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  1. short reed ?

    there is no other video you need other than bad grammar....... and once you learn hand position and get a honk the rest comes really easy the pc-1 is a real easy call to blow so its good for a beginner
  2. if you have seen them in the creek don't bother buying decoys just hunt it with out decoys because woodies are normally the first to rise and leave the roost so i just sit and wait at a spot i've seen them fly out of or into....or the more challenging and fun option is to slowly walk the creek headin up stream and jump shoot them its a blast and if you kick them up but don't shoot don't worry most of the time they'll only go a short ways before landing again
  3. Rookie Goose Caller

    saying a flute isn't as versital as a short reed is a misconception now and don't over look the flutes no one is blowing them any more so they give the geese a sound they haven't heard and it can be just as effective as a short reed ik some people that can blow me off the water with a flute no matter what you get just practice practice practice
  4. Snowshoe Hare hunt Pics!

    that pups so little and cute but i'll take my choc. lab over a beagle sry to say ha nice shots how long is rabbit open up there
  5. i have a pre steel shot remington 870 shotgun with a 28" full barrel and i have shot steel through that with better patterns then lead and when blackcloud came out i've been shooting that with some of my best patterns ever coming out of my barrel
  6. Panfish Photo Gallery

    that crappie on the right is HUGE!! nice fish
  7. 2008 Waterfowl Photos!

    i'm jealous i wanna shoot so bad right now can't wait only 7 more months!!!!!
  8. Best icefishing rod for pan fish?

    if you want something thats in a light model i don't think that there is a better rod than the 24" ML st croix legend it somes with springs that are IMO the best out there plenty of backbone for a wally or nord but still light enough for a pannie
  9. Panfish Photo Gallery

    thats a brute
  10. small hunting dog

    my dad had terrier chiwawa mix that he used for phesants sure it was a mutt and was small but it got the job done don't be afraid to try mutts if there cross bred but dogs are smart and you can train them to do anything if you just take the time
  11. Bats in attic, Removal?

    shotguns are to loud........ but since its minnesota and high school tennis teams really can't practice get them up there to work on their forehands and backhands they'll thank you later
  12. Finally!

    nice yote
  13. First Ride of "09"

    well i did it i got my bike started and took her out around town yesterday it felt great to be on the bike again but it had to end so its now in the garage again with a full tank of gas i sure loved the feeling of looking at the gas pump and seeing it only cost 2.50 for a fill up
  14. after a few brew ha's it started to rain not hard but just enough to make ya irratated so i asked what everyone was thinkin you think if we get the fire big enough it'll evaporate the rain before it hits us? needless to say it doesn't but it does make the fire really HOT!
  15. mossberg ou

    i love mine and i to read reviews on the gun but once i went to scheels and they had a brand new one and a "used"one that someone had won and traded it in so it was 200 off the regular price so i got it the only thing i would tell you is if you buy it shoot it with all chokes as mine varies greatly between shooting lead and steel but once i figured it out it was deadly on pheasants