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  1. True but im thinking grunting would be more effective. But like I said I could be wrong, im no where near an expert at calling in deer. Maybe try rattling one day and grunting the next and see what happens. Just gotta experiement
  2. I disagree... wouldn't the fighting be over by now? I know there is still breading being done but by now the bucks should have their territory... could be wrong I've never tried rattling but just a thought.
  3. HSO Deer Photo's

    Wow, nice looking buck!!!!!!!!
  4. Opener date

    So because I like the way things are and don't want them to change im selfish and childish... nice tom your truely a class act guy I simply suggested that if you want a state with a late season, hunt a different state which you do. The reason why none of the surounding states areis the sameway is so the openers dont over lap... or so I've heard Same goes for walleye opener, none of the surounding states are the same weekend.
  5. Opener date

    First off I did see that, I was making a generalization. Second, how is that any different then I don't like it so let's all change for me?
  6. Opener date

    If you ask me the dnr and their little experiements are what's ruining the state. Changing this so fast people can't keep up with the laws, introducing new species, changing limits and so on. Its getting old fast
  7. Opener date

    Im satisfied just going up north, taking time off work to spend time relaxing in the woods and hanging out with family and friends. Sorry if that's selfish.
  8. Opener date

    Big dave- so can those who would rather make changes to the season. WIN The seasons are fine. The laws are fine, I have no problem with any of them. If you don't like the deer mn has to offer hunt some place else.
  9. Opener date

    Got ya... I read an article in the outdoor news last week or the week before that said most does get bred nov. 7 -10. So I see your point by moving the season back a couple weeks... on the other hand there are plenty of bucks that don't get shot that can and will do the breeding. If there are more bucks during the breeding season wouldn't there be more fights and more injuries and deaths from other bucks? Just a thought
  10. Opener date

    Ive thought about it too (hours and hours in the stand) How about we just swap muzzleloader and rifle seasons around? I hunt from sept. To december so it doesn't make me any difference when the seasons are. Even if its only bow ill be hunting the rut, shooting the same deer so it wont make any difference for me. And yes I agree with the previous post... too many people are trying to change things to fit their standard. If you want to hunt a certain way then do it... pick up muzzleloader hunting.
  11. Deer License Question

    Nope I believe you are correct.
  12. deer harvest reports ? anyone

    We went 5 for 6. Two bucks, two does and a fawn
  13. HSO Deer Photo's

    Shot 2 8 pointers this year. First was a typical 4x4 shot with my muzzleloader. Second was a 3x5 used my riffle on that one.
  14. Archery Hunting Photos

    Thanks it was the biggest bodied button buck I've ever saw, must have been an early fawn... and yes it was very good
  15. Archery Hunting Photos

    Deer from oct. 8. I shot it thinking it was a doe turns out it was a botton buck. It came in by itself I know it was by itself because I watched him for 30-40 minutes before I got an open shot. Mother is MIA. Oh well its meat in the freezer