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  1. Fletcher must really like these guys that are small and quick. I don't understand why they are trying so hard to keep the team intact. They haven't made it past the 2nd round for the 5-6 years. We've had this discussion before, but at what point do you say this just isn't working as is? They have to move good players to get good players.
  2. Looks like the Wild moved Schroeder for....another Schroeder. Maybe the new guy will be more consistent. I see Evander Kane is on the trade market. On the expensive side, but if the Wild decide to move Scandella instead of Dumba, that would free up more money. A guy capable of scoring 30+ goals with some size would be sweet. I am thinking Granlund and Nino each sign for in between 4-5$ mil each. Hopefully less and hopefully Pominville will restructure a little. Doesn't leave a ton of cap space for free agents or other guys. Lots of moving parts in Chicago. They seem to be moving a lot of parts around to try to work with their cap situation.
  3. Now Haula and Tuch will have career seasons next year. Haula is the odds on favorite to win the Ross trophy and Tuch should have a couple Norris' in the next 5 years. Sounds like Wild might not bring Schroeder back either. I really hope they are contenders for a strong center or a really nice goal scorer.
  4. I bought a Browning blind last year. Only hunted out of it 2-3 times, but it seemed to work well. Took on some heavy snow late November and early December, but held up well. It was a cheaper blind, in the 150$ range I think. Browning has a good warranty though. Stake it in well and brush it in best you can. Remember that brushing it in with green leave in August will look totally different when you go to hunt in November. Any little change at eye level with a deer, they will notice. I left my windows closed when I was not hunting, but I think this year I will leave the ones open that I need when I hunt, I want it to look exactly like it will when I hunt it so the deer are used to it.
  5. That extra cap space will help, especially if Pominville can relieve a little space as well. Still need to resign Granlund and Nino. Heard on the Power Trip this morning that Haula could possibly sign with Vegas today. That would mean we wouldn't lose anybody else to the expansion draft. Sounds like Marian Hossa might be done playing, or at least done playing meaningful minutes, some kind of skin condition? Shane Doan done in Arizona as well. To me, Doan and Jagr would be interesting options as veteran guys to look at. Neither can really comand much salary. Could be a guy to come in and have a voice in the lockeroom and some leadership on the ice.
  6. Looks like Pominville didn't waive his NTC then? Selfish move on his part IMO. His salary, age, and lack of production, no way Vegas would have taken him. I would rather lose Dumba than Scandella, especially looking back on the playoffs where Scandella was the better. I'd rather have quality play in the playoffs when it counts. Maybe Dumba becomes that guy, but this team needs to win now, not 3-4 years from now when Dumba comes into his prime. Same could be said for Staal, although it seems forwards are easier to come by than quality D man. Going to be interesting to see how this all plays out, probably a deal or 2 between Wild and Vegas that will surface on Wednesday when they release their picks.
  7. Those suits are priced pretty low. Some good deals for sure, might be dropping 100$ on some stuff...
  8. I haven't heard or seen much from Galchenyuk so I don't know what his game is all about. He looks like a young guy that can put the puck in the net. A lot of guys for the Wild had career years last year under Boudreau so maybe he can get through to him. I did see that he is an RFA so that would leave him, Nino, and Granlund as RFA that they would have to sign for this year. Could it be possible that they are looking at a 3 way deal with Vegas? Galchenyuk ends up in Vegas while the Wild get some draft picks in return? Soften the cap a little? So if Brodin is gone, does it come down to protecting Dumba or Scandella? Or if they sign Galchenyuk, does that leave one of the forwards available that we would have protected before the trade?
  9. Looks fun. I grew up bass fishing like that, except out of a 12ft alumacraft and a homemade bass deck. I really miss it. Everybody else was into walleyes, and I was focused on bucketmouths. Probably my all time favorite way and time to fish is early August early morning or late evening with a buzzbait. Shallower cabbage beds with the tips sticking up out of the water. Wish Sakakawea had LMs and cabbage....
