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  1. Rojas is a good pick. He has won twice on TB and has some other good finishes. I actually considered him before slotting KVD.
  2. KVD is a hammer on Toledo. He is the only one I have slotted in for sure. A lot of really good sticks struggle on Toledo. I imagine 30+ percent of people will pick Hackney, but he really doesn't have a stellar track record there. This will be an interesting one. IIRC, many of their past stops at TB have been later in the year, like second week of May. A lot will depend on when the fish there spawn. Could be a tough transition bite, or it could be a freakin' amazing postspawn smashfest.
  3. If you want to keep it simple, buy a bunch of black Booyah Pad Crashers. They're relatively inexpensive (compared to some frogs, anyway), pretty durable, and draw tons of strikes. You can mess with different colors for fun, but you can't really go wrong with black. Terminator's new(ish) frogs are also amazingly good, and cast and walk better than Booyahs IMO.
  4. I'm in 100th place overall after three events. I always suck making picks on Toledo Bend though
  5. Welp, Combs sucked today.
  6. Decided to blow my lineup up at the last minute. Combs Powroznik Defoe Kennedy Jones Jr. I am gonna kick myself if the guys I took out do well. I just can't bet against Defoe, the hottest stick going lately.
  7. Let me know when you're up this way - happy to get out and fish with you if you'd like company. Trout is just at the bottom of the hill from my house...really a fun lake.
  8. My final(ish) lineup: Combs Herren Hite Kennedy Jones Jr Just going with a gut hunch that a chatterbait will play for postspawn giants, and Hite will do well. There isn't really a great argument to not choose Defoe in that bucket, but I'm a bit of a contrarian.
  9. I feel like I should make safer picks since I'm in the top 100 overall after two events, but I will ignore that notion and go with this (at least for now): A - Combs (OK, there is one safe pick) B - Herren (considering switching to Powroznik) C - Montgomery (Originally had B. Lane, may switch back) D - Kennedy (Had Cherry, will probably stick with Kennedy) E - Jones Jr (Wiggins has great momentum, but I'm going with the TX boy) I have waffled a lot on these and will probably waffle some more before the Classic starts. Mmmmmm...waffles.
  10. Thoughts on lineups for the Classic? I am going to wait until we get closer to set my lineup so I can see what the weather is doing, water temps etc. Should be a fun one!
  11. I need to take inventory before I buy anything, otherwise I will load up a basket with 100 packages of Havoc Pit Bosses to go with the 100 I already have in my garage.
  12. Yeah I really thought C Lane would do well. Having him finish 102 kept me from doing really well!
  13. 78th overall after two events...I'll take it!
  14. I have four in the top 20 or so...and C Lane at 102nd.
  15. My boy Rojas got a couple of early 5s, and word is that he just stuck one that could go 9 or 10. Here's Rojas' jaint.