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  1. First thing I'm doing when I wake up tomorrow is checking out Trump on Twitter. He's probably so mad right now his fingers are trembling too hard to tweet. Or Ivanka took his phone away from him. Whenever the adults go to bed and he unleashes his fury I expect it to be epic.
  2. It's embarrassing. Although if the projections are right, of even close to right, sounds like we dodged a bullet.
  3. He might if he spent much time down here in Sillytown.
  4. For anyone using a live trap, here's a lesson you only have to learn once - tie a long rope to the trap BEFORE you get a skunk trapped in it.
  5. Regardless of whether the OP is legitimate or not, I thought I would mention we had skunks living under our hunting shack. We put mothballs where they crawled under it, and that seemed to do the trick. Cheap, easy and humane.
  6. I don't think this has ever happened in the history of civilization.
  7. Thank goodness. Based on what we know, I think we can all agree the more lead we can add to the environment the better.
  8. Could you explain this please?
  9. It's gonna be a long for years. Remind me to vote in 4 or 5 states in 2020 instead of only 2 like I did this past election.
  10. Speaking of snowflakes, Big Bad Hillary can't hurt you anymore. She's no longer relevant to the issues of the day. We're talking about the current administration and the current legal issues they are facing. Sessions is holding a press conference in about 10 minutes in case anyone is interested.
  11. Lol? It’s apparent you don’t understand the gravity of this situation.
  12. Possibly down with the ship
  13. You don't care that a presidential candidate or his staff possibly conspired with a foreign government to influence an American election?
  14. At this point Trump supporters should be the ones calling for a thorough, independent investigation into this administration's contacts and connections with Russia. The stories and lies are piling up by the minute, and it's the only way Team Trump can regain any shred of credibility. Until that happens there is going to be increasing resistance to anything he proposes or wants to do - not just among the American people but GOP legislators who are necessary to accomplish his vision. The growing skepticism isn't going away and claiming #fakenews isn't going to cut it any longer.
  15. Watched an ESPN 30 for 30 documentary on Sweetness over the weekend and couldn't help but think of the day years from now when someone puts together a package on AP. Some of the punishing runs by Payton and AP are eerily similar. Granted never getting to a Super Bowl stinks, but watching Moss and AP in their primes was a pleasure.