used but ive actually never used it so id like to get the $300 i put into it if interested u can call 651-338-0452
  8. i cant tell by the pics does that have both slug barrel and bird barrel
  9. HSO Deer Photo's

    now thats awesome good one for the kid
  10. is it just me but i really see noone that hyped up for the opener i know ive been thru every gun,decoy,spinwing making sure im ready lets see some excitement
  11. mercury getting too much fuel

    thanks for the replys i did try an external gas tank with the same results im kind of curious how would i know if the floats are set too high
  12. APR 2013?

    well said 96
  13. ive got a 2000 mercury 60 hp and when it first starts up it seems to be getting too much gas but when i disconnect the gas line from the motor it runs like a champ so i was wondering if anyone else has a similar problem or if anyone knows of any kind of cure the carbs have been cleaned a couple different times it does seem to act up alittle bit more when the motor is tilted up thanks for any help im at my wits end
  14. ive also heard of a fairly decent lake trout bite the last couple years
  15. i was up a couple weekends ago and as i was putting the boat in i seen a lady walking with a nice limit of crappies and as i told her thats a nice catch she informed me she wasnt fishing some guys gave her their fish and went back out for more this isnt the first time ive seen this it makes soooo mad that people actually do this sorry had to vent but why keep them