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  1. Listening to Mike & Mike on the radio this morning, they were speculating if Lebron will stay in Cleveland after his contract expires next year or look for greener pastures. My question is where is he going to go that would give him a realistic chance to beat Golden State? At this point GS has turned the idea of the "Big 3" into the "Big 4." Cleveland already has the Big 3 - better than anyone else outside of GS. Somehow, some way, they need to add another All Star to their roster without sacrificing Lebron, Love or Kyrie. I don't know how they could actually pull that off, but they are in a better position than any other team in the NBA to somehow compete with GS over the next few years. And that's fairly sad considering they nearly got swept. Barring a significant injury to one of GS' stars or Cleveland somehow pulling off a trade for someone like Paul George and keeping their current stars, it sure looks like GS will dominate the NBA for the next few years with very few teams even being a threat.
  2. According to this story, there aren't many companies you can buy the real thing from here in the States. Lucky for you one of them in is MN.
  3. Since you asked, I like basketball. I feel much the same way about hockey though - in that I don't understand all the rules, nor care enough to find out. Just seems like every time there is a potential breakaway they call it off sides, and sometimes when they toss the puck down the ice they call it icing, but sometimes they don't. Hockey playoffs take forever too. Actually, hockey and basketball both drag their playoffs out way too long. I actually think it hurts the product, as it's hard for the players to get into a flow/rhythm when they have 3 days between games.
  4. Today's article in the Pioneer Press is pretty thin in terms of data you can sink your teeth into, but it does confirm the DNR considers the deer population to be up, and they expect to issue more doe permits in parts of the state this year: Overall it seems there are more deer on the landscape and I've heard/read fewer complaints about the deer population the past year to two. It is pretty amazing how quickly the population can recover with a few mild winters and less does being shot. Still, I wouldn't mind at least another year of lower doe tags given out. Hopefully the earful the DNR got over the past few years means they will be conservative with any increases in doe tags being issued.
  5. No problem. I think it would be easier to tear a phone book in half than shred a pork butt that's not ready!
  6. You didn't cook it long enough. I did the same thing with my first attempt. This old thread has some really good info about "the stall" and how long it takes to get past it - be sure to read McGurk's explanation. You want to be a lot closer to 200 internal temp:
  7. I might have to give dry cured bacon a try sometime, if I can get my hands on another smelly pork belly! Is buckboard bacon the bottom picture - basically Canadian Bacon? Do you ever run into a problem of having too long a slab of bacon for your slicer? You look like you have fairly long pieces. I borrowed my dad's slicer and was surprised how much I had to cut off to make it fit. Basically 6 inch slices, maybe a little longer.
  8. When my grandma was in her final days my Grandpa basically lived at the hospital. He was pure Swede and I remember him telling a nurse one time about all the stuff he liked or used to eat - long milk, blood sausage...stuff like that which somehow made Lutefisk sound good.
  9. Those are some good sized sunnie fillets. GPS coordinates please!
  10. As far as the toilet is concerned that's a distinction without a difference.
  11. Definitely Elitist. Thank your lucky stars our ancestors didn't have your attitude or your butler wouldn't be bringing you caviar, foie gras, steak tartare, or even a delicious glass of milk. I saw how prosciutto was made once, and that's a nasty process. Lutefisk is both disgusting to make and disgusting to eat, but some people like it. But seriously, would the food have an off flavor if food borne infection was a possibility? Because my stinky swine was really good - on par with anything I've bought at a grocery store.
  12. Keep yer gosh darn politics out of my stinky pork thread. Although, based on my time down in Sillytown I'm sure there are those rooting for both the live or die outcome.
  13. I really think I'm onto something here. Come get your Getanet's Dry Aged Pork!
  14. Well, I might as well wrap this one up. Last night I sliced up and fried up a few pieces of my bacon....and it was really, really good. None of the headaches, vomiting or diarrhea I was worried about. Just salty, smokey, deliciousness. It's still not the most affordable endeavor, but I'm glad I gave it a try.
  15. Well, thought I should provide a quick update for the millions around the world glued to this thread. I removed the belly from the brine on Saturday night and patted it dry - interestingly it smelled fine, or rather really didn't have any smell at all. Smoked it on Sunday, but was having issues with my meat probe and wound up hitting 155 instead of 150. Also realized I should have left it in the brine for a few more days. Plan to slice it tomorrow or Wednesday. All in all this has been a learning experience. But I think the main lesson is by the time you add up all the costs and time it probably come out ahead just buying bacon at the grocery store!