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  1. Wine Making

    Well ok, it may cost you your Soul!
  2. Wine Making

    Dave, head over to "Our Lady of the Prairie" this Sunday. You can get free Wine!
  3. Of air tv around Brainerd-Urgent!

    Looks like you will be up at Zorba'z on the 4th!
  4. Vikings VS. Saints

    I did hear some where of that, and he thought that he would just step out of bounds once caught to stop the clock to try for a field goal. He made some bad assumptions. But, Williams was born in Mpls Mn. So may be he did it for Mamma's team!
  5. Vikings VS. Saints

    Well, not having Home field will not be good next week for the Vikings.
  6. Vikings VS. Saints

    Dam lucky Viks. Truly a Rogers-Favre type last second throw winner Mr. Keenum.
  7. Trout Photo Gallery

    Marty?? Oh MLK!
  8. Trout Photo Gallery

    I'll be out giving it a try on Monday as well but heading a different direction. Good luck.
  9. Time for a smoke

    What time should I be there for the Game?
  10. Trout Photo Gallery

    Looks like Courthouse colors!
  11. Trout Photo Gallery

    Nice, on the ice today?
  12. Time for a smoke

    I thought about doing some smoked goodness but I wasn't sure my smoker would keep temp at -6 below?
  13. We could be riding the nsst

    What, where, what did you hear?
  14. Gander Outdoors in Lakeville

    I liked the new owns show the Profit. Very smart guy. It was fun watching him just staring at people as they would tell him their failed business plan like "Are you really that stupid"
  15. Solar Powered Fish House Build

    Don't have to much and forget to take the keg out at the end of a weekend. Or you will come back to one big Beersicle!
  16. Solar Powered Fish House Build

    Your Interior is one of the nicest I have ever seen in an ice house. Almost looking for the bar maid to come by and take your order!
  17. We could be riding the nsst

    Funny, I just watched again last night. You guys had a great trip.
  18. We could be riding the nsst

    Wow, that is a pretty large failure rate! Even though my sled I just picked up is like new with only 122 miles on it. It's a 2003 so I'm good. Thanks for the heads up. I really hope we can get a bunch of people together for a ride sometime this winter yet!
  19. We could be riding the nsst

    Geez, hate to hear about the recall. What years-models was it for since I now have a Cat?
  20. We could be riding the nsst

    Here's what it should look like!
  21. We could be riding the nsst

    You guys may have to hit the UP to find some good snow after this? Which I had some weekday time to go with.
  22. Fish House Build

    Looks like a fun time and all your hard work is paying off!
  23. We could be riding the nsst

    NEVER! But, you might be right. I do still use it to bang around on the lakes fishing thou.
  24. Thunder bucket tips and tricks

    Man there has been some really good and bad shaty ideas shared here! Find a cheap tote with a good sealing top, throw in a few moth balls. Leave it out side. Bag the shat each time and throw it in the tote out side and put it in the back of the truck or trunk when you leave until you get home or where ever you can empty. Key word: tight sealing top. It will always for ever be the shat tote! p.s: don't really want to use an old cooler because you want your dilly bars to freeze for the ride home!
  25. We could be riding the nsst

    Yeah this riding season is suking big time. Rode around ice fishing a bit last Sunday. Looks like the following weekend of the 20th is another warming trend coming. Not sure where that other retired guy Walleyehunter is? Must have took for the sun somewhere? I see the 20th is the HCS ride on the northshore. May be I'll have to come up and ride tail end sweeper, sweeper behind you!