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  1. Pushbutton start

    OK. Thanks, Reb.
  2. Pushbutton start

    Cuz you don't have control over how long the starter cranks and I don't know how that's managed with the pushbutton start. You just put your foot on the brake and hit the button.
  3. I have a new 2017 Hyundai Tucson with pushbutton start. Just wondering how well this works at -20 degrees and if it fails to start, what to do? It's my wife's car and she can turn a problem into a disaster pretty quickly. Yes, It's under warranty, but I want to avoid that inconvenience if possible.
  4. Circuit breaker puzzle

    Thanks to everyone who replied. Lots of good advice. I'll start with an electrician and go from there.
  5. Circuit breaker puzzle

    We came home from Thanksgiving to find that the circuit breaker that the sump pump is on had tripped and the basement floor was wet. We're in the process of replacing the carpet now. We have a pretty high water table and the sump pump runs a lot. I do have a battery backup pump, but once that battery dies, game over. I've been trying to figure out why the breaker tripped. The only other things that were running on that circuit while we were gone were the charger/controller for the backup pump, the water softener (very little amp draw) and the freezer. All the lights were off. There was a storm here with heavy rain and some snow while we were gone and someone suggested lightning may have been a factor, but why that would affect only that circuit escapes me. I've had the breaker trip twice since. The first time I had all the lights on and a fan running. The second time also lights on, running the drill press and shop vac. I've done that many times before with no trouble. Now I'm watching it like a hawk and we're nervous about being gone for any length of time. Questions: 1. If the float switch stuck "on", would the pump eventually overheat and trip the breaker? 2. Would the pump draw more amps as it ages? It's a high-quality cast-iron pump, probably 12-14 years old. 3. Do circuit breakers get weaker with age? I'm also considering getting an electrician in here to run a separate circuit for just the sump pump. I don't want to go through this again.
  6. Headlight Quality

    I've used for a few things and been completely satisfied. Personally, i wouldn't spend top dollar for a 1998 vehicle. It's already 18 years old and unless it's a collector car, aftermarket parts will probably outlast it. How long do you plan to keep it?,1998,century,3.1l+v6,1313683,body,headlamp+assembly,10762
  7. Motor Mounting Height

    Yamaha, for one, does. Although I've often wondered what exactly "mounting hole position #2" means.
  8. Spinnerbait Brands

    Use heat shrink tubing. It stays on forever.
  9. Car parts online I've used RockAuto, no problems, prices seem good.
  10. Road Trip Out West

    I'm going to make sure I'm not anywhere near your route during the month of July.
  11. Road Trip Out West

    That's a great trip. You'll come home with lots of ideas to spend more time at for your next trip. I'd add Glacier and Yosemite to the mix, but you really have a lot on the plate already. I could spend weeks in either Yellowstone or Glacier and not get tired of it. If you're planning to camp inside Yellowstone, I'd suggest Canyon Village if possible, as it's centrally located. RV sites are pretty specific on the unit sizes allowed. Make your reservations early. I don't know what you're driving, but the Beartooth Pass going from Red Lodge, Montana into Yellowstone is great scenery. Also, coming back through Colorado, 34 through Rocky Mountain National Park is worth the extra miles. Both are high elevations, with lots of switchbacks and amazing views. Good luck.
  12. New appliance bundles

    We remodeled 3-4 years ago and got all Whirlpool appliances. Range, refrigerator-freezer, dishwasher and microwave. We're very happy with them. Got the whole package from Home Depot, delivery, removal and installation.
  13. SUV Recommendations

    We have a 2006 Santa Fe and would buy another one. 140,00 miles and going strong. Outside of normal maintenance, all we've had to do is replace 3 oxygen sensors. It compares with the Highlander very well. As for maintenance costs, I don't know that any modern vehicle is cheap. Everything is packed in under the hood and shrouded with plastic. Ours is all-wheel drive, so gas mileage is compromised, but in Minnesota, with a wife who is not the best driver, I consider it a necessity. Don't tell her I said that.
  14. Meatballs

    2 packages meatballs? Seriously? Where do you find packaged meatballs that are worthy of being consumed? I suppose the kraut, cranberry sauce and chili sauce might tend to dissolve the sawdust in the meatballs, though.............
  15. trolling motor release help needed

    So how did you get it off the seats? I never even considered doing that. If I recall correctly, the instructions warn against using it on the steering wheel.