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  1. There are TONS of sights out there to choose from. Really comes down to personal preference. I shoot an Axcel with .10" pins. It has 5 pins that I take out to 60 yards. If I was strictly hunting the big woods in MN, I would probably only have a 3 pin sight that I take out to 40 yards. You can spend 30$ or 300$. If you like multi pin sights, try to find one with the pins on a track, much easier to adjust.
  2. Sweet! Let us know how it is going. I started shooting with my dad when I was 10-12 and we never thought about draw length, poundage, and tuning at all haha. It took me 7-8 years to really get comfortable with a bow and shooting good groups past 20 yards. Part of me wishes we had the money for better equipment and lessons, but its all good and most of what I have learned over the years has been self taught.
  3. I haven't been able to watch much playoff hockey the last 3-4 weeks with summer ramping up and spring projects. It's hard to compare the teams left to the Wild without watching them much. Just like the Caps, its baffling how a team can just fall apart from their Reg season form in the playoffs. The more I think about it, the more I am convinced teams like that have mental issues and can't get the drive up to play hard playoff hockey. Like you guys stated before, all the guys who had a "career year" in the reg season were basically non existent during the playoffs. Disappeared just like Ovi in game 7. How about all the guys having surgeries right after the season? Never heard anything about them during the series, were they playing hurt and that played into the lack of productivity? Really pulling for an Ottawa vs Predators finals right now. If the Wild aren't going to do it, give me the underdogs and good story line every day!
  4. So if Parise and Suter really want to win, is there a possibility that they restructure these long term deals? Could a change be as simple as changing captains? Find some younger guys who want to take on a leadership role and get them involved. A shake up without really shaking it up.
  5. At this point I would not call the Parise and Suter signings successful. I am looking for Cups, not 5 straight years of getting bounced in the 1st or 2nd round. Being happy with mediocre playoff appearances isn't a going to get us a Cup. Glad to see the Hawks get swept! Will that change the start time for the WIld on Saturday then?
  6. Hanzal has some decent games here and there, and I would never expect him to be a huge numbers guy on offense. But honestly with that kind of size, I would expect him to take the lead on driving the net and being a pest in front of any goalie, especially in a series like this. Get physical. Next time Reeves or somebody tries to take Parises head off, I would hope somebody with Hanzals size would step in or make a big hit on the next shift. Kind of surprised Stewie hasn't fought anybody yet, maybe Baby Boudreau has told him not to. As far as his goal last night, good on him, but anybody on the team could have taken that same shot and scored. It wasn't anything special. Wild finally got a favorable bounce with that Coyle goal. After 150 shots on the series, something had to give eventually. It was interesting to watch the Blues change their game after Wild got the first goal. When is the last time Wild scored on a break away or odd man rush? Seems like months ago. As far as all that CAP and salary buyout stuff...way above my head haha
  7. Right on, I think my dad is coming out to Pheasant hunt that weekend. My wife and I found a good spot west of Grassy Butte. Close proximity to AlfAlfa fields. We have been seeing 15-20 deer each morning we sit and glass the last couple years. If you are interested in a spot like that to get your boy on some deer, just let me know and I can show you exactly where it is.
  8. If we are down there at the same time, it would be fun to meet you. I might try to take 2 trips this year. Good luck to you guys as well!
  9. Hanzal is the biggest teddy bear in the league
  10. Yeah we should all know better by now to expect good things to come from MN sports teams. This stuff is frustrating....I let it affect my mood too much lol. On a side note, is Blocked Shots the most underrated stat in the NHL? I would be willing to bet that the team with the most blocked shots wins a vast majority of the time.
  11. If we can't expect to make a big run to the Cup when we have set a record for season points, when can we expect it? Maybe next year I'll try not to watch the regular season, that way I'll be "pleasantly surprised" that they made it into the playoffs and happy with a bounce in the first round.....again.....
  12. After 5-6 years of the same core players and a coaching change, something needs to change in the core of the team this offseason. It will be interesting to see who they protect in the expansion draft. Maybe they will use the expansion draft as an eye opener to some of the guys. If they don't protect Parise, Suter, Granlund, or Koivu maybe it will send a message to them that they aren't as valuable as they think. The only way the Suter and Parise signings are successful is if they made it to the finals. So far, IMO, those 2 guys have not made a big enough impact in the playoffs when it counts to make that kind of money. Regular season for show, post season for dough. Time for a change.
  13. The Blues really seem to have the Wild off their game. After 3 games, I have to believe this has easily been the most physical 3 game stretch the Wild have played all year. Seems they just don't have the room to use their speed and skills. Yesterday the Wild looked dull.
  14. Well that was an interesting game. I was really hoping Wild would come out and put 3 in behind Allen fairly quick last night. I thought if they did that, it would get into his head and he would fall apart the rest of the series. Now just the opposite happened. He probably has more confidence than he ever has. Blues look like a typical Yeo team though. Not going to light the lamp often and pretty content to sit back and protect the net with a 1 goal lead.
  15. I am in. I have the Wild meeting the Caps in the finals. Homerism for sure but if they can get past the 'Hawks, they can get to the final. Keep Baby Boudreau out of game 7 situations. Not much for upsets, I haven't watched many other teams this year. But I can't see any of the WC teams making it into the 2nd round. Habs vs Rangers might be the upset....The Habs have a healthy Carey Price, but the Rangers are always tough in the playoffs. Caps won't have a problem with Holtby in net and a young Leafs team. 'Hawks don't lose in the first round. Flames and Ducks could be a long series, but Ducks have the playoff experience. I think this is the year the Caps and Ovi break through and get it done.