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  1. There is like a bizzion used sleds For Sale right now on many of the sale sites if your looking for one. Many pretty good deals and lots of worn out junk as well, so look them over good and bring a compression checker with you. Ask lots of questions as well. Good Luck!
  2. Now is the time to buy a used Sled!

    No you just need to get a Fan-Arctic Cat! Funny thing out of the 12-13 snowmobiles I have had. I had to rebuild 3 SkiDoo's for melt downs, not one of the Polaris's, Cat's, Yamaha, or Rupp.
  3. Trout Photo Gallery

    Nice fish. Canada?
  4. We could be riding the nsst

    Glad you got another long day in before this all turns to shat! I'll be running around in the slush again fishing this weekend.
  5. Question on a-maze-in smoker

    I like it a lot. Got it from my kids for a birthday gift. I have never really thought about adding or needing an additional smoking system because it puts out some very good smoke, I think. I have done Brisket, two whole chickens, chicken Hot wings, pork loin and a shoulder roast so far. I'm learning a lot from my old nonadjustable smoker that you loaded up and had to keep playing with all day!
  6. Question on a-maze-in smoker

    I know Dave I have the Char Broil smoker which is a lot like the one you have. The smoker box sits over the heat element and has a lid with holes in the top to keep to much air getting at the wood and starting it burning. Is smolders-smokes for hours before needing refilling. There are air vents at the bottom to let in air for the wood smoke and exhaust vents at the top to let out smoke. Came with a remote so I can watch hunting shows and keep an eye on things and make adjustments from in the house!
  7. Question on a-maze-in smoker

    Dave since heat is one of the 3 things fire needs to burn I agree with you. Everything will burn at some point with enough heat. But, since the heat source can not always be moved or adjusted to low in a smoker. Limiting some of the air to your wood source will also slow the burning of it. Same reason to damper down and bank a wood stove, to slow down the burn.
  8. Question on a-maze-in smoker

    Wood smokes as it smolders. If to much air is getting to it, it will burn. That's why must smoker boxes just have small hole in the top of them. When I'm grilling on the gas grill I will wrap smoking wood in a few layers of tin foil and poke a few holes in the top of it with a tooth pick. Works pretty good. If your wood is burning and not smoking it is getting to much air. You can't always reduce the heat depending on what your cooking and for how long, so try putting some tin foil over your box and poke some holes in it. Three things that a fire needs to burn are Heat, Oxygen, and Fuel (wood). Reduce the Oxygen she will smoke.
  9. A Pic

    Nice dog Dave-Brit. Heck now we know why you went and picked up the new smoker! Easier then shoveling!
  10. Dave, you may think I'm kidding but I'm not. I like fried Spam as well and adding some smoke to it may make it a lot better fried. Nothing better then fried smoked ham! Line up 4 of those babies on a rack and letting her go. Dang, I may have to try that myself now that I'm thinking about it!
  11. North Shore Steel

    Good Morning. Bot time.
  12. A Pic

    Um that ones been played!
  13. A Pic

    Just random anything? The big one still lives.
  14. Holy craap there must be 4-5 bot or trolls fishing on both HSO and FM right now. I love how they drag up 6 year old posts without reading the date or the subject and replying to them! I post this here, because it's darn Entertaining!
  15. It's a Bot-troll attack take cover!

    Well we got the guy on the shroom thread who talks about the same company every time he has posted. Others have posted links to OutDoor equipment sites like the Deer carrier post. "Some companies like Agrinoon have become the most trusted brand to get the best quality Oyster Mushroom Spawn for Sale."
  16. It's a Bot-troll attack take cover!

    I just look for posts that kind of make sense. Then I know their not normal for this site!
  17. Dave, your pretty good at making Spam, I'd go with that!
  18. Thanks Bartolomew for the tip. But, if you read it I had said that I already did buy one for our hunting party 6 years ago. If you look at the post date!
  19. Dwayne Johnson Charged

    Come on Dwayne, can't one of you freaks be for real? Pounding Rock in prison, is going to have a new meaning soon! Dwayne Johnson Charged With Importing Human Growth Hormone Into Australia!
  20. Just Food and Drink

    It's ok Dave it's just a thread on food, it's not life or death! Well um, for some.
  21. Super Bowl lii

    I hope old Soft Balls loses! He's got enough rings already. Go Birds!
  22. We could be riding the nsst

    Yeah, well the cops may not be to happy if they find me running up and down the streets!
  23. We could be riding the nsst

    Hey guys come on down here for a ride. 14" inches in Brooklyn Center!
  24. Just Food and Drink

    Dave, stay with the conversation. Del was replying to Purple above. I was just adding a little clarity on the types of diets Del was talking about.
  25. Just Food and Drink

    These diet type thingys. I'm thinking Soylent Green must fit in the Atkins diet?