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  1. 1 hour ago, Surface Tension said:

    "A little too fast for a sled not completely broke in yet any way"

     For what the new POO Axys or the 2003 Cat?

    Very low miles on an old sled is good but sitting idle for years is no good.

    Dirty carbs and or rust on the bearings was the Cats downfall.


    Well you must be talking about my old-New Cat? ;)


    Tore it down and found a finger tight head bolt and loose carb boot bolt!  Someone at the Cat plant went to lunch a little early!! :(

    The cylinder is in the shop right now so it may be back on the lake fishing anyway yet this year?  High speed trails. May be not?

  2. 29 minutes ago, Ufatz said:

    Years back, believe it or no, some Dodge trucks would tighten turning LEFT and then on the other side they would tighten turning RIGHT!  You need not ask me how I know this but it all took place in the middle of the Yukon Territory.


    It may be that they knew the folks up there needed a little extra help because they couldn't get the Righty tighty-Lefty loosey deal down. So, they had to make special trucks just for the Yukon Territory? :whistle: :lol::lol:

  3. 1 hour ago, AlwaysFishing23 said:

    Hey guys, I have many small lakes within a few miles of home and I’m right on the groomed trail and was always curious if it’s leagal to tow my flip over/ large otter sled behind my snowmobile on the trails to the lakes. I’ve looked around and can’t find an awsner I could have swore years ago it was ok as long as it was towed wth some sort of a solid tow hitch which I have on both. Do does anyone know it this is legal or not planning on trying out a small lake this weekend and would rather ride there then drive.


    Pretty sure not many folks would get up to Oak Inland Ice fishing on Lake of the Woods without pulling their porty sleds on the snowmobile trail that runs up there if it was an issue.

  4. 4 hours ago, Tom7227 said:

    I had to change a tire on my wife's car last week and found that the lug nuts were on so tight that the impact hammer wouldn't loosen them at all.  Granted it's a relatively cheap impact hammer but I wonder why I had to use a long half inch hinge handle and a piece of pipe to get them loose.  A tire shop had worked on the tires a year ago and man they must have really hammered those babies down.  Is there some torque setting that is out there recommending something like this?  Why?  I've driven for 50 years and I've never had a wheel fall off.  There's no way anyone could have changed that tire using the standard equipment you carry in the trunk.


    They should use a Torque stick when putting them on, but none do. :angry:

    Does she have the craapy lugs with the "Tin foil" cap over the nut? I love how those round off. I replaced all the Tin foil lug nuts on my SUV and snowmobile trailer with solid SS lug nuts. They cost more but, I hope to not be sitting half in half out of a snow cover ditch in the middle of no where trying to get striped lugs off! :mad:

  5. 48 minutes ago, SuzannaGrumpy said:


    Leech-I don’t remember saying I was going to block the driveway with logs or wire. They will begin hitting the 4x4’s beneath there that have been there to keep cars from driving on the grass. Not my deal. I was only looking for some guidance on if I’m overreacting or if there should be som me]angers employee. So, ya, like everything else, it’s a lack of manners and I’m not crazy...yet. 


    Didn't say you would.


    On 2/18/2018 at 9:33 AM, leech~~ said:


    Please do not do anything like icing down the ditch, blocking it with things like logs, wire or anything else. If someone gets injured as a result of something you did, you will be liable.  :(


  6. 21 hours ago, SuzannaGrumpy said:

    I’m just cranky about my asphalt driveway. I’m on a state highway. Recently a couple Snowmobilers put up directional and yield signs on each side of the driveway entrance near the culverts. The traffic has substantially increased this year. I was so happy to have had the asphalt put down because I use a cane now and could keep it free of ice allowing me to get my own mail in the winter.....not this year. I’m afraid to have it plowed and cleaned. Not only do the snowmobiles pull  the snow back onto the driveway making a new mess everyday, but I’m worried about the asphalt being damaged. They don’t mind digging up the grass so what’s to stop them from driving on it bare? To add insult, a groomer came by this week and groomed even the driveway. I read that guys don’t even drive on their own driveways but mines ok. I can look away from the jumping of my driveway as if you crash, it’s on are disturbing my sleep going the excessive speed to jump it though.

    can someone help me out? I really don’t want an altercation. I feel if I fell on the ice they’d drive around me or just jump over me. Thanks in advance.


    Suzanna, if you had not saw the signs in the ditch on either side of your driveway in the past nor had a snowmobile groomer come through there. It sounds like one of the local snowmobile clubs may have added that stretch of ditch to their trail system. You may inquire around the area which snowmobile club is grooming and maintaining the trails in the area and talk to them. They can talk to their members about driveway jumping but they really can't stop some of the young nonmember folks around there from doing it. Please do not do anything like icing down the ditch, blocking it with things like logs, wire or anything else. If someone gets injured as a result of something you did, you will be liable.  :(

  7. Was up fishing at my buddies cabin last weekend north of Outing and was surprised to find some pretty good fresh and fluffy snow on the lake and in the woods. Didn't get out on any of the trails but on the lake and short run off of it wasn't to bad. Thought I would pass it along for these who haven't found anything to ride in yet?  :(



  8. 7 hours ago, Delun Kang said:

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  9. 33 minutes ago, Wanderer said:


    Vewy active powster. ;)


    Watch those back links.  I’ve suddenly been following a lot of posts without clicking follow.  I figure I’m already corrupted so no loss here. :D


    Yeah, you can love um long time Joe! :grin:

  10. 54 minutes ago, Crow Hunter said:

    Ah. Attach a box to the side of the smoker to put the amazein in?  Interesting idea. I was thinking of getting an unglazed tile a little larger than the amazein and try having it sit on that. I would not have a problem cutting a hole in the smoker if that would solve the issue, tho. Thanks for the thoughts, everybody.


    Try wrapping a sheet of tin foil over the top of it and poke small holes.  It's cheap to try.

  11. 1 hour ago, PurpleFloyd said:

    I should have sold the darn things. First time out in the snow after having them serviced and the F5 melted down. Apparently a vacuum line had a crack in it causing it to lean out. 


    So in something like 6 years that makes 3 engine rebuilds between 2 sleds and probably 500-700 miles between the two.


    I am no longer a fan of Arctic cat.


    No you just need to get a Fan-Arctic Cat! ;)


    Funny thing out of the 12-13 snowmobiles I have had. I had to rebuild 3 SkiDoo's for melt downs, not one of the Polaris's, Cat's, Yamaha, or Rupp.