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  1. Got my mount back

    Didn't you want the open mouth scary teeth showing look?
  2. Bought my first wheeler

    I have never had any motor that would run for 4-5 minutes with the choke full on after starting it. If it does it has a air leak somewhere? Cold blooded as in the motor needs to warm up to a point where it will burn fuel well without the use of the choke.
  3. Got my mount back

    Nice mount. Did you have pictures of when you got it? I looked around the site but couldn't find any?
  4. Bought my first wheeler

    I had a 2003 330 Magnum and even in the summer it needed a minute to warm up or it would die. It was that way from day one when new until I sold it. It ran great once warmed up, but that is why I never tried to use it in the winter and have a sled instead for ice fishing.
  5. Duffman solo in pics

    This is Slash. Now you know! He can be rather loud when your trying to enjoy the quiet!
  6. Duffman solo in pics

    Well at least you weren't sinking in slash out there. No scale friends at all?
  7. Fun little project.

    Sheees with Hockey every weekend and no snow most of the winter. I finally got the grandsons out for their first ever snowmobile ride in the "Monster Hauler" I picked up and refurb back in October! Only put on about 20 miles but they had a great time. And with 50's coming by next week that may do it for the year? They both took turns driving the sled as well. I think the word was Awesome Grandpa Awesome! I'll forgive their dad for only having Polaris helmets!
  8. Fun little project.

    Picked up a beat up old snowmobile sleigh with holes and cracks for cheap. 20 years in fiberglass mfg helped a lot! Fun little project to haul the grandsons around for some ice fishing and trail riding. Still need to add the windshield. I call it the "Monster Hauler!"
  9. Just Food and Drink

    What! Go to your room!
  10. Just Food and Drink

    Looks good. So your Pastors name is AL? He makes a good looking dish!
  11. Just Food and Drink

    Nice, but where's the Shingle?
  12. We could be riding the nsst

    Well it sounds like even with the low snow this year that you put on some good miles anyway. I got my motor back together and have put on about 30 miles of slow breaking in riding. Was out on a lake last weekend with some pretty good snow depth and pulling the porty and she ran pretty nice. Going to hopefully get the grand kids out this Sat for a short ride in the "Monster Hauler" which we have waited all winter to do, before it's all gone again. Hopefully the new top end job will break in well and I'll be riding up there next winter again.
  13. Welcome to the forum. "Using "live whiner" ???? under a jaw jacket!" Jaw Jacker?
  14. Retriever Training

    How do you know? Have you seen me do tricks? I'm the only old Dog my wife has so............
  15. Retriever Training

    Well, once you have her Trained. Then you can send the dog!
  16. Congrats on the new smoker. I have had the same thought about cooking different types of meat together for a few reasons. Different cooking temps, time frames, seasonings and don't want my pork to taste like fish or fish to taste like pork or chicken or beef. Not even sure about health concerns?
  17. Saw first motorcycle out today

    Was heading up Ice fishing today on 35 W at 6:30am and followed a guy who must have been doing a Duluth run or something? Followed him from Forest Lake to about Hinckley going 70 mph but he walked away from me doing about 75 mph. Could never catch up to see what he was riding but close enough to see he didn't have a windshield at 35 degrees! Hard core!!
  18. Smaller brisket smoke method

    Ha, my wife picked up a small one as well. I am building a bit of a Smoker pile with 3 turkeys, chicken wings and now a brisket to get at once ice fishings done!
  19. The Worm Moon

    I just hope thats not Public land under the Moon? It may have to be removed!
  20. The Worm Moon

    Great shots! The last one is my Fav, of course.
  21. Duffman solo in pics

    8" inches last night. We'll save yea some!
  22. Uggh, Lug nuts

    Ufatz, not doubting a word you have to say, you are quite the colorful creator. The stories you have told over the years of trapping in the Yukon Territory. Living in a log cabin, driving old trucks with right and left hand lug nuts and fighting off Big Foot have been interesting to listen to. To say the least. And now, you live in MN and drive a Mercedes Benz! Hat's off to you're life sir.
  23. Meat Sales

    Cub 2 day sale (Friday & Saturday) Jennie-O Turkeys (frozen) .49 lb - limit 2. Picked up two 9.5 lb'ers and saved $25 bucks. Spatchcock and going in the smoker when it warmers up a bit.
  24. And Gander? May be they have new pricing and marketing strategy? Don't be a hater the more sporting good around the better!
  25. Yep you are right. I did go to the Sportsman's warehouse up in Anoka and St Cloud when they were here.