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  1. Does anybody else hate basketball?

    I prefer college hoops to the NBA game, but MAN is it fun watching Golden State play. Fast pace, sharing the ball, tremendous team defense...they play the way the game oughta be played. If Draymond Green would learn to just shut up and play, this team would rival the early 80s Sixers and mid 80s Celtics for my all-time favorite.
  2. What's going on out there?

    Fish were on beds on Trout when I went out on Friday, and I don't really like bed fishing for smallies (zero challenge) so I targeted other areas. That naturally limited by success, but I did find one good area where fish were just moving up (or maybe were really early spawners that had already recovered). Caught 15 fish in 50 minutes in one area, then caught four fish in the next three hours trying to replicate the pattern. With the spawn pretty much done, I'm thinking a Friday smashfest on Leech might be in order. Or maybe Mille Lacs. I will be fishing somewhere for sure!
  3. What's going on out there?

    The last two times I've been out - on two very different lakes - basically found the same thing: large stretches of usually good water that were empty or close to it, and just one or two spots completely loaded up with fish. Haven't been able to figure out why just yet. It will be interesting to see what I find tomorrow.
  4. What's going on out there?

    After the cold snap, temps on Trout were back down in the high 40s. Back around 53 now, and should keep warming if the forecast holds. Fish have already moved shallow, bedmaking and piscine lovemaking will follow soon for the brown ones. I am hitting Leech tomorrow...will be interesting to see what water temps are in the protected parts of the bays.
  5. 2017 Bassmaster Fantasy Fishing

    Another disaster. I tried making relatively safe picks, and bombed. I have gone from the top 60 after two events all the way down to just over the 90th percentile. I need to just go with my gut
  6. How was opener

    Started at midnight on Lake X with Swimbait Chucker. Got to set the hook a lot, but not as many of the big girls had moved up as we had hoped. I think 4.7ish was the biggest...tons of cookie-cutter 2.5 lb males. Really fun catching them on a swimjig in the dark. Slept for an hour in the truck after that, then pointed the wagon north and slummed it for walleyes on Cass in the afternoon with some friends. 18 eyes in about 4 hours, several pike, and a wicked sunburn because I forgot to grab a hat on the way out of the house. Not enough cover left on my dome to get away with that anymore. Forecast this weekend looks gross. I might hit Trout on Friday afternoon, and will definitely get over to Leech next week to check things out.
  7. 2017 Bassmaster Fantasy Fishing

    uggggh these lakes where there is bad cell coverage kill me. Three of my guys are showing zero, so I have no sense of how it's going so far!
  8. 2017 Bassmaster Fantasy Fishing

    Hackney Tharp Herren Kennedy Zaldain Hoping Zaldain's swimbait mojo will give him a good finish out of bucket E. I need a good derby here to get back in the mix! With deep cranking likely being a big player here, I imagine I will kick myself for not putting KVD on my roster, but oh well!
  9. 2017 Bassmaster Fantasy Fishing

    Disastrous for me. Kennedy absolutely bombed, and Wheeler somehow managed to miss the 50 cut. Evers got me some points and Herren (thankfully) managed to make the 12 cut which will soften the blow a little. Still a bad event for me. Yuck.
  10. Frogs .....

    Chatterbaits are a year-round fish snatcher. Don't fall into the "conventional wisdom" trap that bladed jigs (see also: jerkbaits) are for spring and fall. They are both really good tools the whole year 'round.
  11. 2017 Bassmaster Fantasy Fishing

    Nice to see Feider with an early limit. Hopefully he can find a kicker or two!
  12. Frogs .....

    Can't wait to test that Sprinker.
  13. Flipping Jig Review

    Love the Outkast jigs, too!
  14. Flipping Jig Review

    I have used the AT jig (though I don't anymore, really) the Hack Attack (still gets regular use), but the Scott Canterbury Dirty Jigs flippin' jig is my current favorite.
  15. 2017 Bassmaster Fantasy Fishing

    The big problem with Mueller is that when he misses, he misses really bad. I like his versatility, though, and 3 top 12s in less than 30 events for a BASS nation guy isn't a bad start to a career.