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  1. Early Riser

    Craving first ice

    I am always ready for first ice when it finally arrives. Late summer garden harvests and canning, hunting and spearing season is the best time of the year for my liking. I don't like hot weather at all.
  2. Early Riser


    He and his father Larry make some nice affordable working decoys.
  3. Early Riser


    Is that a Jeff Best decoy MJ?
  4. Early Riser

    Latest reports

    lambjm - keep at it. If you do, you stand a great chance of fishing for possibly decades to come. Inspirational to me, and hopefully others, is our 85 year old neighbor in Hovland who finished up logging our land this past spring. He logs in a one man operation every day, except Sundays, and a nice day every now and again to fish with his wife. He has been logging continually for 66 years. Like clockwork he gets to the landing everyday by 8:30, takes a 15 min break at 10:30, a half hour lunch break at 12, and a 15 min break at 3 before quitting at 4:30. A few days last winter I was out on the land making firewood and clearing trails, and could barely keep up with his schedule. He plans to keep at it as long as he is able. My wife and I saw him last winter, as we rounded the corner of our road, standing atop a 10' pile of aspen logs with a cant hook or axe in one hand, waving with the other. He appeared as a man less than half his age in terms of agility and stature. Genetics are a key, but staying interested and active in an outdoor activity is very important to a long and healthy life.
  5. Early Riser

    Wendlin Pimple Spear

    That is a very nice Pimple spear! They are hard to find. I bought a couple of them from Jerry Kelm. He said Pimple used spring steel from hay rake tines to make the spear tines. I have not seen one in person with chromed or nickel finish like that, but there is a picture of one that looks exactly like yours on page 215 of the book "Ice Fishing Spears" by Marcel Salive. I actually wonder if it is the same spear. I heard Mr. Salive was selling off some spears about 5 years ago. Are you going to be our tomorrow? If so PM me and I will bring the book out to give you a look. TS and I are going to out in the morning.
  6. Early Riser

    Last harvest of the year

    My carrots were a bust this year. I lost about half of them to rot. They do keep well in the ground and seem to get sweeter the longer they are in. I typically dig a lot mine right before rifle deer season. This past season we had eaten all of the good ones and didn't have any left in the ground after first frost for storage or canning.
  7. Early Riser

    Last harvest of the year

    Who is still harvesting food from their garden? My wife and I are still eating a lot of delicious spinach, kale and chard which will continue through early December this year. We have gotten down to 23f in the west metro but still not cold enough to kill off these hardy plants. The bigger chard leaves wilted, but the new growth is still coming on. The colder temps finally killed the herbs and arugula. The Kale and spinach didn't flinch under the snow and colder temps. One of the producing greens bed was planted in March, so it has definitely been a very long and productive growing season this year. My Hovland garden, which is 10 feet from the front door of our cabin planted the their week of April, was cleaned out by the deer prior to firearms season, so we were not able to harvest kale and chard up there during camp as an addition to our meals, but I believe we could have if not for the marauders (We did go three for three on deer though).
  8. Early Riser

    Canning thread 2016

    Flash, I leave the skins on and blend everything up in the pan with the hand blender. I like the consistency of the whole tomato, including the ground up skin and seeds in my sauce. When the tomatoes are coming in hot and heavy, I simply pick them daily and then freeze them whole prior to making and canning my batches of sauce for the year.
  9. Early Riser

    Japanese beetles

    My evening ritual after work, and again after dinner is to go out to the garden and squish as many of these pests as possible. I have found that pole beans are a good trap crop, taking most of the infestation away from other pants. I have three trellises of pole beans around the garden and they have, by far, the most beetles out of any of my other plants. I have three apple trees and they are also very fond of their leaves. They also seem to like asparagus ferns. After pole beans and asparagus, they like my red and yellow raspberries. I find a few here and there on potato vines and rhubarb. They do not seem to like my black raspberries, strawberries, cucumbers, scarlet runner beans, carrots, beets, onions, zucchini, sunflowers, kale, chard, lettuce, spinach, bush beans, basil or tomatoes.
  10. Early Riser

    Canning thread 2016

    We use the tomato sauce for all our Italian cooking. It an also be heated up as a savory soup to go with grilled cheese or fish salad sandwiches, as a bloody mary mix, or for drinking right out of the jar (much better than V8).
  11. Early Riser

    Canning thread 2016

    Moonshine sorry it has taken so long…Hope your beans are still coming in. If so here goes: Dilly Beans Bring sauce consisting of 4 cups water, 4 cups vinegar, 2 tbsp canning salt to a boil. Fill pints with raw beans, garlic gloves to taste, fresh dell sprigs to taste and cover with sauce. Process 10 minutes in hot water bath. Tomato Sauce In large pot mix 8-10 lbs tomatoes (I prefer a mix of all types), fresh basil to taste, fresh oregano to taste, onions to taste, fresh hot peppers to taste, 1/4 cup white vinegar, 2 tbsp canning salt. Heat contents to simmer while stirring to keep veggies from burning. Once everything is soft and relatively liquid, puree content with hand blender. Continue to simmer until desired consistency is reached (I usually allow 1-2 hours for this stage). Process in hot water bath for 30 minutes.
  12. Early Riser


    Anyone else making pesto? I made a batch last weekend by picking a 5 gallon pail of basil, about 1/5 that amount of kale and then blending with olive oil, garlic, sea salt, lemon juice and parmesan cheese. This yielded about 4 pints. Once everything is blended in batches and mixed, I place in jars cover with a layer of olive oil, put on the lids and throw in the freezer until ready to use.
  13. Early Riser

    Canning thread 2016

    That is too bad Smurfy. If you were closer you could come a day or two after I pick, and take a nice bunch of green, yellow and purple beans. Speaking of the purple beans, I don't know that I will grow those again. The beans are fine, but the plants are very fragile and seem to get easily damaged by even fairly careful picking.
  14. Early Riser

    Garden ripening

    I picked a black prince, a roma, some type of hybrid orange tomato, and a dozen or so yellow cherries over the last few days. These were all planted the first weekend in May. For my tomato sauce I put all different kinds of fruit in a large pot, add fresh basil, fresh oregano, onion, a habenero pepper or two, a little canning salt, a little sugar. Boil and stir until everything is soft, mix it right in the pot with a hand blender until smooth, heat on low to get it to the desired consistency, place in quart jars, and then into the water bath canner for 20 min. We just used the last jar from 2015. We use this sauce for all our spaghetti for the year, as well as lasagna. We simply heat it for a delicious tomato soup, use as a bloody Mary mix, or for straight up drinking. I plan to put up at least 40-50 quarts this season. I love the texture of all the blended skins and seeds in my sauce, but I know some people prefer to strain it.
  15. Early Riser

    Canning thread 2016

    I started 7/3 with 7 pints of dilly beans and 7 pints of jalepeno sweet beans. Last weekend I did an 8' row of beets which yielded 7 quarts of pickled beets. I am doing another batch of dilly beans tonight, and then some pressure canned beans mixed with carrots this weekend. Tomato sauce and relishes will start in August after the other two rows of beets are pickled. It is going to be stead vegetable canning action all the way into fall!