  10. In all seriousness, how many of you guys would be disappointed if they asked Parise to waive his NTC and ended up losing him, either trade or to Vegas? I would much rather lose Pominville, but I would fully understand and would not be heartbroken if we lost Parise and his 7.5$mil. I think he will be 33 years old going into next season and as a smaller player who seems to be hurt every year, how much longer can we expect him to last and be productive? Would it be smart to try to move him before he completely falls off in the back half of his contract? Kind of like Belichick knowing when to move off of players, maybe still in their "prime". Maybe Zach will last well into his 30's putting up 50+ points a year and if the Wild are stuck with him I hope he does. But I have a feeling he will be the next Pominville and Mauer before too long, not enough production for the compensation.
  11. Next week will be interesting. The 18th and 21st are the days to watch. 18th the protected players lists are out and the 21st is when Vegas announces its picks I think.
  12. Bummers for the Preds. It should've been Preds cup and they should have won the series 4-2. I really feel like they got screwed twice in that series, both of them cost them games. Game 1 they had the 1st goal of the game called back because of a phantom offsides call. Reviewed and call on the ice reversed enough though there was not conclusive evidence. Game 6 the ref blew the whistle on a puck still in play that disallowed a goal. Really sucks to lose a Cup to human error like that. Both goals would have been the 1st goal scored in the game(s) and really would have changed the game. People are saying the Preds and fans were poor losers, but given the circumstances, I would be too.
  13. I agree there, maybe the team isn't getting a superstar in return for a Brodin or Dumba, but maybe it is just a lateral move that makes the team better. Sometimes a change is just a change and that is what creates a spark. I wouldn't like that deal with Boston. In a weak draft, a late 1st and a 2nd or 3rd doesn't really do much for us if we are losing a Brodin or Dumba. Never know I guess, there have been late draft surprises. I came across an article that was saying the Devils are hard up for blue line talent and might seriously be considering a D man with the first pick. If they are really looking for long term help, I wonder if they would consider a trade package including Brodin or Dumba for this years first? Or are Patrick and Hischier even considered franchise changers?
  14. I would be bummed if they moved Dumba. He is a liability at times, especially on break outs. But I like that he is young and has time to learn. His speed and ability to man the point on PP is nice too. If they lose Scandella and Dumba, that leaves a pretty big hole in the D zone. Not sure on their salary situations but would that open up enough to sign a top free agent D man? Shattenkirk? Alzner? Caps probably can't sign both of those guys back. I wouldn't write off Hanzal as too expensive. He was brought into a golden opportunity to showcase his abilities on a playoff team, and all he showed me was he is the biggest teddy bear in the league. Really hurt his open market price IMO. Bring Jagr to the Wild! Savvy old vet who could be a strong presence in the locker room for the young guys.
  15. Going to be interesting to watch how the next couple months play out. Irregular year with the expansion draft thrown in, June 21. Protected Lists * Clubs will have two options for players they wish to protect in the Expansion Draft: a) Seven forwards, three defensemen and one goaltender Eight skaters (forwards/defensemen) and one goaltender * All players who have currently effective and continuing "No Movement" clauses at the time of the Expansion Draft (and who to decline to waive such clauses) must be protected (and will be counted toward their club's applicable protection limits). * All first- and second-year professionals, as well as all unsigned draft choices, will be exempt from selection (and will not be counted toward their club's applicable protection limits). There are some other stipulations as well. The guys with no movement clauses like Pommenville really suck. I don't think Vegas would take Pommers, so hopefully he waives his clause so they can protect somebody else. FWIW, I am not an elite hockey mind, I just like watching the moves and thinking about it. I think they resign Granlund, Nino, and Olofsson. Probably won't resign Keumper, Prosser, White, or Schroeder. Haula will be a bit of a wild card, seems like an extreme head case and not sure if Baby Boudreau trusts him. I am not sure on Reilly, Gabriel, or Folin either. I wouldn't mind resigning Hanzal, if Boudreau could get through to him and get him to play up to his size and the price was right. He didn't exactly raise his price with his play after the trade. It would be nice to work in a bigger skilled D man for next year. It will be very difficult to do, but sometimes they seem small in the backend and could use somebody to mix it up and clean out the front of the net. I really wish Scandella would show off his shot more. I think he has a heavier shot than Dumba. I think they have a decent group of forwards, especially giving young guys like Ek a full year. Stalock will be the backup to Dubs and hopefully will get more playing time the second half of the year to keep Dubs fresh.