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  1. What's Working Now...

    I finally decided I had to get out on the ice somewhere this past weekend. I had been hearing reports of fishable ice in the area, so I told my good friend Kyle Sandberg to come north and try to find a few fish! The first lake we hit Saturday morning didn’t pan out; there was only 4” of ice and we were the only ones on the lake, so naturally I was a little hesitant on venturing very far. We tried in front of the access by the first break for a while and only caught a few small perch. So after an hour or so we packed up and headed to the next lake. The next lake had great ice conditions, which put my mind at ease right away. There was a solid 6-8” everywhere. We started our search in the main lake basin, where we started finding some very nice gills in 14-17’. They weren’t fast and furious, but we had consistent action throughout the day. They were on fire when they came in on the Vexilar, however, crushing our tungsten jigs and plastics. Color didn’t seem to matter much; both Kyle and I were having success. I was using a red northland tungsten fireball jig with a chartreuse Berkley Gulp! Alive 1” fish fry and Kyle was using a chartreuse tungsten jig with pink and orange Micro Nuggies. I also tried using the new Berkley powerbait whipworms; I found myself really liking these new plastics! They have great action and durability. Towards evening, we decided to stay in the same area and wait it out to see if crappies would move in at dusk. Needless to say, it payed off! About a half hour before dark crappies began moving in, and we caught our fair share of fish. Nothing huge, but a few fish around the 12” mark. On Sunday, conditions changed. It went from being partly sunny with south winds to cloudy and north winds. We started searching in the same basin area again with little to show for it. We had a few gills here and there but it wasn’t nearly as consistent as the day before. So, we decided it was time to try something else and began drilling holes shallower on a nearby weed flat…and bingo! The fish were there and they were hungry. We found a nice mix of gills and crappies hanging in the weeds from 10-12’. As soon as you moved off the weeds, however, it was a ghost town. We used the same jig and plastic combos as the day before with great success. Overall it was a great first outing of the season! I can’t wait to continue to learn the Detroit Lakes and Pelican Rapids area more and more each year. For those of you itching to get out, just remember that ice conditions are varying widely across the state. Lakes in many areas just froze over, and some bodies of water still aren’t frozen yet. So use caution and common sense when going out; if you are at all hesitant, wait! It’s not worth risking your life for a few fish. Good luck! Drew
  2. Panfish Photo Gallery

    Here's a few:
  3. Walleye Photo Gallery

    Some pigs from the weekend:
  4. Panfish Photo Gallery

    Nice fish, Matt! Here's a few nicer fish from the past week
  5. Gotta have the TB power noodle paired with 3 lb P-line, my fl-20, and and assortment of jigs and plastics. My go to rigs are Diamond and jalapeno jigs tipped with either Gulp! Alive waxies or Little Atom Micro Nuggies. Also if the fish are really aggressive I like to use forage minnows or a 2" power minnow rigged on a collarless jighead.
  6. I have been wearing the Vex Cold Snap suit for a few years now and love it. It's warm, comfortable, and very reasonably priced. Everything you could ask for in a snow suit!
  7. It's Time for Gardenhire to go!!!!!

    Oh Boy! Gardy has finished first 5 out of the last 8 years in arguably the worst division in Major League Baseball! Lets all give him a hand. It seems like that's all he can do. Finish first in a mediocre division only to get stomped on in the playoffs. He may be able to win the division, but that's it. No world series wins. No, scratch that. Make that not even a trip to the WS for Gardy! 2nd place is the first loser!
  8. Hypothetical ?

    I wouldn't hesitate to support it. IMO, they need to put a cnr only regulation out there that you have to release all fish during the spawning period. This would not be needed if people used some sense and and practiced selective harvest, but sadly most people don't. I know of lakes where when the fish are up shallow spawning in the spring of the year, and people take bucket after bucket of crappies, day after day with no thoughts on cnr. It's really sad. I've also seen a smaller lake get fished out by this too. People found out where there was crappies biting offshore a couple years ago and for a solid month, people didn't stop taking fish out. And what do ya know? The lake has never been good for crappies since. Sorry about the rant, just my 2 cents.
  9. Scott Ullger Needs To Go!!

    Pretty much.
  10. Rodgers New Nickname=

    That's a good way to put it. The Packer's O-line played soooooo bad.
  11. Rodgers New Nickname=

    There was nothing wrong with Rodgers...his line is god awful!
  12. Rock Bass Roundup

    I can't stand them either. I hate it when you think you have a decent crappie on the line only to find out its a rock bass!
  13. Minnesota Golden Gophers!

    I think they are going for around 80-100 bucks.
  14. Minnesota Golden Gophers!

    The Badgers game will be intense, but Duck hunting comes first. Besides, student tickets are too much money for a poor college kid!
  15. Nicky Punto

    Get rid of him and re-sign Cabrera.