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  1. carpmanjake

    Bass Photos

    First nice smallie of the year, fun fish on the ul
  2. carpmanjake

    Carp and other Rough fish pics

    Three years since my first buffalo, to the day
  3. carpmanjake

    Carp and other Rough fish pics

    Big girls have been coming out to play. Good lumps on the fly rod. Spawn in full swing in the bullrushes nothing but splashing all along the shoreline and fish darting around. A lot of tempting, big fish, that would never have noticed the fly. Finding the solitary feeders, and hitting them before the bunches of spawners start splashing through has been key
  4. carpmanjake

    Carp and other Rough fish pics

    Same up here! Corn beat crawlers today! Good consistent action again today.
  5. carpmanjake

    Seen goldfish around?

    I caught a big ole gold fish in Lake Geneva in alexandria as a kid. Think it was more of a fluke though. Got too big and was just recently got thrown out. She was fat.
  6. carpmanjake

    Carp and other Rough fish pics

    After no success finding crappies. I went to carp. Been having some great consistent action on small ponds around here the past few days.
  7. carpmanjake

    Panfish Photo Gallery

    She's kicking my butt. My biggest was a 9 1/2" gill
  8. carpmanjake

    Panfish Photo Gallery

    The girls first ever crappie. And a 13" beaut to boot. Sight fishing in 5 fow
  9. carpmanjake

    Carp and other Rough fish pics

    couple more from the past week. been doing quite well on bowfin this year. and every single one i have been pushing limits with light tackle. ul rod and 4lb test. so much fun sight fishing!
  10. carpmanjake

    Walleye Photo Gallery

    The wind, rain and finesse fishing paid off tonight with this brute on the first cast
  11. carpmanjake

    Carp and other Rough fish pics

    finally got back in the roughfish game today. went out to check out a spot. didnt look too promising. but then i looked down at my feet and withing an inch of the bank, i saw the head of a nice female bowfin. needless to say i quickly ran to the car, tied on a bare hook and slapped on a crappie minnow and dropped it in her face. the result ended up being my first bowfin in nearly 2 long years, and a pretty nice one at that! also came across a few of these in a small creek. resulting in a new lifelist addition. thought they were extremely large shiners at first. kinda weird seeing them so shallow....
  12. carpmanjake

    Hair Rigs?

    with the new chumming law though, i dont see boilies catching much. but it does depend on where you are fishing and local forage. something with a crawfish smell or something may produce
  13. carpmanjake

    Hair Rigs?

    i've used them quite a bit. mainly in lakes and slower flowing rivers. they do work. never had any real success with boilies in MN though. due to the car not knowing what they really are im assuming. but with chumming im sure they will work in lakes. would be kind of tough to do that with a river though. i always got maize and boiled it in a pot with some anise, or vanilla.
  14. Not sure if this is within forum rules to share this. But I found this awesome app on the android market called "specimen hunter". Its basically a european lifelist app that comes with many european species loaded onto it. But here's the kicker. You can add your own species. I have found it to be quite cool. It also keeps track of personal bests and how many of that species you have caught. And you can take a picture through the app and it will automatically add it to the "my catches" part. As well as post it on your facebook profile. Its a really cool way to track all the species you have captured