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  1. leech~~

    Flasher Batteries

    Ice, just looked at your Loc, on the side. New York! ya it's going to take sometime to get there! Good luck!
  2. leech~~

    Flasher Batteries

    iceman, are you talking blade or the little tooth on the bottom between the blades? I emailed Strikemaster about the tooth on the bottom and they said the only way they sell them is on line or you can stop in at Big lake and get them. But I did find them for sell at D-Rock in New Brighton cheaper then they were on line?
  3. jw, you have something of way greater value, and are going out of your way to be nice to give it to someone that can use it. Good luck and keep life fun. Thanks for thinking of others. Leech~~
  4. leech~~

    Freezing Fish

    jesse, shhh! I only got a few eye's this spring and really didn't get to eat them yet! Oop's got to go start the stove quick!
  5. leech~~

    First out with all of MY gear

    sand, is that her sitting on the dock waiting to go? Good to see a life jacket on her, 3 years don't float to well. So are you uuum 20 again?
  6. leech~~

    Freezing Fish

    I do exactly as fishingfrenzy does. Clean, fillet, put in qrt ziplocks with water to the top, squeeze out any air,and freeze. Air is the killer, and we are still eating eye's from last spring!
  7. leech~~

    First out with all of MY gear

    Jake, so you haven't been able to get out a little fishing since then? You got everything you need now so get out there and find some more, once it warms up a bit more! Good Luck
  8. leech~~

    First out with all of MY gear

    Sand, does the B-cake showing by your name mean it is your Birthday? If so have a good one!!
  9. leech~~

    90% of carp netted from Lake Susan

    Sounds like a great way to help out Miss Paul get more fish sticks!! and clean up the lakes.
  10. leech~~

    First out with all of MY gear

    Jake, so what happened to ya? Any reports on how your fishing has been since you got your gear all out and tried it?
  11. leech~~

    Flasher Batteries

    Sniper, 12V any AH you can fit will be OK. It's the size case that fit's in there that is the issue not AH. Just a FYI. F/Farm has 8&9 AH batteries on sale this week. I went and got the 9AH for my FL-18 which only had an older 7AH it came with.
  12. leech~~

    Tricks with Underwater Camera

    I lost 2 stoppers because when it's cold and the rubber is hard, and your working with cold hands, it's hard to make adjustments and pop, in the hole she goes streight to the bottom! Went and got the compass and it works very well. My cord always slowly takes time to stop moving for a few minutes after setup, but then stops after a while. The compass makes it easier to adjust. I always start by putting on one of the biggest things in my box so when letting the camra down I can line up on it faster. But make sure you don't let it hit the bottom or it can send up a cloud in some spots and then you can't see anything! Also the stoppers use to turn in the tripod, which they can't do in the compass.
  13. leech~~

    Drilling template for Clam

    Smails, On my 8X8 I just take me scoop and go in and mark the ice by chipping it a bit at each hole and then sliding it out of the way. If the snow is deep just scoop out little holes in the snow to mark before siding, even if a few fill in you can still get a good idea where they were.
  14. leech~~

    Fix or not?

    NAMA, do you head out and spend the night in your rig or come in every night? shoot me an email, and maybe we can setup a weekend to meet for a day of running in that thing. I'll be driving up from the cities so I would need to make sure I can find ya. pineconesta/ don't forget to change the / to @ Leech~~
  15. leech~~

    Fix or not?

    NAMA, Where do you head out of? I'm on my way up! No going to Mill lacs this weekend, but it would be great to run out with you one day if we could connect up somehow. Ok sorry Shunked. You said the carbs have been gone through but have you had them synced up! Have all been set to open and closed together or have you had any running hot times? If they are not all running together one or two could be heating up and then pulling down the power, which is a good way to fry a cylinder. Also have you ran a compression check on each head to see if they are all the same and you don't have a bad cylinder already?. But try that Gumout spray on the seals when it's running, it does work and then you will know for sure.
  16. leech~~

    Reel Weeds- Making from scratch

    Truth, made my own from xmas garlen from Manards, decoy rope for cord, large nuts for weights, fulnoodle cut in to small peices for floats. It seems like all I ever get coming in to them is a bunch of little Perch. But if the little guys come by, the big guys should come by some time. I think time is the issue and leaving them down long enough for the fish to find and become accustom to them. And who wants to sit in one spot to long when your running and gunning!
  17. Riverrat, can you post a bigger pix, of that contraption on your side pix. It looks like a camper on a raft or something?
  18. leech~~

    Fix or not?

    NAMA, Did you paint it yellow? All that I have seen come in the white color. The reason I asked if you were married is because I had showen my wife those units at the fair one year, and when she heard the price. She said "well not when we're married". Huum something to think about! Let me know if you ever need someone to help you pay for gas money someday. I would love to get in and try one of those out on the lake!
  19. leech~~

    Fix or not?

    Skunked, how do you know you need a lower seal? One cheap way to test for it is to get a can of Gumout carb spray, start it up and spray around the seal. If the RPM's pickup then maybe you do have one there. Are you sure your rings aren't gone? NAMA, nice rig your standing by, is that your's or a work rig? If it's your's are you still married! those things are spendy!
  20. leech~~

    First out with all of MY gear

    Jake It looks like you have some very nice gear and a great little setup there. It looks like maybe you built in some storage and put new carpet on the floor, very warm looking rig. Have a great time out on the ice, it's a great peaceful way to spead sometime during the winter. Good luck! Leech~~
  21. leech~~

    What are these tracks?

    Crop circles for sure! Or maybe a messed up Goose flapping it's wings? Or Drunk buddy draging his bibs going from hole to hole??
  22. leech~~

    vexilar question

    jwj, what was the name of the lake iii'La check that issue out with the DNR and get back to ya on that water flea thing. Limit of crappies huu!
  23. leech~~

    Was I supposed to get a ATV title card?

    kdawg, you should have a little small registration card for it just like they have for snowmobiles that you just hand over to the person when you sell it. They cannot get new lic, plates without it.
  24. leech~~

    cant let it go (fl 8se)

    Oh now I see! Well maybe not! I'll stay with the old COOL GREEN! Thanks for checking Bigslugger.
  25. leech~~

    cant let it go (fl 8se)

    OK Ed, we're all waiting. What's the New "Cool Blue" deal Where can we find out about it?