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  1. goetler

    First ever recorded treed cougar in MN

    My old man lives North of Madison Lake MN. He has heard what he believes was a cougar a few years ago. He was sitting on his deck and heard an awful noise like something was killing something. His cat was sitting on his lap and stood up, looked that direction and arched its back and hissed. He said in all the years that he has lived there he has never heard anything like that. He went out there the next morning to see if he could see anything but could not. It is CRP land so no prints. I also know of people that live in North Mankato that have had a cougar in there yard even though the police said that there are no cougars. LOL
  2. I have been checked by the CO and have had a 12 and a 10 with 3 shell boxs; as one had reloads in em. You should have seen his face when I hand him 5 shell boxs and 4 guns for 2 guys! Only thing he said was have a nice day after everything checked out and proper licenses were shown. John
  3. goetler

    Dan Z.

    E-mail sent Dan.
  4. How have you been doing? Give me a call and we can get together for a hunt. John
  5. Dan did ya have any luck? John
  6. HeY Dan Z. Give me a call sometime and we can get out for a hunt this year sometime. With having the little guy I haven't had a lot of time to get out. Later, John B.
  7. goetler

    Stuffed Redhead

    I think that you did a great job for your first bird! How hard was it to do?
  8. goetler

    What's your boats name?

    I am going to use the Duck Rocket on one of my duck boats. Its a 1970 glastron with a 50 merc on it:)
  9. goetler

    What would you have done?

    You did the right thing.
  10. goetler

    First Wheel House Construction (Advice Please?)

    broman, could you send me some info on the place in Plymouth for the foam? I had my frame done by a local and the rest of the house will cost me almost a grand to the walls and the ceiling. A little much right know. Any info is appreicated. send to goetler2002 at yahoo. Thanks, John
  11. goetler

    siding for a fish house

    Depends on how much time you put into it painting each year or so to keep it looking good. I would not go with any type of wood siding unless that is all you have at the time. Too much work to keep it looking nice and you will eventually have to replace it just like on your home. Just my $0.02 worth.
  12. goetler

    Duck Decoys...

    G&H is the way to go. I bought a couple dozen back in 94 and have had great luck with them, and I am not very nice to my decoys. They get tossed, stepped on and anything else you can think of. I have some GHG and the paint was chipping after the first year. I also have some Biggfoots too and when it is time to buy more I will be sticking with G&H. I do not buy things to baby them. They are going to get abused and they better hold up to it. The only problem I have with G&H is that when you shoot a cripple in the dekes they don't stop the shot I too would stick with the standerd size too. But for goose dekes I would stick witht he Bigfoots. By far the best for durability hands down. Enough said.
  13. goetler

    Won't do this again.

    Years back on a little lake by Le Center my rattle reel goes off. It is 3:30 in the morning and i set the hook still blury-eyed from getting woken out of a dead sleep. Get the fish up to the whole and I thought I would just lift it out with the line. Snap and the fish is gone. Buddy calls me up 2 days later and askes me what color my jig was that I was using. His brother caught the fish about 200 yards away from my house. Almost an 8 pound eye. I did get my jig back though
  14. goetler

    Refill of 1 lb propane tanks?

    I have started to refill them this past fall and I have not had any issues with doing this. As others have stated how are you to tell if it had been refilled or if it is a new one? they do not fill all the way but if you have 8 of em you will have plenty to run your equipment with. I use mine mainly for my cook stove in the duck boat, I do not have enough room to be using a 20 pounder or any other size of tank like that in my boat. But each to there own.
  15. I would say that the skybuster blinds aer very well built for the price. You will not get anything of that quality for the price. i do not have one but have friends that do and I like his designs. I just make my own is all.