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  1. Two up sled comparison

    goodtogo, I have had many 2 up machines, Ski doo's and Polaris's. I have a 2000 Polaris Sport Touring 550 now and it runs and rides the best out of anything I have ever had. Good power and nice riding on trails with the wife, kids, or buddies fishing. Love the sled.
  2. New (to me) Sled Suggestion

    man, I have seen some nice sleds on C/List with low miles, elec, start and rev's for around that. Just keep looking until one comes up, but you may have to stay in the 550-440 motor area. The one's you had listed are going to be harder to find at that $. You can find those good ones that some old guy had in storage and never used, or someone that just doesn't know what things are worth! It's fun looking for the Diamonds!! You always feel great when you find a deal! Good Luck! leech.
  3. New (to me) Sled Suggestion

    Fred Bear, Like NAMA said the Polaris widetrack is a bullet proof sled, my buddy has a 97 and he uses it mainly for fishing. I have a 2000 Polaris 550 Sport Touring 2 up with a long track and it works very well for pulling my porty and is a good sled from running the trails as well. One warm weekend we were out bumbing around on my buddies lake and there was some good deep sticky and slushy snow. I had his son on my 2 up with me and we were just flying down the lake. My buddy was on a 500 Skidoo and he kept dropping back and finally stopped. When I went back to see what was wrong he was p i s s e d that I was flying so fast and he fried his eng, trying to keep up with us, with only him on his sled! So I would get either one of these sleds for what you want to do. The ones you talked about are kind of hot sleds for maybe running in powder, more then pulling!
  4. You have to be kidding me!!! Rabbits???

    anyfish, great to hear your back in bis! But Shhhh! Johnny doesn't want us to mention anything about PETA on this site anymore!
  5. You have to be kidding me!!! Rabbits???

    anyfish, I feel for you! One year I got a brand new 8X8 canvas house. My wife who thought it was OK to store all the things she likes to feed the birds in the corner of the garage by the door in little bags. Well when I went to setup my new house to get it ready for the season, there were holes the size of a basket ball in it! Also, their was about a pound of cashews her little mouse pals had stored in the bottom of it! I also had a mouse crew through the starting wire of my 2 year old 4 wheeler the same year. Well all her bird food is in cans, and I don't think there is a mouse alive after all the traps and blocks I have throwen in there! So it may have been mice and not rabbits? But back to your question. I have spliced a few coaxial locator wires back together but I think a vex, has a few wires which maybe harder to do. Make your wife get out her cookie money!!
  6. Pimpin the Porty

    Shows where your minds are!
  7. Pimpin the Porty

    Guys very cool stuff But where do you cram all your tent material when you block off your tub? I stuff all mine in the tub when running? How do you keep the wind from catching it when running down the lake with a sled at some speed?.
  8. Walleye on the grill?

    grouse, B-BQ sauce on a Walleye
  9. Kylersk, at that age you have to have some other things to do out there for him, Vex or camra to watch, snacks and pop. Stuff to keep them going? My son is 20 now and I think I may have forced him a little to much by keeping him out to long when he was younger and for the last few years he really doesn't want to go unless we bring the bigger house, the weather is nice, and I talk him into it. I should have noticed the signs when he was younger, for example the time we were out on Mill Lacs not getting anything of course and I wanted to trying one more spot, for about the 20th time that day! So we're in the middle of this big group of houses, nice day, everyone out playing pout football And he stops and screams at the tops of his lungs. "This is stupid" Of course everyone looked up like what's your point kid? And went back to their festivities!. So I think I may have burnt him out to young! Keep it fun and a special thing to do with Dad!
  10. Flasher Issue-any ideas?

    hey how about ahhh gunflint? I think he may need a new one?
  11. Froze down flooded wheel house

    Hey fellows! I just said I seen someone use an .06, not that I would or agreed with them doing it! Sorry for bring it up! leech ~~
  12. Froze down flooded wheel house

    jk23, I once seen a guy out on the lake blowing holes around his house with a 30.06! Not sure I would do that but it was something to see! He finally cut the house off with a chain saw at the ice line because it was frozen in so bad! Hard to do if you have a wheel house!!
  13. Strange Place to find Crappies?

    Lp, Size?
  14. scout

    I did try a little small heater one time that looked like the bigger sun heaters. But the d a r n thing burnted so bad my eyes would burn every time! I do miss the quick setup and take down of the scout when your hopping holes although!
  15. scout

    I liked mine also for a lot of years, great from running and guning. But got tired of not being able to put some good heat in it because it was so small, and I couldn't turn down the heater far enough so went without most of the time. So went out finily and got a qwick flip 2. Now have room for the heater and a buddy if they come along.
  16. The Man Rules

    mngirl, Oh really! Is that why I never, never, ever hang up when my wife calls, even when she says good by! Because there is always a 'Oh ya" after the good by! every single time!
  17. Shed Antlers

    "Holy sheds" shedfreak, are you sure you don't live by a Deer farm! Nice sets of racks!
  18. Protective case for a new H20C?

    mac, ksw. Isn't it kind of spendy just getting a R/C bag empty before you can use it! To bad Ripple doesn't come in a bag!
  19. Help with sunflower heater

    Han, Just given ya, a hard time. I've had the post delay happen to me also! Good advise all around.
  20. Help with sunflower heater

    han, is there an echo in here!
  21. Protective case for a new H20C?

    I got a cheap, small padded camra case that had a small pocket in the front where you can keep the 12v cord as well. Worked good!
  22. Help with sunflower heater

    A1000, the other thing you can try is cleaning the brass gas tip at the bottom of the chrome tube. If it is lighting but going out or just running on high. The gas tip maybe a little clogged? You can get a welders tip cleaning wire set at Northern and just run that through a few times. That's worked for me as well, when the gas flow was not good.
  23. Help with sunflower heater

    A1000, is your tank brand new? I had one where they forgot to bleed the air out of it when they filled it the first time, and it acted they same way.
  24. Strike - Lite is AWESOME!!

    Aren't they kind of slow drilling though? Slower RPM's then almost ever other Auger.
  25. vexilar fl-20 vs. hummingbird 55 vs. lx-5

    okstate, the FL-18 & FL-20 are the same but the FL-20 has the flat screen face. They both have the same watt's of power and zoom.