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  1. Bean 'n Ham soup

    Had the soup last night and it was really good. The beans weren't too bad - I wouldn't say any mushier than they probably where right out of the can. Pretty similar to the texture of Bush's Baked Beans, so mushy, but I was worried they might be the consistency of refried beans after cooking on low call day in the crockpot. Going to try adding a little liquid smoke next time. That sounds like an interesting twist.
  2. Bean 'n Ham soup

    I have this recipe more or less going in the crock pot at home right now. Just used cubed ham, no liquid smoke, and canned beans instead of soaking dry ones. A bit concerned the beans will be mushy, but all the online comments said they wouldn't be. We'll see.
  3. Roast beef

    Not exactly roast beef, but Reinhard1's recipe for a chuck roast seemed to be an HSO favorite many moons ago:
  4. Morgan's first deer

    Congrats to both of you.
  5. Wet Deer opener on the way.

    I don't mind cold and/or snow. But if it's raining something will be on the move - me back to the truck.
  6. Dumping Cable for Streaming

    I have Xfinity too. When I signed up I realized a few ways I could save a few bucks was to go with a lower quality "box" and to buy my own Modem. The lower level box doesn't let me record shows or pause live video - but it's still HD quality and I think it saves me about $10/month. The modem cost me around $75, but Comcast charges you $10/month for the modem rental so it didn't take long to come out ahead on that deal. Perhaps you're already doing those things, but just thought I would mention it since you said you'd love to save a few bucks. If you buy a modem you have to be sure to check Xfinity's page for one that meets their specs.
  7. I couldn't help myself!

    I thought my buddy might be interested, but it's not in his budget right now. Good luck on the sale.
  8. I couldn't help myself!

    How much for the old one?
  9. Doe permits are out.

    So are you going to "save a doe and let the herd grow" "let it grow, shoot a doe" or "if it's brown it's down"? So many slogans to choose from it's hard to know what you're supposed to do! The area I hunt was hunters choice for decades. The last two or three years it went to lottery, and this year is back to hunters choice. Haven't shot a deer in a few years, but we still aren't seeing great numbers so I'll probably let the does walk one more year. At least that's what I say sitting at my desk and not in my stand.
  10. Vietnam War

    The viewpoints would be a lot "different" but that doesn't necessarily mean it would be "better." The military must think a volunteer force is better than mandatory enlistment, or it would probably go back to its old way of doing things.
  11. Gopher Nation

    As a middle age man PJ's shtick gets old real quick. The high school version of me would have thought he was pretty cool and probably a lot of fun to play for. Whether it's an act or his real personality, whenever he's in front of a camera his message isn't intended for me, it's aimed at recruits. I'm still taking a wait-and-see approach, but I certainly hope he can take the program to a level we haven't been before.
  12. Humminbird chips

    I'm planning to buy a Helix 5 for ice fishing season and have been confused about the various mapping chips. After reading this I think I'm even more confused! Kinda miss the days when I'd just pick a spot, pop a hole, and hope some fish were dumb enough to swim by me.
  13. Berkshire pork

    I've heard of Schmidt's, but now that I know they sell meat coats I'm heading there this weekend!
  14. Best Walleye Lake in Hayward, wi Area

    Thanks guys. Looks like there are a few lakes to checkout.
  15. Kyrie - Hmmm

    Lots of talk on sports radio and social media lately on whether the Wolves should workout a deal that sends Wiggins to Cleveland for Kyrie. Of course there would likely be some other bit players involved to make contracts work, but for all intents and purposes it's Wiggins for Kyrie. As a fan, would you do it, yes or no? I'm personally leaning toward "no." Kyrie is very good and still young. But he doesn't seem to offer much beyond scoring - not a prolific assist guy and his defense has never stood out. Perhaps most importantly, if reports are true and one of the main reasons he wants to leave Cleveland is so he can be the primary star on his own team - that makes me question what type of leader, team player, and locker room presence he would be. Say what you want about Lebron, but on the court he seems like an ideal teammate, almost too willing to make the extra pass. And Cleveland still has one of the best routes back to the Finals, why would you want to get away from that? Wiggins certainly has his faults, but he is a dynamite scorer. His defensive is poor, but at least the tools are there to be a good defender. If we lose him we also have a pretty big hole to fill on our roster. Whereas right now we have what appears to be a solid PG in Teague. I wouldn't hate it if we landed Kyrie, but with our current situation I prefer Wiggins. All in all though, it's certainly fun to finally be in a situation where stars want to play here, not avoid Minny at all costs.