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  1. This has probably been beaten to death on here but....after the recent trip to Winnipeg and driving on rough ice all weekend, I'm reconsidering the auger mount on my ATV. I have one of the Kolpin ones right now that is 2 thinner pieces of metal that stand up off the front rack. The only way to hold the auger in is with bungees and the metal is thin and wears on the auger at the contact points. I'm thinking I could work some 2x6's or something into a decent mount for fairly cheap. Anybody have pics of a homemade one? Or anybody recommend the Digger mount?
  2. There are a few places to stay that are not too far from the lake. Hamilton House in Winnipeg Beach is good, a lot of guys stay at the Casino on the East side, there is a new hotel in Selkirk that is pretty nice and has lots of rooms and breakfast. Nobody plows roads. We always watch the weather and snow depth before we go. We have been lucky to only have to bring ATVs with wheels up there. Eventually we will have to deal with some deep snow though and bring sleds or tracks up. There are a few guides that run around on the lake. Lee Nolden and Blackwater Cats are the 2 I know of. From what I hear they are pretty accomadating and have all the necessary gear.
  3. In the 3.5 days fishing up there, I caught about 15 sauger, 3 burbout, and a white bass. We have caught some pike and I have heard of some big ones being caught out of there but they are few and far between.
  4. My dad and I started fishing Thursday morning out of Warner. Started in 14 fow. Made 2 moves in that same depth and caught about 10 before 10:00. After that we made a move out to the big ridge in 17-18 fow. We sat in one spot the rest of the day and caught 24 more walleye in that same spot. Biggest one of the day was 23". All the rest were 13-17". Rattle baits worked the best, but we caught some on spoons in a neighboring hole too. Ended the day with 34 walleye between the 2 of us. Friday we started in 14 fow again and caught 7-8, and then moved to the ridge again. The ridge was slower. I went back to the landing to get my wife and Uncle and the rest of the day we bounced around in shallower 14-10 fow. Only caught 24 walleye all day, no big ones. Saturday we started in 14 fow again, caught 10 and then moved out the big ridge. Fishing right on the ridge was slow, so we moved out about 200-300 yards North (across) the ridge. We lucked upon an active school of fish and sat in that spot making small 20-30 yard moves the rest of the day. Ended up with 71 fish between the 4 of us. Biggest was a 28.5" and had 2 at 24" as well. Sunday we could only fish half the day, so we went back to the spot with the active fish from the day before. I didn't get a total number from all of us before we left, but I had 25 walleye just myself from 830-1230. Biggest on Sunday was 29" with a 27" as well. Would have been a great day if we were able to fish all day. The big ridge in 17-18 fow is the biggest ridge that we found. Kind of runs SE-NW. It was very active with the warmer weather, lots of ice movement. Saturday was tough to find a place to get back across in the dark. We had an extension on the augers, and really didn't need it, but it was more comfortable than bending over and burying the powerhead in the slush. We had quads and travel was very rough on Thursday and Friday morning, but got better by Sunday. We were moving slow, 10 mph. Lots of melt on Friday afternoon and Saturday. The ice is very dirty. Especially around the rough ice areas. If all the snow melts off and the sun beats on that dirty ice, the top portion could get pretty bad quickly. My auger blades were very run down by Sunday morning. Firetiger and brighter green rattle baits worked best, tipped with half a minnow. Caught some fish maybe 20% on something other than a rattle bait. We are heading up again late March....if the ice is still good! Any questions feel free to ask!
  5. Sweet! Ill be posting a report from our 3.5 day trip over the weekend. In the Canada section. Question for you.....we saw a Cadillac Escalade with tracks and a big walleye decal on it.....was that the Blackwater Cats guys?
  6. What do you guys catch in Maine? I'd plow 48" for 24 hours if I could catch some Lobsters!
  7. Spec sheet on the R4S. Tracks are basically the same as the T4S just 8" wide.
  8. Anybody heading up this year? Or already been up? We are going up tonight and fishing til Monday. Will have a full report on fishing and conditions when we get back.
  9. That looks like a lot of fun! We decided to head up to Winnipeg this weekend. Morson might have to wait til next year...
  10. From what I have seen the ones on Amazon are the cheapest. Basically 50$ for a 6" memory foam mattress is good. Sleeping on it 10-15 nights a year, should last a long time.
  11. What does everybody use for mattresses? I think my dad bought the ones off of fish house supply. But they are only 3-4" thick, not very comfortable and pretty expensive 120$ + I think. I was looking on amazon and they have a queen size 6" memory foam mattress for right around 100$. I was thinking I could cut the mattress in half and end up with 2 pretty nice pieces.....1/2 the cost of the ones from fish house supply.
  12. Definitely something to consider with the heater....I would think the vents that are in the house plus 2 windows would give us plenty of air to draw in. I will most likely add another vent right behind the heater so there should be plenty of air moving through. Through work I have access to some 4 gas monitors so I will have O2 and CO detection.
  13. Thanks again guys. Princeton- I put a Nu-Way propane stove in. Probably not the most efficient heater out there but they are fairly cheap, have a small footprint, and don't require any power. Yetti- I got that 1.5A number for the XM off the 12v plug in....maybe it is a 1.5A fuse in it? If max draw is only 0.5A then that is alot better. The music is nice, but not even close to necessary. Like stated above the radio and speakers are 50% of the current draw so maybe it is better to just load up the phone with music and play it through the phone without speakers. Its a small enough space so it doesn't need to be very loud. It would be nice to be able to listen to Hockey/Football games or ESPN radio without using data on the phone though. I like the idea of putting the fan on a timer. I think if it is fairly warm outside, the fan won't need to be on. But if it is cold and the holes are icing over, it would run alot to help keep them open.
  14. Thanks guys! That looks like a good little kit for the solar panel. I ran across a different calculator on a different site. It said with a 100Ah battery, I can run 3.1 A for ~32 hours. Does that sound right? 0.6 Ah per light (really only need 1 light in the house) 1.5 Ah XM radio 0.5 Ah for the fan 0.5 Ah for little speakers for XM = 3.1 Ah Princeton-- On your build you attached the panels to the house. I will be trailering this house and moving on the lakes quite a bit. We try to park the houses with the door on the downwind side, so that might not put the panel facing south every time. Do you have any thoughts on putting the panel on a stand and bringing it in and out of the house so we can always face it south?
  15. I recently bought an Aluma Lite skid house and am trying to keep the weight down as much as possible. I would really like to only have to run 1 battery in it. The only things I want to run are lights, a small fan, XM radio, and the occasional phone charge. The fan will run all the time. The lights will only be on when it is dark. Radio and phone charge will be sporadic. I really don't know much about this stuff so here is where I am at.... I looked at the XM radio 12v plug in and it says 5v 1.5A. The lights in the house are 12v and say about 0.6A with both lights on. Not sure the Amps on the fan yet. Not sure how much power a phone charge takes. Can I get by 2-3 days with a single charge on a 100Ah deep cycle battery? Can somebody explain how to calculate an expected run time? I am very intrigued by the idea of a solar panel as well. I saw the build that Princeton did a few years ago (The Irish Pub Skid House) and that looked awesome. But I won't be running a TV or stereo or WII or other things he had in there.