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  1. Hey everyone has anyone started to pickle yet? Just did 65 quarts of pickles over the weekend. Also did some jars with the carolina repear pepper. Can't wait to try them.
  2. Looks like you have a job ahead of you!
  3. congrats glad it turned out!
  4. I tried these with northern last weekend they were ok but i bet they would be good with walleye.
  5. Thanks was going to try some different recipes tommorow. I have never tried this before. Its worth a try.
  6. Hey everyone has anyone ever ground up northern and made fish patties. If so what a good general recipe? Thanks for any input.
  7. 200 is the magic number for me thats when it goes in the cooler
  8. Hands down if you are going to buy one the digger one is the best that i have owned
  9. sounds good i will give it a try thanks
  10. Dethached my yard yesterday was plenty dry. Looks good now just waiting to put down fertilizer.
  11. I was looking more along the lines of stuffed green peppers!
  12. My wife has wanted to try this for so long. Does anyone have a good recipe that we could try? Thanks
  13. I tried this a few years ago it turns our pretty good. Works better with fish like tullibee but the crappie was still pretty good.
  14. Slammer where are you at? I am in linwood and i checked the ground temp this morning and it was 50. You must be north of us.
  15. I think i'm going to detach tommorow and wait to see what the weather is going to do before i fertilize.