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  1. How do you get rid of a mole?

    The easiest way to get rid of them is to trap them. They can do a lot of damage in a yard thats for sure. I trapped 9 of them in my yard last year.
  2. Smaller brisket smoke method

    Well i smoked it last night and it turned out so tender and good. Best thing i have ever smoked before. The whole family just loved it. I smoked it at 225 till 160 then wrapped it in foil till 200. Pulled it and let it rest in cooler for about 1 1/2 hours.
  3. Smaller brisket smoke method

    Might sound like a dumb question but do you smoke it the same way as a normal brisket? Sounds like from reading this forum that smoke it till around 160 then wrap in foil and finish off till 190-195?
  4. Smaller brisket smoke method

    Hey guys just wondering whats the difference between a regular brisket and a corned beef brisket flat? I just bought a corned beef brisket flat at half price so was thinking of smoking it! Any advise?
  5. Thats good news i always like that store before they closed
  6. Best electric fillet knife?

    I have the batteries go bad and the gears strip out. But the customer service was great!
  7. Best electric fillet knife?

    My knife of choice for corded one is the american angler and for cordless i would take the rapala. The advantage to the corded one for me is it seems to last way longer. My last one i got almost 12 years out of it.
  8. Finally picked up my Christmas present today

    I have a masterbuilt 30" and i do 2-2-1 for baby back ribs and they turn out amazing everytime. Maybe it was just the ribs?
  9. Bait keeper

    Its not that bad if you use a gaff. Or at least i have not had to many problems with it and its a great way to not have to buy bait every weekend.
  10. Bait keeper

    I use one and just put a rock that is big enough to sink it to the bottom and tie it off on a rope. Drill a hole and drop it down and leave just a little rope sticking out of the ice. So when i come back the next weekend i drill a hole next to the rope and use a hook to grab the rope and the minnow are all alive.
  11. What is your go to jig?

    Mine would have to be the forage minnow for both walleyes and crappies.
  12. Vex, Marcum or Humminbird.

    Vexilar makes a great flasher. Its hard to go wrong with a fl18 not the basic but not the top of the line. I myself have had problems with hummingbird and would not buy another but thats just me.
  13. Urgent Need Request!

    The good news is that it didn't come down to 3 points where the missed one would have hurt us.
  14. Whole Smoked Chicken

    The bird stayed really moist but hard to tell if that was because of the brine. Turned out great and used the leftovers for smoked chicken salad!
  15. Whole Smoked Chicken

    I brined it as a whole bird for about 6 hours.