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  1. Attn: MN Gun Deer Hunters

    Can we start keeping fish next year?? Or only if they have 8 points?
  2. What the?

    Yeah, one of those little orange dotty things!
  3. What the?

    I would bet some cash there is a ton of lady bugs that wintered in there!
  4. Attn: MN Gun Deer Hunters

    Op, ran off to the Sportsman show with my son before posting the map that went with my post. Satchmo, I didn't think you were saying that Wisconsin was doing anything better. It's just a lot of folks hold them up as a better state for Deer when there are a lot of factors our DNR has to deal with that they don't. Good thread. Lot's of close personal feelings being shared.
  5. Attn: MN Gun Deer Hunters

    It’s interesting when people compare Wisconsin to Minnesota for Deer management and population. Here’s a few things to think about that make them different and why Wisconsin has such a robust Deer population compared to Minnesota. 1) The whole state of Wisconsin is at a lower elevation then most of Minnesota meaning less sever winters for their northern Deer herd as compare to Minnesota. 2) Land terrain. There are some large differences. 3) Wolves, as the map shows Minnesota has way more fawn eaters then Wisconsin. 4) Later season. Part 1 allows the rut to be almost completed before hunting starts meaning more Doe’s have been bread. Part 2 Their last weekend is on Thanks giving which for a good number of guys means they are no way in He!! Going to be hunting at least on Thanks given day unless they want a divorce!
  6. Attn: MN Gun Deer Hunters

    Here's one. Yes get rid of the Deer farms. So far their the only places CWD has occurred in MN. Here's two. Until it was even discovered or there was a way to test for it. How does anyone even know that there has not always been some amount of CWD in the Deer herds in every state? Here's three. As PF said above. Party hunting has been a long time family tradition for many hunting families for like ever. There are still many families who actually need and can use the meat still in this state. Filling the freezer means more to many then Antlers on the wall. Which by looking at my Avatar, I can't really say much about but know the folks we use to hunt with up north were pretty darn poor and counted on venison. I also don't want young hunters which are becoming more in short supply according to another post not long ago about less people hunting and tag sales dropping. Not being able to take their first Deer because a bunch of antler mongers want them to sit and count points as their first Deer is walking away. If anything, for the APR folks lets put an age limit on it so young folks can still take a few Deer before they want to give it up, because they can't shoot the deer they finally see or just Does. I know my son's first buck was a fork horn but to him it was the terdy point buck!
  7. Just Food and Drink

    Yes much better!
  8. Just Food and Drink

    Um, I think that's for Starting a long running thread. Like eyeguy54 did here. And he's already got one!
  9. Dnr landowner list / gaining access

    Yep Farmer gets his tag and lets all his relatives hunt his land. Requirement filled! We did get on a few farms down by Houston MN. All we had to say is Yeah, that dam Bush and we were good to go!
  10. Just Food and Drink

    I would say this for your photo expertise. Next time, don't "Photo Bomb" your food pictures with a jug of antiseptic wipes in the back ground. Makes the viewer wonder. How safe is that sum-batchen food?
  11. Just Food and Drink

    Hard to say with my eye sight so blurry? or is that your photo expertise?
  12. Just Food and Drink

    Dang I need new glasses. looks um good?

    How, don't all pine trees look different?
  14. Clam Pop-up Screen Tents

    Looks like their a pretty new offering from Clam so not many my have them yet. They do look pretty heavy duty though.
  15. We could be riding the nsst

    Sounds good. Now whats the fix to keep it from happening again? some kind of heat shield?

    Nice. Thanks for painting the trees so we know not to look there!
  17. Ceramic Cookware

    Like the old Teflon coated stuff chipping from years ago. It will be the next thing we're all going to die from in a few years!
  18. Just Food and Drink

    Mack and Cheese is, Soul food Dave. Look it up!
  19. Looks like c & r on Mille Lacs this year

    And no netting too-right! "Roll eye's" emoticon.
  20. This is one I found that could be very helpful during Duck season. They walk right into your boat!
  21. Spring Is Upon Us

    Is seeing a Morning Dove, in the Morning. A oxy-moron?
  22. You might be "Ramping up", a little early!
  23. Spring Is Upon Us

    Guy on a Harley going down 35W. Op, wrong thread.
  24. Favorite Vacation Place

    Nope not a clue? Was your mystery related to this post or some by-gone whimsical tidbit I must have forgotten?
  25. We could be riding the nsst

    Do you have to re-jet for those as well?