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  1. taco dip?

    I like your thinking, I knew the best ones involved cream cheese. I usually double, or triple the meat to any recipe (never followed one exactly lol ) However, I am a little surprised the crack has no other cheese in it, but the guys will eat it, no question there.
  2. I'll be making a trip your way this winter Gordie. Paint, sights and all. Been looking forward to it for a while too. I better save some pennies, my eyes are always bigger than my stomach when I'm mod'n something
  3. Yep, my cheap plastic CVA front sight broke last saturday -14 (-30 wind chill). Went to buy the same front sight just so i could hunt this last weekend before replacing the set with peep and ended up having to buy a whole new set of CVA sights just so i could hunt this past weekend. The new ones are Steel, so that's good that they quit putting plastic sights on.
  4. You always wuss out Phil. I hunted all of saturday, till about 3pm i decided it was time to quite for the season and go have a cold one at the local pub. Spend sunday dark to dark on the ice, for 2 fish . Our group of 3 got 5 this year. Here were our two muzzleload deer, the rest taken by shotgun.
  5. taco dip?

    Got a pot luck Wednesday at work. Want to make a good hamburger cheese taco in a croc to put on chips. Anyone have a good recipe that stays creamy after several hours in a croc. Thanks
  6. Who's doing the muzzy season?

    Appreciate that advice.
  7. Who's doing the muzzy season?

    Congrats. I too am hoping for an opportunity like that this weekend.
  8. Venison Tenderloin

    That's sounds pretty good.
  9. Gun numbers from DNR

    A lot of animal damage, trampling, picking, etc can happen when the crops are at a young age. A solid deer trail on a young corn field can probably cause more damage than them eating it. Just saying, damage doesn't start when kernels are present. 20% is a lot though, and some fields are quite small, and tucked into wooded areas. In certain situations i could easily see that much damage. On an 80acre field though, that would be pretty drastic. Lots of other things playing a factor on corn yields this year as well, least of all compaction from planting at a poor/wet time which many were forced to do.
  10. I'm doing whatever possible to make as precise and long range gun as possible. I'll get all new sights this year + scope with long range shooting in mind. Loose powder allows you to shoot whatever grains of powder works best for your gun and bullet to achieve the best balistics. Too much powder is not good, and too little isn't what i want either, i want to find the near 100% burn qty of powder which cannnot be done with pellets. Pellets your held to 100 or 150. I've also heard the powder burns cleaner, and i would expect a little better compression out of a packed loose powder load rather than a pellet load that has gaps and spaces between the barrel and powder.
  11. Sky is the limit. Can spend as little as 100 (CVA Wolf) and as much as 2,000 (ULtimate Muzzleloader). I've owned two CVA guns and am very happy with their accuracy. If you buy now, you have plenty of time to make changes to the sights, even add a scope if you want to use your gun during shotgun season. Sight options are unlimited. Guns are very accurate if you practice and choose accurate sights. I would suggest Barnes T-EZ bullets in 250grain. YOu'll need to make a choice between loading with pellets or loose powder. I have always used pellets, but will switch to loose powder next season. Always clean your gun very well. Expect to spend $40 on cleaning supplies. Barrel Blaster works great. CVA makes a good grease for the breach plug. Patches, cleaning brushes, etc...all adds up. Good luck on your search. Enjoy the smoke!
  12. Gun numbers from DNR

    That's where the biggest gripers are...Just start naming whitetail associations.
  13. Use tape to make gun white or paint??

    +1 It'll either rust, or leave a nice sticky residue. Even the stuff that says "No sticky residue" leaves sticky residue. Speaking from experience. There is non-stick tape similar to the vet wrap at cabelas, in a variety of colors that you can put on/off to give the gun a good oiling every now and then. If vet wrap comes in white, then you'll save yourself $19.00 as i believe the kit at cabelas is close to $20, and vet wrap is $1.
  14. Use tape to make gun white or paint??

    Vet wrap. Great stuff. I've got some on my finger right now.