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  1. Favorite Vacation Place

    Nope not a clue? Was your mystery related to this post or some by-gone whimsical tidbit I must have forgotten?
  2. We could be riding the nsst

    Do you have to re-jet for those as well?
  3. Got my mount back

    I have heard that from most Taxidermist. But, it's really cool for the Nonhunting relatives and their kids when they come over for Holidays to see the teeth!
  4. Favorite Vacation Place

    Yes he did. What your yabbering about I have no idea?
  5. Favorite Vacation Place

    Yeah, any time you want to trade fishy pictures Old Man!
  6. Favorite Vacation Place

    Yep, had to sled over and use the outhouse when we were ice fishing this winter! Not sure what they have for hook ups if any?
  7. Favorite Vacation Place

    That is a bit of a drive from Belle Plaine up to "Gods Country" on the weekends Dave. My buddy has a cabin on Washburn lake between Outing and Remer so I'm up in that area a lot during the year, nice area. We have a seasonal over by Merrifield which is about a 2hr drive from home one way. But we love it and are up there just about every weekend during the summer. It's a nice meeting spot for our kids and grandkids to have fun together.
  8. We could be riding the nsst

    I'm thinking about the same. Once I saw the guy on his Harley heading up 35W at 6:30am in 36 degree weather when I was going Ice fishing. I knew it was getting close. Glad I got the grandkids out in the sleigh last weekend for a few hours in before the end.
  9. Got my mount back

    Didn't you want the open mouth scary teeth showing look?
  10. Bought my first wheeler

    I have never had any motor that would run for 4-5 minutes with the choke full on after starting it. If it does it has a air leak somewhere? Cold blooded as in the motor needs to warm up to a point where it will burn fuel well without the use of the choke.
  11. Got my mount back

    Nice mount. Did you have pictures of when you got it? I looked around the site but couldn't find any?
  12. Bought my first wheeler

    I had a 2003 330 Magnum and even in the summer it needed a minute to warm up or it would die. It was that way from day one when new until I sold it. It ran great once warmed up, but that is why I never tried to use it in the winter and have a sled instead for ice fishing.
  13. Duffman solo in pics

    This is Slash. Now you know! He can be rather loud when your trying to enjoy the quiet!
  14. Duffman solo in pics

    Well at least you weren't sinking in slash out there. No scale friends at all?
  15. Fun little project.

    Sheees with Hockey every weekend and no snow most of the winter. I finally got the grandsons out for their first ever snowmobile ride in the "Monster Hauler" I picked up and refurb back in October! Only put on about 20 miles but they had a great time. And with 50's coming by next week that may do it for the year? They both took turns driving the sled as well. I think the word was Awesome Grandpa Awesome! I'll forgive their dad for only having Polaris helmets!